Pelvic physio appt and now I'm depressed!

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Well went to my pelvic physio appt today. It was thorough - about an hour. She went through all the medical stuff and I told her about the new prolapse - although I was primarily referred for the stress incontinence.

I asked her why, if the consultant felt the new prolapse was higher, I get a bulge at the perineum at a bm. She asked if I had been examined staning up as that can give a better picture. I said no the Gp lookedwhile I was on my back, the consultant when I was on my side. I can understand that to do th ephysio and feel around I have to be on m yback but she did the usual bearing down and coughing stuff to check the prolapse. But didn't ask me to stand up. I can see it's not her job to give a diagnosis but having said that I am a bit disappointed that she didn't!

?She felt there was a prolapse higher up - but it was minor - contrary to the consultant who felt around on Monday!

?She advised using hand pressure - splinting - against the perineum to have a successful bowel motion. I said I didn't feel that was a long term solution. She said "why not?" I said because I wasn't using splinting in that place before the rectocele surgery. I did splint before the surgery - at the point of the bulge. This is different - it was not there before and was not there directly after the surgery - it appeared after about 5 -7 weeks along with the new prolapse. I really don't feel this is a long term solution.

I feel quite tearful now and reallly fed up. Surely this can't be an acceptable answer?

I will do the physio. I'm due back in 5 weeks to see her again. I have to havea proctogram - no date for that yet. The physio felt that it might be done before the next physio appt - but the consultant felt it could be 8 weeks or more.

?I know this is not life threatening  and there is nothing sinister going on. But I am fed up of feeling achy and draggy and of not being able to go to the loo properly.


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    I'm sure you do feel terrible. I had surgergy 6 weeks ago for recetocle and cystocele stage 4. It all happen quickly no warning. I remember how horrified I was when it suddenly appeared! Then when I first went to gyn, and she said I could try a pessiary and it wasn't life threatening, I was so angry that the doctor thought it was okay. Felt like I lost my dignity, sexappeal as a women. To me it was serious! Then I had to wait to get into specialist. It was 3 months before surgery, by the time I had it I was a little calmer. I just hope it's all fixed, then you worry will it ever look normal, because it doesn't now.... If it wasn't for this site I would have been doing to much. I had felt pretty good and really would had been doing more than I should. So I'm thankful for ladies ahead of me to warn us to really take it easy.

    I just wanted you to know, that I too was guite tearful in the beginning of the unknown and lack of compassion from doctors. The one who did the surgergy said if it was her that she would want it fixed as well. I did end up liking the surgeon, so far.

    It's okay to be upset, I know there worse things to happen to people. I think because it's all on are insides and such s private area, makes us sulfer silently. I have a good support group, so as I'm laying around I just saying to myself I'm healing. Hopefully I will get to start swimming for some exercise soon.

    Hope you get the relief and solutions you need. Best of luck.

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      Thank you!

      ?Like you the first prolapse came on quite quickly but the GP and the consultant were fine. Although the surgeon changed to a different one. The repair was and is good. I had no pain from the surgery and recovered from the surgery well. I've had knee surgery too and that was appallingly painful.

      ?I don't think she was dismissive as such - it was more like "that's what lots of women do". Well that maybe - but I wasn't doing it before the first surgery - well not in the same place.

      ?As to the looking normal - really i'm not bothered by that - maybe i do and maybe I don't. Can't say that I've ever done comparisons!!!!!!!!!! Sex appeal - our sex life is ok. I just don't feel well. I had recovered energy from the operation but that has all gone downhill. Now by the end of the day I can barely stand upright. Just the low dragging pain that is not pain as in the "ouchy ouchy" sort of pain but low level ache.

      ?Ah well, I'll sort it out with myself mentally. Tomorrow i will be better - mentally if not physically. The good sid eis that I have another physio appt booked and the proctogram will show everyone once and for all what is and isn't there.

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    Strange my urogynecogist always does the "standing up" exam

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      Yes - the one I saw is retiring in the next month or so so I may see the one who did my original op if she take sover his caseload permanently. I may ask her to do the examination that way
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    I'm so sorry things didn't go better for you today. I am in almost exactly the same situation (as you know). I find putting pressure where she suggested to you does help but I don't want to be doing that forever either!

    I also get IBS so it can be a miserable situation all round. I had to leave work early again today & have spent the afternoon in tears.

    On a positive note, at least you have had more than one opinion & you are on the waiting list for a test. What physio is she suggesting? I still try to do PF exercises every day.

    Good luck with everything. If you want to message me then please do. X

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      Thank you! I know I will feel better (mentally). It just feels a bit raw today - not physically - mentally. I think after the consultant Monday then physio today along with a mega work load at the moment it just added up to a greater sum than the individual parts.

      ?The physio is basic pelvic floor exercises. The pelvic muscles -  which she said "weren't bad" !! I work with physios and think that "not bad" is high

      praise! The consultant also felt the muscle wall was good which was why

      he suggested the proctogram - so he could see what was what.

      Realistically I knew what was going to happen - what they would say.

      I still can't see how I'm going to avoid further surgery in reality. The physio felt further surgery was not a good idea as "the first repair is the best" - well it's not that the repair has failed - this is a new one. and "further surgery has a greater risk of failure rate" Well surely that's for me and the consultant to discuss?

      ?I think I need to mentally and physically wait for the proctogram and try not to think about htings too much before then - and keep on with the exercises


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      It's definitely good news that your muscles are quite strong that will help so much. Also as you haven't had a hysterectomy that helps too as things are still properly attached at the top.

      Matron once said to me that my consultant had had much more training than the physio so trust their judgment (although I must admit I really liked my physio as I suppose she was more approachable!)

      Once you've had pelvic surgery it does make you think twice about having anything further done. Am definitely coming back as a man next time. 😉

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    Hi trizwizz,

    Just wanted to say that after I had my hysterectomy and anterior repair I had to spiny too as a little pocket or prolapse had appeared posterior wall.

    I noticed it straight away as unable to go first few days after surgery and when I needed it was like I was pushing against inner wall instead of downward .

    Didn't have any bother before my surgery at that end, so thought it was dye to anesthetic. It did seem to sort itself after a little while bug had to be careful what I was eating so not to be constipated or too soft .

    Over time when front repair failed they said that was causing pressure at the back, but was finding because of small pocket was not emptying properly and finding it difficult to wipe clean.

    All sorted this time round so don't know why I'm achy higher up now. Everything is connected so I suppose when the stitching is tight it must pull on other bits.

    I wish they could grow new ligaments to implant and hold it all up, our ligaments must be like spent elastic bands.

    Anyhow, know how awful splinting is and I wouldn't want to have to do this all the time either, but it is better than getting blocked up for now!

    I found that once I was doing my Pelvic floor exercises properly pulling up at back first then the front inward it helped strengthen up the muscles at posterior end and dud make a difference at least for a while .

    Hope you find a tolerable solution soon,

    Take care,

    Phyl x💖

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      appparently  the front wall  is ok - just a little floppy. I don't suffer with constipation and I am very careful to eat a sensible diet - with lots of fruit and vegetables and minimal processed foods. I didn't really have any trouble even immediately post op going to the loo. But yes things are definitely not emptying properly and it is difficult to wipe clean at times.

      Hey ho


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