Penicillin hypersensitivity rash or allergic reaction?

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about a month ago i was prescribed Amoxicillin to treat a possible bacterial infection. The course was for about 5 days but 2 days after i completed the course i noticed a growing rash along both of my arms and a bit on my chest area. The rash was reddish with very small, irregularly spaced, pimple-like bumps and very itchy (definitely not hives). I did not experience any other symptoms. The rash went away within 7-9 days after i had finished the course of medication.

Recently i was prescribed once more with some amoxicillin. Another 5 day course. I have just completed 3 days of the cure and have 2 days worth left of antibiotics to take but i have already noticed that the very same rash is slowly starting to form on my forearms. Exactly the same places as last time. It does not very itchy yet nor is it red from the itching, but i have no doubt that this is from the antibiotics i am taking. In addition i have slight abdominal pain. Nothing seriously painful or alarming, but i noticed it more prominently after starting the antibiotic treatment again. 

Is there anyone here with knowledge on this type of situation ? I do not know if it is something to be taken seriously or if this type of rash is normal/common or unexplained. If it is serious i would be glad to know if i should stop taking the amoxicillin even though i only have 2 days worth left. My doctor seemed very strict about making sure i finish the full cure course and not stop halfway but i was not 100% sure about the rash being related until now and i am not sure if it is necessary to stop taking the medication or if it is only a mild reaction or so that i should try to ignore.

Thanks for any help in advance

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    Rashes in response to antibiotics should always be taken seriously. It is likely you are allergic to the medication and should be switched to another med. It is most likely not a life-threatening situation, but allergies can sometimes worsen with repeated exposure to the allergen. I would advise calling your doctor and letting them know you think you are having an allergic reaction to the med, they will likely call in a new prescription to the pharmacy for a different kind of antibiotic.

    You are correct though, that the doctor would be insistient that you finish your course of antibiotics. When people stop taking them when they start to feel better it can result in the development of super resistant strains of bacteria. 

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    Hi I agree with teresa62894, 

    You could have developed drug rash which is similar to allergic rash, but not the same. Either way the treatment is ' stop taking the antibiotic'. It makes sense from a common sense point of view as well. If something hurts you, better stay away.

    We have an advantage these days, coz there are more than one antibiotic for any infection and amoxicillin is usually the first line drug, although i have to say, it is quite effective.

    You can stop the antibiotic, tell your doctor about it, have it put on your records and then remember it. Easy. As for the reason for Amoxicililn, it seems like you tend to get frequent infections and quite easily, is that right??


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      hi simpletemple,

      I have finished the course of antibiotics since yesterday as it has been 2 days. The rash i currently have is very mild, not itchy at all, and definitely not as visible or prominent as the first time i had it. I will see if it increases or stops right here where it has been for the past 2 days. I chose to finish the antibiotics because i did not feel the reaction is too serious considering i had it before and it was only mildly itchy, and i am pretty desperately hoping for relief from my other symptoms for which the amoxicillin was prescribed in the first place. 

      In all honesty, no i never used to get infections easily in the past, but for the past 3-4 months yes i have been having some very strange and random illnesses and infections, mostly in my throat area. My doctors think i have LPR which is a form of GERD as well.

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    Well, do you have  a lot of heartburn and do you cough a lot? do you smoke or eat in a hurry/never get to eat on time/very irregular eating habits probably due to stressful work.. Then maybe its GERD and the treatment should be simple enough as your doctor advised. 

    IF its more to do with flu, runny nose, sore throat along with blocked nose/ mucus etc.. then i might be able to help you with some techniques.

    But if its the reflux disease that you have, then the problem starts with your stomach, because that's where the acid comes from, which could then cause GERD. You must be given some tablets to neutralise or reduce acid secretion in your bowel. Are you taking anything as such? 

    Although throat is the common tube in where everything flows, there can be many causes. So without further information, there isn't much advice that i can give you know.. sorry, but if it is to do with flu, then plz. lemme know. 

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      if there isn't much advice you can give me, it is totally ok. i appreciate the reply enough already. 

      I had heartburn one night with very strong burning in my throat as well so i went to the doctor the very next morning and i was prescribed Omeprazole. A proton pump inhibitor which as you said, limits acid secretion in the bowels. After one day of taking the drug i didnt feel heartburn anymore but the throat tightness/irritation remained. Yes i have a slight feeling that i need to cough every now and then but definitely no "a lot". I am not a smoker (tried it before obviously). I'm 19 years old only if that helps. But yeah i always used to rush to eat in a hurry to get on with other things, or i would eat quickly standing up sometimes. Most days i didnt have a regular eating habit or schedule, i would just eat whatever was around whenever i felt hungry or if it was available. Stayed up way too many nights drinking coffee as well. That is definitely not something i would recommend. Obviously unhealthy.

      Other than that i dont think it has much to do with the flu. I dont suffer from runny noses, or blocked nose. I have an occasional sore throat if i speak too long or overuse my voice, which i hear is common in LPR patients and very rarely will i experience a build up of mucus in my throat after eating certain foods. Still have the burning feeling in the back of my throat as well after waking up in the morning or eating. I feel the burning more especially when i wake up in the morning.

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    Yea sounds about right.. Good luck with the treatment. And as you know, improve your eating habits, make time for food.. can't run a car without filling in fuel properly can we? It chokes otherwise, doesn't it? 

    Something similar, lol.. all the best

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