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Does anyone else with generalized anxiety and or OCD get paranoiad? I've read where people talk about they feel that way if they don't for example check the stove or if they don't do this this will happen and I get that but lately I get paranoid like something is behind me I fear I'll be taken away wether is like a spirit or just a feeling I use to get it only at night and I know it's worse after too much sugar or carbs. My whole life before my anxiety I had a deep wonder into science, space, aliens, ghost, astrology and general fringe topics now I find myself paranoid about those things

I just need to know someone else feels paranoid at times

Am I schizophrenic? I don't think I hear voices or hallucinate but I fear those things and maybe that can trigger the feeling of it

How does one know if he is schizophrenic? Is this just a new facet of my OCD which seems to focus on existential questions and sexuality is this just a new phase which is preying off my fear I hate it when

My muscles feel weak and numb sometimes I wonder if it's the anxiety and fear, when ever I feel it I fear I'll be paralyzed or "be taken away"

After a bout with HOCD which has lasted almost a month it seems when I get a handle on one obsession a new one or another one comes out

Does Depersonlization cause paranoia

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    There is why to be paranoid, our mind can not explain those phenomenas, if you've been interested in that it is maybe asking you to pay attention to it all again. Offcourse more feeling less rationalising. This is hard I know when we live in a framed, rational world, but.. yeah.

    If you are schizofrenic, which is a diagnose right from professionals, rational limited minds, cause mind itself is limited helpless freaking out, labeling, panicking strict cruel smile then you are, no problem, but you are not. Even if you are, in some "cultures" it's considered a gift, so...

    Good luck

    Just relax and observe your body, try being okay with it

    and stuff like that smile

    good luck smile

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    Hi, I have paranoid schizophrenia. This doesnt sound like schizophrenia to me, you need more than just paranoia to be diagnosed with this. By that I mean you would also hear voices and/or have delusions and hallucinations. Also generally speaking, you would not be aware of your beliefs (the voices, paranoia, delusions and halluciantions) not being real or rational. So dont worry about schizophrenia.

    I also have severe OCD and GAD. OCD and GAD are basically paranoia, it causes you to worry about the 'what ifs' and has you on edge, espeically in terms of your OCD fears and general interests. This sounds lke what you have, and fits with you already having OCD and GAD.

    I am not medical though. I would speak to a psychiatrist for a formal correct assessment and diagnosis, and tell them about your fears.

    Good luck

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      Thank you I've been worried about this for so long like I know nothing is really after me or that I'm paranoid about things I think it's when you've been dealing with anxiety for so long you wonder if your cursed or the "government is after you" all the things you never believed before you wonder cause anxiety when you deal with it for so long makes you start to consider for the most part irrational things three months ago I wouldn't had this worry but now it's like so many things seem probable because you think "what changed me" you know?

      Like right now I'm dealing with HOCD and never have I worried about my orientation but now I am suddenly after being triggered one day by a movie now I'm going through memories looonh for evidence and now im wondering if I'm bisexual when before I was so secure in my sexuality

      I doubt my religion it's like it strips so much from you

      Have your gone through similar where OCD or GAD have made you doubt yourself so much you can't trust what anything? Especially after so long with it cause that's where I am right now after three and a half months with it

      It went from

      Week 1

      First panic attack (feels like a heart attack thought I wa shaving one and nearly blacked out in car)

      Started Seeing therapist (that still helps me now)

      Health anxiety

      Separation anxiety (you know fear of being alone what if I have another one)

      Second month

      Suffered from Depersonalization (thought I had lost it that I was going insane) I remember calling help lines and all the existential questions almost like the mind days I can't deal with this. This became my first real obsession in terms of my OCD during this time

      Month three


      Fears of schizophrenia


      Tried Lexapro made me feel uncomfortable

      I know this is long but I just really needed to talk to someone

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      Communicate with yourself, just stay still, try to decipher all of these versatile parts of you, like who is fearing past for example, who is fearing being rejected, why is being rejected so wrong, or scary, who is scared of being alone, what would happen if left, being alone... every doubt you have, fear about something, ask where does it come from, since when do you feel that, who feels that etc etc

      this is just one technique

      but communication with yourself is essential

      just be patient and calm and answers will come smile

      probably :p



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