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inaya82490 inaya82490

Pea size left supraclavicular node

Hi all,

On the 31 of January I noticed a pea sized left supracalvicular lymph node. About 4 days prior to this I was helping my parents move their furnitures around and maybe less than a week before the 31 of January I did some pull-ups which I remember pained my left shoulder in particular. I was also breastfeeding at the time and my daughter would sleep usually on my left collarbone almost the whole night feeding. I remember waking up sore and having numb to needling arm. I went and spoke to my gp without telling her about the details mentioned above as she did not seem very welcoming so it put me off. She did not examin me well and barely touched the node and went on her computer typing. Then she referred me to a full count blood test which came back normal and also referred me to a breast surgery unit which i do not understand why! The clinical pharmacist at the gp on the day examined my breasts and were absolutely lump free. Plus that i do self-examin myself and there is no lumps there that i can notice. I believe if there was any I would be able to feel them. I have cancelled the appointment to the breast syrgery clinic because i do not believe i need it at all. I have no symptoms at all. However, i am very concerned about the node not going away. I have searched the web about it and all posts seem concerning becsuse of its location. I also read that even though the node waxes and weans it may still mean something dangerous. Also stomach cancer shows no symptoms in the beginning. So i am scared and concerned and i feel i cannot go about my days looking after my baby without being very concerned about it, wishing to wake up one day and it’s completely gone back to its original size. So what do you think i should do? Do you think i might have something malignant in the abdomen or elsewhere that made this node show up all of a sudden. What could it possibly be? I also read that full blood count does not necessarily show cancer one might have it and also get normal result. Can i also mention that i also have what i think swollen lymph nodes in the groin which hurt a little when i press or i should say feel a bit uncomfortable. I can only feel them when i kind of press gently on the skin. I checked my toddler and she also has them i spoke to one of my sisters and she said she thinks that’s normal i just seem to have them but again she is not a medical proffesional. But i can feel them on both sides right and left. Is it normal to feel them? Can this be something dangerous? =(

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  • lynda20916 inaya82490

    Perhaps you were referred to a breast surgery clinic for a biopsy?  Also, more than self examination or examination by a doctor or pharmacist is necessary. Have you had any ultrasounds? Those also indicate breast abnormalities.  

    You didn't give your doctor all the information she needed and you asked family members their opinions.  Those tactics aren't likely to give you the answers you need. I suggest you get yourself back to the gp or keep your appointment at the breast surgery clinic.  Be truthful with them and ask them questions. xx  

    • inaya82490 lynda20916

      Thank you Lynda I really appreciate your response. Thank you for your advise. I wish my doctor explained better why she referred me to the breast clinic when i did not complain from my breasts and upon examination they were lump free. Is a biopsy safe? I heard that biopsy can do more harm if it is nothing or turn it into cancer. Plus can i ask would it be possible to have cancer and to show no symptoms at all? And to have a normal full blood count? I know that when cancer is in its early stages it would show no symptoms only when it starts growing and it hits a nerve or spreads to organs it starts showing. I know i might sound a bit like a child needing reassurance but based on what i wrote above do you think it sounds like i might possibly have an underlying condition i am unaware of?

  • Humanity17013 inaya82490

    Listen first of all you dont need to worry. Tell me is its your first baby? Please feed her in a proper way. You can see proper ways of baby feeding on youtube. Is your both breast size is equal. Your breast are soft or tight after giving birth. How are the nodes of breast? Dont worry . You checked a proper doctor. I believe you have no breast cancer .its just normal pain because of baby birth and feeding.

    • inaya82490 Humanity17013

      Thank you for taking the time to message me it means a lot and it helps me through this very stressful time. It is my first baby. My baby now is two years old i fed her exactly for two years. And stopped breastfeeding a month a half ago completely. Now my breasts feel more like a teenage girl breasts very soft and quite the same size just the left one is slightly bigger. I cannot feel any nodes or lumps on my breasts. 

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