Pancreatic Cancer? What were your symptoms?

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I'm getting more convinced i've got this dreadful disease as each day goes by. I've been to the gp on the NHS a few tomes i've had a blood test and an ultrasound. Because nothing showed up on either test i've basically been told it is anxiety. I feel in pain every day, nauseated and feel, stools are now quite loose. 

Should I go private and pay for a CT scan. Can hardly afford one. I'm sure they won't give out such tests at the A and E. If it was just Chronic Pancreatitis i'd be happier but i'm convinced its a tumour. Any ideas?

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    Have your blood tests come back normal? When it's pancreatitis acute your levels raise noticeably amylase/lipase but chronic I'm unsure with that. If you're worried you should go back and explain everything and really they should offer you some kind of scan whether it's MR or CT. pancreatic cancer is very rare and bring anxious worrying can bring on symptoms.  All I can suggest is go back and get them to refer you just to put your mind at rest 

    Hope all goes well for you 

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      The blood tests were fine so it can't be Acute. I feel one of the other two. Well, the GP has already put me in the Anxiety boat because two tests came back normal. If i'm not improved in a few days i'll have no choice but to go back, maybe see a different GP if I can.

      I know it is rare, but definitely has nothing to do with anxiety. I feel the ultrasound was never as good as a CT scan. Time will tell.

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    It's unfair for them to just presume its anxiety based!  They need to give you a proper scan not just ultrasound as that only shows so much.  I'd defiantly go back as worrying won't help at all.  Maybe a different GP might be better. 

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    Hi David, the sad reality with national medicine is that unless something obvious shows up or symptoms throw up something the doc's can touch or see we can be fobbed off.  I'm in Australia where our national health is somewhat similar to the UK model and the doc's are run off their feet.

    If possible, before you spend your own funds, ask if you can be referred to a specialist general physician.  The tend to look deeper and can refer you on if necessary.

    The unfortunate thing is if you've now been labelled with health anxiety.  I've found when using the 'system' doc's mostly only read the last couple of notes and hear that a health anxiety label is hard to kick.  See how you go. 

    If no good ask for a referral privately and then negotiate regarding whether the specialist will take you on as public patient, they sometimes do or may refer you to others who will.  You might have to pay for the first visit however.  

    If bloods are ok you may well have chronic pancreatitis.  A CT is better than an ultrasound and an endoscopy tends to be reliable as well. 

    The other thing is your symptoms could relate to something else entirely and the busy doc's just haven't picked up on it hence my suggestion for a referral to a specialist general physician.  Oh and it's a good idea NOT to mention you think it's a tumour, just relate your symptoms to the specialist and let him/her do their job.

    If in the end it turns out you do have health anxiety, which causes physical symptoms btw, there are specialists who help with that too.  Life throws up many challenges and anxiety is sometimes a bi-product even if it's totally out of the ball park for our personality and background.   Good luck.


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      You make some good points there mate. 

      The only problem is it will take a long time to find another GP, get an appointment with another specialist and so on. It isn't definitely a pancreas problem of course, but certainly seems like it

      They've offered me cognitive behavioral therapy now. Yes i've had anxiety in the past, but I don't believe anxiety causes physical pain, fatigue and nausea all the time. When they can't find anything wrong, they always say anxiety or IBS.

      While I agree anxiety can cause some physical symptoms, i'm sure it isn't causing these, however if a CT scan ruled anything out i'd do my best to get on with my life as normal.

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    Hi David,

    You've had some good advice here but I just wanted to post as you were kind enough to reply when I posted about similar symptoms and I'm in the NHS UK too, so maybe my experience so far might help as a comparison?.

    We seemed to suffer very similar pains though mine have eased now, so sorry you still have them. 

    I saw my GP a few days ago and have been Fast Tracked to see a GastroIntestinal consultant in 10 days time for scans and possible gastro endoscopy.  It is possible my weight loss precipitated this referral as my symptoms are vague.

    I do feel for you still suffering so much and only having the simplest of tests with no satisfactory answer..

    Is it possible for you to see another GP David?  It's so difficult in the UK to get a private consultation without a referral from a GP, and the NHS should step up when you are unwell.

    Frankly there are times when one has to speak out for one's health, you know your body best.  If it's affecting your life it needs investigating.  Remember the old saying "The creaking gate gets the most oil"  !!

    I wish you the best, keep in touch.. j x


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      Hi Jessie,

      It is certainly not an easy thing to go through, i'm glad your pains are somewhat better now. I'm hoping for some improvement through diet and everything, but patience does run out when things don't get better. I'll probably wait a week before booking anymore appointments though.

      Good luck with your tests and I hope it all comes back clear. 


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      I cut that a bit short, sorry!

      Yes, its been tough, but just hoping I can turn the corner a little. I expect I can see a different GP, but if its the NHS it will probably be at the same place where they have all my details. It will be hard to get more tests via the NHS I think. I'd go private if it was cheaper, certainly.

      We'll keep each other posted over the next few weeks I hope. :-)

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    Hi David, good job finding your way to this site, as it’s incredibly helpful!

    You clearly feel you have a problem, and that the docs aren’t listening. This alone would cause huge anxiety for anyone. Personally, I’d chuck the anxiety pills out and keep a clear head. 

     Since your GP is so quick to hand out anti anxiety meds, get a new one! Take charge of your health, figure out the core problem and find things that you can do to solve it. Many health problems can be solved with some research and diet and lifestyle changes, supplements, TCM, and other holistic and natural treatments.

    Read everything you can on the disease. I’m struggling with chronic pancreatitis, self diagnosed after reading posts here. From what I can tell, it’s very serious because the pancreatic ducts get blocked, causing the pancreatic enzymes to back up into the pancreas, which basically causes your pancreatic enzymes to digest your pancreas- leading to diabetes and pancreatic cancer. Well that’s my understanding of it.

    So far what I’ve come across to solve the problem is fasting for reasonable periods  of time and taking oral digestive enzyme supplements. I found white rice to be my new best friend, as I tried a rice fast and got huge relief from symptoms.  I was shocked that simply stopping eating could be so helpful. I’ve tried some boron supplements using borax and will try this again, as it’s believed that the pancreatitid is caused by pancreatic duct blockage by either calcification or clogged gallbladder duct (fat). Ok, that’s IF I inderstand it correctly.   The gallbladder duct blockage requires attention to gallbladder and liver health.

    I’m not in the UK. I’m in the US. The system is a little different here, but still broken. In fact, the system is so bad here that I’ve stopped going to the doctor at all because it’s a complete waste of time: labs and tests don’t tell what they say they should, meds don’t work and make things worse.

    And yes, going to the doctor with the expectation of getting help is a reasonable expectation. When docs aren’t helpful, and you know your body and you know something g’s funky and your doc doesn’t help, it causes anxiety. Because now, you’ve wasted more time that you could have used to do something productive.

    Hope that helps you get some relief and an approach as to how to solve things for yourself.

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    Just to add to last comment, because I was in discomfort and it was night time, I ended up going to a/e this is where I got the best possible treatment and all the scans booked in.  Just a thought?  Maybe bypass the gp and go to AE.  I know they're stretched but if it's something serious like the pancreas then you're not a time waster 

    Good luck 

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