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Hi everyone

Please NO comments that could potentially be alarming or triggering please smile

I am 17 and I am already an EXTREMLY anxious person, i worry about everything and suffer from anxiety and intrusive thoughts caused by OCD. I have obsessed over MANY things since I was 7. I have been through most. 

I woke up suddenly in the night and heard three loud knocks on what sounded like a wall, being an extremly paranoid person, I freaked out and was lay there the whole night. Like 5 min later, there were 5 fainter knocking sounds from another wall. I live in a block of flats.

But I had atched a TV show that kinda freaked me out the evening before I went to bed and I have recently had a major fear of posession and have been praying occasionally to God out of desperation. I am agorophobic too.

Please some reassurance? Iclooked stuff online and freaked out so bad Please help me sad


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    Ill take a whole different approach for you, why does it have to be a negative. We all have gaurdian angels and good stuff too. Stop watching scary media crap. Look uo gaurdian angels, angels and happy things.
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      No! Thats all a bunch of myths and stupidity. do not focus on that being serious.its not healthy for you at all. Focus on peaceful stuff and laughter. Let your soul be happy. Knocking has sh*t to do with death. Being blunt. Dont look uo any more evil stuff. Nothing  good can come from that. You wont find comfort in that ever. This life is based in love and hope. It is. Even though you are in a rough patch right now you wont stay in it. Its a chapter of your life..thats all it is. 

      Your not in a good place right now. Dont make it worse. Get into theraoy and try and refocus your thoughts and searches to anything more positive or funny.

      heres a hint in how to know if your focusing correctly. If it feeld good and calms you thats a win. If it scares you and gives off a negative energy thats a loss. B ing anxious or depressed and focusing on negative d ary crap is a lose lose lose situation. I, temoted to sat fo look uo your favorite cartoons from when you were little and watch them. Its comforting.

      if you hear a knock..knock back its nothing! 


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    Anxiety and OCD can really mess with your mind! Do you take any medication?
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    It could have been the neighbors, some people do strange stuff at night. It could also have been a difference in temperature causing materials to expand or shrink resulting in a loud "knock" I hear it all the time here when night falls and the temperate drops rapidly. I need my oxygen and always keep the window open.

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    Please I am not going to preach to you, you said out of desperation you pray to God. God should be everyday part of your life. If you are scared that you are posessed(which you aren't) hang around like minded people who also pray to the lord, beleive me there is strength in numbers. The other thing is you must also see proffessional people who can help you as well. A symptom of anxiety is what I call stinking thinking, thoughts that are not usually how you think. I know its hard not to ignore them but eventually you will.

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    this happens to me sometimes. The best thing that I find that works to to distract your mind on something else. What I do it I lay how ever i'm comfortable and close my eyes, I then picture myself designing my dream wedding down to every detail, or designing my ideal house that I plan to own one day. Sometimes if that doesnt work I will play on my hone for a little bit, and watch something that makes me happy/laugh, so probably some funny cat videos. If all else fails, say the rosery or some prayers, or simply act like youre having a conversation with god himself.

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    Hi mal,

    This reminds me of my fear of ghosts as a kid. I thought our house was haunted. It wasn't, it was just that when ever I heard a bang or knock from the neighbours I always thought the worst and I was already extremely anxious . What was worse was that if we cud all hear it in living room my dad wud be slightly startled and turn his head and I'd be thinking either a burglar has broken in or paranormal activity upstairs.

    Hope this isn't freaking u out at all.

    It was just the neighbours.

    But I too remember freezing in bed terrified sometimes. My imagination really ran away with me as a kid.

    Don't look online anymore it always tells u the worst.


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    We live in the country, next to fields and farms. At this time of the year the wildlife from the fields look for somewhere warm to settle for the winter. We live in a bungalow as do most here and we hear the mice cattering in between the walls and roof.

    Sometimes the heating clatters at this time as we get air in the pipes so we blead them and all is ok.

    With houses and flats we used to hear what was going on by next door neighbours and sometimes beds knock against the walls that can be backed onto your bedroom wall, it is nothing sinister it is the walls been thinner in modern properties built in the fiftees/two thousands, another suggestion.

    Our bungalow is detached and we also get noises of the house contracting by the heat of rooms as they cool, that can sound a bit unsettling.

    There are lots of things that make noise during the night, big rats walk on two legs, if you know what I mean Lol

    Stop worrying all noises can be put down to somthing very innocent

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