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Hi all

?So I've been super paranoid for a while now about my MC returning because I read so many horror stories online of this happening, and thus have ended up driving myself nuts with anxiety. So today I went to a sexual health clinic for a check up and some general reassurance. I had been to my GP previously twice for a check who the second time advised me to go to an actual clinic to put my mind at rest.

?I'm still feeling pretty anxious, but definitely a lot better. I had an examination and they confirmed that the virus has gone. This is great in itself, but alongside this I got some general advice about MC that I thought would be helpful to share with you guys. There is so much conflicting and scary info on the internet that is no match for advice from experienced sexual health practitioners who see MC several times a day. So in a nutshell here's what it was:

?- Don't google MC. A lot of information is incorrect as well as stigmatising. MC is not officially regarded as an STI (in my country anyway), it is a skin condition and much like kids pass it around through playing and wrestlers pass it through, well, wrestling, adults pass it sexually because that's the close contact we have!

?- MC, like chickenpox, is something most people get at some point - usually as children, where it was probably either never noticed or a long forgotten distant memory. Those of us who are unfortunate to have never been exposed as children will end up getting as adults. It doesn't mean we are dirty, or promiscuous, or anything like that - it just means we are unlucky.

?- MC is incredibly common. I know we feel all alone when we get this because, like, who has even heard of this?! But it's more common than we think. He told me they literally see it several times a day. It's everywhere.

?- Unfortunately, without treatment, molluscum does tend to have an average duration of about 18 months (another doctor I've seen said 9 months so it seems the jury really is out on this), but very rarely longer than that, and it is very possible for it to not last this long at all. It tends to be that you will have an initial big outbreak, then they will come and go until about the one year mark, where there will be another big outbreak, then after that they should start going away. Your body will build an immunity to the virus then fight it, and it will go away with no scarring. Something that really scared me was reading online about people having this for years on end, and I raised this; I was told that this is not only exceedingly rare, but probably not molluscum at all if it lasts this long. I had the virus for only about five months but I did treat the living daylights out of it, and given the relatively short duration, I asked if it was possible that I actually had it for a lot longer and just didn't realise it. Confirmed that this was indeed possible.

?- Best treatments are removal and cryotherapy but they will leave scars (I can testify to this)

?- It won't come back once gone unless you are reinfected.

?I really hope this helps. MC WILL GO AWAY. Stay strong, and it will be gone before you know it.

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    Thank you so much for sharing this homie, I've had mc all over for a month and a year and this really calmed my nerves. I just had another big outbreak and was so confused and upset. This really chilled me out, Mahalo nui loa.

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      That's no problem at all hope and I'm so happy I was able to help! I'm really sorry youve been battling this for so long but hopefully the end is in sight for you. Have you tried any treatments at all?

      Stay strong, I know this sucks SO bad but you will beat it. You aren't alone with this and it's not forever.

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    Hi Dream, 

    How did you treat your MC?  Perhaps, telling us how you treat it would help to others.  Also, giving them a chance to try a different method.  I know that sometimes one method works for somebody that doesn't mean it will work for others.  I really thank you for sharing and giving other hope.  MC is mentally and psychologically hurting us.  

    What worked for me was Apple Cider Vinegar.  It left scars but I can live with that.  Small price to pay, not a big deal.  I tried Conzerol cream and cryotherapy.  None of them worked.  I taped the cotton soaked with ACV about 2 to 3 days and I could see the result being treated with ACV.

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      Hi Anrique

      Well really what didnt I try! :D I did the ACV thing for about three months. Sure, it got rid, but then new ones would crop up within days. Effective for managing but not for curing for me. Though I am aware it has worked well for many.

      I also tried TTO (this did nothing really), ranitidine (oral antacid like cimetidine, similar antiviral effect but not as strong iirc but cimeitidine is only available on prescription in the UK), thuja cream and capsules, salycylic acid soap (this really helped!), god, there were more... eventually, I used rubbing alcohol tosterilise the area, popped a few with a needle and removed the core. I did this wearing a set of disposable gloves for each lesion and dabbed an alcohol soaked cotton wool pad until the bleedin stopped and the core popped out. Dispose of, change gloves then repeat.

      This seemed to send the virus into overdrive as I had a big crop appear on my chest and a couple on my belly. I did not treat them. However after this, they slowly but surely began to heal up and disappear. Some just went, others scabbed up then faded. No confirmed MC since. This was back in Jan I think. It could have been any of the many treatments that got rid but I think something triggered a chain reaction so that my body recognised the virus and deal with it. I also took loads of vitamins (D, E, hair skin and nails containing beta carotene) and drank elderberry syrup (and occasionally aCV to build my immune system). Hope this helps.

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      Did the ones on your chest just disappear on their own then? How soon from first noticing them to them being easily recognisable as a molluscum? I get folliculitis and acne on my chest and belly so its freaking me out everytime I see a new lil red lesion come up
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      Hi luga

      Yes, they went away on their own. I used liquid bandages to contain the spread (because you know, breasts, they rub together!!) And then they sort of disappeared overnight. I knew they were molluscum because they looked the same as what was on my groin area. They sprung up so quickly I just knew right away.

      I would compare the spots on your chest to your confirmed molluscum and look for similarities. I too get chest acne (and milia, which looks similar to MC annoyingly!) But honestly, if you think something looks like MC, just get it checked out so you can confirm. Hope this helped.

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    Thank you very much for your post! It really brings the matter into perspective. I've been suffering from molluscum for two years and a few months now.

    I generally have a weaker immune system when I'm stressed, which is my assumption on how i got it. My initial outbreak was on my face, where I got it scrapped off by a dermatologist. Of course, there is always that one molluscum that they miss and within the next few months they came back to my face again. The number of molluscum were much less and did not spread, even though I didnt change my towel after every use or took any of the precautions that I heard alot of people are taking.

    I thought that the virus was dying, until this month, where a huge outbreak started! To be fair, I decided last month to treat them with hydrogen proxide 5% and scrapping off, but I made sure the core doesnt touch my skin, disinfect after removal, cover with bandaid and antispetic cream, change bedsheets and towels every day, etc. Now I have molluscum on my face, neck, and back. I really hope this is the farewell outbreak.

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    Thanks for the info. I have one quick question. You mention that you have another outbreak 1 year after. Is this only if you dont treat it and let it run its natural course.

    I got mine treated a lot by the dermo. I initially contracted it in may/june last year and havent had any new bumps since around February.

    I am now a little worried that ill suddenly have another outbreak based on what youve written?


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