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Hello everyone

I have used this forum since being diagnosed 2 to 3 years ago with DD. Very helpful site, but I'm wondering about ??different experiences of DD.

A lot of people comment on left sided pain, antibiotics, I/V drips in hospital, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, abscesses, weight loss etc.

My experiences is this. I had 2 occasions of pain, discomfort, nausea and vomiting, diarrhoea and bloating. 1st time was when I was diagnosed, and the second was some months later. Both times I was given antibiotics and situations  resolved within 1 to 2 weeks.

Since then I have made changes to my diet. practically no meat. Might have a slice of ham or 1 sausage approx once a month (diet is so bland without these). Very little chicken. I now have fish a few times a week. Massively reduced salads, seeds. I eat  fruit, mainly pureed, eg mango ,peaches, tangerines and yoghurt. Homemade liquidised vegetable soup. I like eggs and insides of jacket potato. For breakfast I will often have a skimmed milkshake (slimfast).Pasta and mushrooms are also a favourite.

I drink very little alcohol, although I tend to have crisps and biscuits a few times a week. Drink lots of water as well as tea, peppermint tea and coffee. 

I take lactulose approx 5 days a week as advised by GP. If I do not take it the bloating gets worse.(As Felinia says, an empty bowel is a healthy bowel !!)

My general experience of DD over the last month or so is that I do not have pain, but 4 or 5 days a week I will have diarrhoea,  anything between 2 and 8 times in a morning. Also bloating and wind. 2 weeks ago I started taking Ultra Maximum Acidophilus  20 billion bacteria, and thought my guts felt calmer somehow, although this might be my imagination. 

Does anyone in DD land have a similar experience to mine? I often feel my experience is nowhere near as bad as others, and am lucky in that. But, I would be grateful to know if I'm not the only one who tends not to have pain.

If the diarrhoea does not improve in the next month I will see my GP.

Thank you for letting me write to you.

Best wishes.


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    Your diet is very similar to mine, with one major difference.  I don't have gluten or wheat.  When I was eating it or trying to introduce it back into my diet I too would have up to 6 bowel movements a day.  Since cutting it out I would be 1 - 3 times a day.  Now I'm told to cut back on the carbs and fruit (pre-diabetes) I find I'm actually going less than once a day, and am having to resort to Sennacot about once a week.  It's very much a juggling act.

    I do get the pain from time to time, and a couple of times have had the full blown attack with fever, cramps, bleeding etc.  But like you on the whole I think I'm lucky in comparison to others.  I have noticed though that many people have multiple bowel issues, so their treatment is not straightforward.  Also the people who have dealt with their attack and are feeling better are less likely to post.

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      Thank you Felinia

      Your posts are always so wise and helpful. So nice to know others have experienced something similar.(Although not wishing it on anybody). I have actually been eating more soft white bread than usual over recent weeks.

      You have replied to a previous post of mine as well for which I was very thankful

      Best wishes


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    Hi UPATSY,

    After a recent flare-up which is taking a long time to settle down after antibiotics, I am looking to my diet???

    I have had a lot of salads over the past few weeks with all the ingredients there quite high fibre, have not eaten much bread at all.

    I am beginning to think that too much of anything is bad for DD, especially stress. I can literally feel my stomach tighten when under stress and that old familiar ache returns. It has been an extremely busy summer so I put it down to that.

    Does anyone feel that not eating at regular times or eating perhaps much later than normal has an effect? as this has been the case recently due to circumstances. Now living with my boyfriend it has been hard to adjust as he eats much later than myself, trying to change this now.

    In a word I am totally confused as to what has caused so many flare-ups in the last few months, have missed so many days out and even a holiday through this.

    Ideas would be very welcome please.

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    Hi Upatsy, thank you for sharing, I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis with abscess in Feb, also developed anxiety and panic attacks, lost 45 lbs in 5 months. Everything I ate made my tummy hurt. I still am on Low FodMat diet. I do steamed chicken and fish, carrots and spinach, fruits are pineapple, blueberries and bananas. Peanut or almond butter. Cannot do dairy or eggs, or the healthy protein drinks. I was not getting better. So had tons of blood work, Endoscopy, stool tests, and colonoscopy. Always had diarrhea and abdominal pain. Colonoscopy showed only severe Diverticulosis and removed 6 polyps and a scrape of colon for biopsy. All negative. So after investigation on line I found a site on SIBO/IBS so had a breath test done and was positive for slightly raised Hydrogen SIBO D (diarrhea) and IBS. So had to do another elimination diet, no sugar, dairy, carbs, gluten. Now I do not eat potatoes and rice, garlic or onions along with no dairy. It’s a strict diet and I hate it. Feel pain all over body aches, like fibromyalgia. I see PT and do massage/Chiropractor and am waiting to do acupuncture. I’m on digestive enzymes and probiotics, IBguard and Apple cider vinegar with warm water and lemon daily. But nothing seems to help. I’m at a loss. Scares me to eat. And afraid to lose any more weight. 

    So I would suggest getting tested for SIBO, Candida and IBS . 

    Hope you find answers and get over this soon. 


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    Hi upatsy, you should try flourish powder from natures garden ,instead of the lactulose, I was bloated for a year it was the painkillers that caused it,they dry the stools  and cause constipation, I stopped them  started taken the flourish and I'm on my second course of antibiotics at this moment, bloating all but gone,hope this is helpful.

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