Pancreatic Cancer?

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I am 20 years old and male, and I have been experiencing symptoms for months and doctors still suspect IBS but I suspect something else.

Since about 5 months ago, I have been passing very greasy, floating stools that are light brown and I am seeing some undigested food in my stool such as rice, nuts, etc.  Then about a month and a half ago I began experiencing mid back pain that has since spread around my back, and up my spine to my upper back. I started getting upper abdominal pain as well, which comes and goes and feels like a dull ache and sometimes is worse when I bend forward, and I now have abdominal pain on the right and left sides under my ribs too. Also some right sided chest pain, where my lungs might be.

I have lost very minimal weight and it has remained relatively stable but I eat a lot so that might mask the weight I should be losing.  I am itchy all over sometimes but my skin is not yellow and my eyes are not noticeably yellow, only when I lift my eyelid I see a bit of yellow but I REALLY have to look. I lost my appetite for the past few days and I am nauseous in the morning, but I was extremely anxious and had drank a lot the day before so that may have just been from a hangover. I also have gotten depression which is also a symptom of pancreatic cancer unfortunately.

EVERYTHING on google says I have pancreatic cancer. I also have health anxiety. Blood tests and abdominal ultrasounds have come back normal, my Lipase level is 109 which is sort of on the low end of normal. I have had CEA and CA 19-9 blood tests which have showed up within normal limits, and I had a CT scan 10 months ago before I had these symptoms for something unrelated (possible appendicitis) which came back normal for my pancreas. I am vitamin D deficient so I’m taking supplements, fiber, probiotics, and nothing is really working for my digestive issues. I am worried about something like pancreatic cancer or gallbladder cancer, and I don’t know what to do. I just want to have peace of mind. Should I worry?

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     I am sorry you are so worried about this. Keep in mind that something like pancreatic cancer typically occurs in middle age people who have been long time smokers and drinkers. I’m not saying that No one else can get it but a great percentage of people who get it  do those things for a very long time .  It is not typical for somebody of your age. There are many other digestive issues, most of which are not cancer that can be taken care of.  You are thinking worst case scenario which is very unlikely. 

    Stop googling. It doesn’t pertain to your individual situation. Most symptoms can be associated with most conditions.

    Depression is so common that it’s present in almost all conditions , including anxiety

    If you have had cancer for the last ten months, you would be in very bad condition by now.  

     does your doctor have any more suggestions or plans? Ask him or her. Remember, health anxiety gets people to think very negative and then fear takes over. Your CT scan was normal.  If the doctors were the least bit worried about Your pancreas  or any cancer, they would not think you had IBS. But that is what they suspect. Doctors have a lot of experience with these things and know when something is not right. It doesn’t sound like they’re too concerned about anything serious. Try to relax and get some more answers from your doctor if you need them.  Take one day at a time and try to relax your mind and keep busy. The more you sit around and think the more fear will take over. 👍??😁

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      Thank you for your reply. I am just really worried because my back pain is worse now and my stools were white and yellow with some gray in them today.

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      Just let your doctor know about the back pain and stool color.  There are many non serious things it could be.  I had change in stool color when I had gastritis.  It’s pretty common. 
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    sould like your going through at lot of things and feeling stressed a lot my advice is to have a bath and unwind and and a have a sothing drink and that will help and when your stressed it will upset your ibs massive 
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    The best advised is tell your doctor insist on your symptoms and don’t goggle.  As guilty as I am I stop google because I’m experiencing symptoms that could be ovarian cancer, IBS and can go on .  Just make an appointment or see a second opinion. Good luck to you keep us updating!  
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      best thing is to relax the more you get stressed the ibs will kick in and that will be very painfull and keep drinking peppermint tea and fennel tea that will help 
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    To have peace of mind, you will have to learn to trust and believe in all your normal test results.  Normal test results are good news!  The tests you have had done are accurate! You will have to trust and accept what your doctor is telling you.  Your doctor would have told you if there was something wrong with your pancreas. The fact that your doctor is not worried is good news and is a strong signal that you should try to relax. Pancreatic cancer would be extremely rare at your age.  Everyone, including your doctor has told you this. Try to be reassured and do not worry because anxiety will make you feel worse.  You have had many logical and reasonable explanations given to you. If you had pancreatic cancer, you would be getting extremely ill very rapidly; this is not happening with you.

    When I had normal test results for three and a half months with no diagnosis, I turned to panic, health anxiety and Dr Google.  I refused to accept my normal test results and every positive explanation given to me by my doctor and others.  So my stomach pain, nausea, bowel habit change and anxiety all got very much worse. I felt abandonned and trapped in a never ending cycle of pain and panic.   I went to the doctor for an eighth time, full of despair and convinced that I would get bad news or no diagnosis at all.  I was even told by another doctor that I might have to accept that the fact that I might never get diagnosed.  I steadfastly refused to accept this; I was determined to get a diagnosis because I knew the lack of answers was causing my panic and my

    symptoms to get worse.

    In the end, after my doctor listened to my symptoms and my tale of intense anxiety, he asked about my stress levels which I had not connected to my symptoms.  When he heard I had had non stop anxiety and stress for six months before my stomach woes flared up, he confidently diagnosed IBS.  Instantly, my panic lifted and I experienced relief that I had not felt in three months.  My symptoms began to subside, one by one  and I now have long periods of remission. I have been through exactly what you are experiencing now.  I got better through diagnosis acceptance and deciding to trust my doctor.

    So you see, you are not alone in your anxiety; it is very common.  Many people on this forum have been through it and got peace of mind in the end through a definitive diagnosis and accepting plenty of reassurance. You can and will get through this. Have a chat with your doctor about your anxiety and how it is affecting you.  Anxiety can be helped by CBT, relaxation therapy and distraction techniques like concentrating on your hobbies or light exercise such as walking. 


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      I can’t accept the doctors suggestions because all of the medications and supplements are not working and my symptoms fall more in line with pancreatic cancer than they do with IBS unfortunately sad
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      Like for example, my stool was yellow, white, and gray today.
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      Sometimes supplements, certain meds can change the color of the stool . Yesterday I had a yellowish stool.  Did you doctor knows the color of your stool? If the pain is unbearable go to the Emergency room.  I hope you find a diagnosis.  I hope is nothing serious .  Perhaps get a second opinion and they can do further test
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      try peppermint flavour drink or fennel tea or ginger they help to relax you and your tummy 
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      My parents do not want me to go to the doctor anymore because they think I am fine so I am not sure what to do.
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      try herbal tea's like 

      peppermint tea 

      fennel tea 

      and ginger tea this will help you 

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      try drinking

      peppermint tea or 

      fennel tea 

      and ginger tea these drinks will help

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      Why can’t you accept that all your tests are negative for pancreatic cancer?  Surely, this is good news. Your doctor would not lie to you.  

      You have told your doctor that you are worried about your pancreas and you have been given logical reasonable explanations as to why you do not have pancreatic cancer notwithstanding all your negative tests which are accurate diagnostic tools.  Your doctor can do no more for you than give you explanations based on your test results which serve to back up his or her opinion..

      Your doctor did not tell you that your symptoms are in line with pancreatic cancer, you were given reassurances that this was not the case.  You are telling yourself that you have cancer because you have convinced yourself of this from Dr Google which is notorious for causing panic and worry and only gives general information but does not take account of the individual.

      Some people with IBS find that no medication or supplement helps them because of the severity of their symptoms.  Some people have to try many things before they find something that works.  IBS symptoms get worse with anxiety and bowel habits do change in size, consistsncy, shape and frequency.  Some get floating or greasy stools which can sometimes be caused by foods not being absorbed properly.  These changes tend to come and go wth flare ups.  I wouldn’t base your fears on one day’s bowel movements. Perhaps try a food diary.  Just because no medication helps you, doesn't mean you don’t have IBS.  Everyone responds differently to medication especially with IBS.

      I do feel very sorry for you because you are trapped in a vicious cycle of panic that is stopping you from trusting your doctor and accepting your negative test results and any other reassurance that you are given.  

      The best thing you can do is to go back to your doctor and ask for therapy such as CBT or hypnosis to help you to turn your mind to more a positive state. There is such a treatment as gut targeted hypnosis. Tell your doctor that your medication is not working and ask if there is anything else you could try.


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      sounds like bowel movement try and drink peppermint tea as that will help 

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