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I had a problem with seeing a white arc that I was seeing with movement of my left eye a few months ago. It's still there but not so bad. But I now have a new problem. On the 20th Feb, 4.5 months ago, I went to the hospital for a pupil dilation exam to see why I was seeing the white arc. No problem was found, but ever since then I have on odd occasions experienced this other problem -- a roundish patch of pixelated/fractured? vision in the same left eye around the centre of my left eye vision. It was appearing maybe once a day for between 10-20 mins. Thought it was a new floater initially but it's not. There's no problem with my right eye.

Anyway, at first it was lasting around 20 minutes and quite bad. In recent weeks they're only been lasting 5 minutes and are much less noticeable. If I look at the sky in the daylight I can see it during those 5 minutes, although sometimes I can't and it only becomes visible when I move my eye.

The severity of the episodes tends to be decreasing as time goes on, but not the frequency with which they occur.

I think that sometimes they are brought on when I'm bent over doing something then I straighten up. So something to do with change in blood pressure? Also they appear to be occurring more frequently when I'm feeling stressed, but I can't say this for definite.

Anyway, a bit reluctant to go back for further tests as it seems it was the eye dilation exam that precipitated it in the first place, either that or the eye drop. Any suggestions as to the likelihood of what it might be?

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    I was just searching for similar symptoms - today I had a sort of kidney shaped area of what I described as pixelated vision in the left eye, upper left side, with some flashing. It was there with my eyes closed or open and lasted about 20 mins.

    I was indoors and had just reached forward to pick something up when it happened - quite scary not to be able to focus for 20 mins.

    I couldn't get to see a doctor or optician. Spent the afternoon on the phone. Doctors surgery said to get checked at optician to rule out detaching retina, optician said this was unlikely, and didn't seem urgent so will fit me in for an eye test in a few days, most likely an 'ocular migraine', and don't forget it will be £25 for the test ....

    They were interested in what colours were seen but to be honest that wasn't what I was thinking about that when it happened so I couldn't say. Did you get any flashing lights?

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      For the past ~7 years or so I've suffered from "silent migraines" otherwise known as "acephalgic migraines" but also sometimes referred to as ocular migraines. Basically you get visual phenomena, but in both eyes without a headache (actually, sometimes I got a very slight headache). And yes, can be seen with eyes closed. Lasts around 30 mins typically. Are you sure you only had it in the one eye?

      Anyway, about 1 in 200 people get what is called a retinal migraine which is kinda similar to the silent migraines except it only occurs in the one eye. I think what I'm getting is a very mild retinal migraines... but who knows. It's only very slight pixelated vision for me now (but was worse at the beginning back in February), so I doubt I could see it with my eye closed (I need to check that out though).

      Was anything unusual today before you experienced this? I mean were you feeling stressed out about anything, or had you had less sleep the night before for any reason? They are triggers for both ocular and retinal migraines.

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      I've found out that ocular migraines can often just refer to just the one eye too. There is a lot of confusion in the terminology on different sites.

      I've just been informed by an ophthalmologist on the net that what I have can't be an eye migraine as it's occurring too frequently. Also he doesn't think that an eye dilation exam could precipitate the problem I'm experiencing. But it did! It won't just be coincidence that's when it started, especially since the episodes were at their most severe at that point.

      Don't know what to do now.

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      It was left eye only with the image and flashes, yet focus wasn't good with just the ''good eye' open when I think back. I've had a stressful time past few months, things relatively relaxed at moment but I guess things build up.

      GP thinks mine is a one off after image. Odd as I was inside at the time and have stood in that tiny room again this lunchtime trying to fathom out what it could be an after image of!

      So I'll see if the eye test is reassuring and what the optician says next.

      For yourself, just because it isn't usually triggered by the eye exam, doesn't mean its impossible, as no-one has really been able to explain the cause or what it is yet. It was explained to me that one problem can be today's suing culture - it means that there can be an unfortunate defensive reaction with any links to treatment or care.

      I am glad your symptoms are slowly getting less lengthy as it must all be very difficult . Is there any way you can get back to see the consultants again for a follow up just to discuss, as they have all of your results? You don't have to consent to any specific tests - they may not even want to repeat the tests as they have recent results, and if they did you could explain that it is too stressful to go through again at the moment, even if it is a 'coincidence'.

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      I actually had this small white patch in my eye a few days ago, but only lasted a minute. Don't think it was an after image since I was only watching the woman's football. Although part of the pitch was lit up by sunlight. Don't know... Thing is with our vision is that we can get all sorts of spots and sparkles and other stuff. Most of it harmless but maybe some of it is a bit of a concern.

      Yes, my own concern. The thing is that yesterday I had 5 separate episodes over a period of 6 hours However, each only lasted 5 mins and each time it scarcely affected my vision -- it's just that I tend to notice them now much as someone might start noticing floaters once your attention is focused on them. No episodes today (not yet anyway and it's nearly 11pm).

      As long as the more severe episodes don't occur again I reckon the problem might go away by itself. It would be good to discuss my symptoms with some specialist though. I might contact the hospital again next week.

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      Optometrist at local opticians has had a look at my eyes and says no damage visible, but my eyes are straining with close up focus, so I have a prescription for reading glasses. They said ocular/retinal migraine is most likely explanation. So I guess I will hope it doesn't happen again and it was just eye strain. It did help to talk to someone and get my eyes checked though, and get the reassurance that if it does happen again to sit down and rest my eyes as there is no sign of damage it should go away on its own.

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      Yes, probably the ocular/retinal migraine. Have you had any more?

      I've discovered I can induce this patch of fuzzy vision at will by trying to focus on something really close like my nose! So mine's probably not a migraine. I did discover on the net someone who has virtually identical symptoms to me (both the arc and the patch), and he's had them for years (the arc for 3 years, the fuzzy patch for 6 years). His symptoms seem much more severe than mine though.

      Think I'll leave it anyway since the severity of the episodes seem to be diminishing . . I think.

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