Perimenopause and heavy periods...

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Hi Ladies

I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies in peri or postmenopause have experienced periods that are heavy? I have (apologies in advance for graphic information or tmi) varying periods of one month being light and 2 days long and then wham bang, I get A period which lasts 2 or 3 days where I pass thickened dark clots which creeps me out no end!

I have never suffered from any fibroids or other lady part issues...2 years ago, my doctor persuaded me that since I was low in iron and passing clots (she said can be typical in perimenopause) that the more a would help. I had the mire a put in and loved the "no periods" experience, but after 1 year of side effects (sore swollen breasts, bloated stomach and sore back and moodiness) I had it removed.

My iron levels are fine (I take iron tablets) and my only issue is the unpleasantness of seeing clots pass!

Any advice or similar experience welcomed!


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    Hi hun

    In my early peri i had heavy clotty periods, infact 21 months solid, varying from heavy heavy, normal, light, spotting, continuous after coming off hormone shots, hardly got three days free of it in all that time.

    If you had a mirena removed then again your body will be trying to get to normal levels again too.

    I am post meno now so no periods.

    Hope things get better soon

    Jay x

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      Hi Jayneejay

      Thank you for your reply. You lucky lady to be at the end of the journey with no periods! Hooray!

      I had Mirena removed a year and a half ago, so there is no link with the Mirena....just perimenopause.

      I went and had my bloods done today. My doctor wants to check my hormone levels to see how far along the journey I am...

      I should not complain, as I know many ladies out there are having a worse time than I am, but it is comforting to know that other gals are having or had a similar experience since I find the clotting periods very gruesome and yucky!

      Thank you for sharing your story....lucky you again to be over it all!!


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      Hi hun

      Hooray ( not so much ) after post meno you still feel much the same less periods.. Good and bad days,,

      I am approx 17 months no periods ish..

      Learning to run your life on low low hormones, for me hot flushes returned then vag dryness starts and needs treatment, seems to be the next things to get to you.

      Buy still adjusting to the post meno

      So think i would sooner be having periods. I am almost age 51 post meno, had a ten year peri, researched it all the way tried different vits etc for peri and me personally that helps me

      I just try and crack on with it, ūüėÄ

      Good luck with it all

      Jay x

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    Mirena coil removal info

    Another side effect of removing the Mirena coil is bleeding. It is considered normal to have some spotting and slight loss of tissue when the coil is removed.

    Some women experience much heavier periods following the removal of the IUD and other have spotting for several months afterward between periods until the body adjusts to the hormonal changes that have taken place.

    On the flip side of this coin is the lack of menses that can sometimes occur as a result of having had the Mirena in place and then removing it. Some women stop having a period after several months of having the Mirena IUD in place.

    Other Side Effects

    Neurovascular episodes may occur when a Mirena is removed. What these episodes look like, specifically, may be a slowed heart rate (bradycardia), where the heart beats less than 60 times in one minute.

    Another form of neurovascular interference that may be experienced is syncope, or fainting. Generally, these incidents are mild and usually occur while the woman is still in the clinic. Appropriate measures are taken by medical staff if it occurs.

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    Hi Sydneymum,

    I am 50 now, and have been in peri for about 5 years. Truthfully, I always had heavy, clot filled nightmares of periods since I was young. But it got really worse during the last five years. And yet now, finally, my periods are lighter and clot-free. 

    I think it would be very shocking and stressful if it just happened to you after years of normal periods, but you will be all right, especially if you are taking iron.

    Sometimes passing the clots through the mouth of the uterus (I can't remember the name of that!! oh menopause brain!!) is painful. I think it's fine to take aspirin.

    I think your period pattern sounds like the result of fluctuating hormones, and nothing to worry about. I usually use a tampon and a pad as well. 

    I do think you will be okay, and it kinda sounds like you are trailing off. The clots are gross!! it's true. But I had them for years and years, and my health is basically fine. 

    Take good care, and stay strong til we get to the other side!!


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      HI Jennifer

      Snap on the name! Well I'm the shortened form of Jennifer! Beautiful name!

      Thank you for sharing! I am so looking forward to getting to the end of this road....I have had "clotty"periods for last 4 years or so, but on and off. Too true, it is gruesome and creeps me out sometimes, but I know it is perfectry natural normal hormonal experience... I guess I was just looking for some reassurance that there are other gals out there being creeped out by our body occasionally!

      I went and had blood taken today for doctor to check my hormone levels and see where I am at on the perimenopause journey. Hopefully near the end!!!! Never thought I would say that, but oh the thrill to be period free and pms and other peri issues free!

      I even find my libido is having a comeback after years of being nearly dead!!! I do have a gorgeous hubby (inside and out who m is a absolutely gem) of near 20 years so that does help!

      Thanks again for posting your story!

      Much love,

      Sydneymum aka Jenny

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      Thanks for your sweet reply, Jenny. Be sure to post the results of your hormone tests. I am on The Pill, and can't really get clear results because of it. I think it is FSH they test for?

      Good luck!!

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      Hi Jennifer

      Fsh is one and estrogen and progesterone I think. I am lucky I can get tested as I am not on any hormone medication like the pill as the hubbie volunteered and had the snip snip over 10 years ago.

      I will post here on Thursday afternoon after seeing the Gp and let you know what results and what medication, if any she recommended.

      Jenny aka Sydneymum

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      Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) is a hormone associated with reproduction and the development of eggs in women and sperm in men. This test measures FSH in the blood or urine. FSH is made by the pituitary gland, a grape-sized organ located at the base of the brain.
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    Well I shouldn't worry to much!  I am 60 later this year and at the moment am having the most horrendous bleed I have ever experienced!! I also get huge clots too which scares me but I think is completely normal.. The only thing that is really upsetting is when it happens in a supermarket!!!!

    It can only get better! can't it???

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    HI there

    My doctor has presecribed me Cyklokapron which is taken 4 times a day for 4 days as soon as the bleeding starts. Seems to have dome the trick for me. Might be worth discussing this drug with your doctor


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    Hi Sydneymum

    Yep. Currently experiencing this, both last month and this month, after a bit of a break from the 'chunks'.  Seems they're back, which I now understand is par for the course.

    I'm hating it: can't stand the stress of worrying about leaking; going out and getting there without leaking; leaking on the bedding (thankfully, I've never really done this as I've rarely slept 5-6hrs uninterrupted. Currently get up anything between 2-5 times a night to wee/change towels); the smell gets me down as I imagine because I can smell 'me', everyone else can too (husband, love him, says he can't, but I think he's very diplomatic and knows if I'd go off on one if he said he could - lose-lose situation for him, poor sod!); changing outfits up to 4 times because they all make me look old/fat/bloated....oh, the list goes on!

    But I suppose because I'm still as regular as clockwork, I will see changes like this before they start to become irregular or I eventually miss one.  And then I'll know if I was better off with a proper 'cycle' with a bleed or not??!!

    No-one said it would be easy, did fact that didn't tell us anything about what to expect, the sadists!!


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      Hi Shaznay

      Love your pouts and humour! Yep, it sucks to be a dame! If I had the choice I would definitely have come as a bloke with a hose!

      Oh and big curses to those who went before especially our nearest and dearest wh o failed to warn us!


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      Ha Ha. I can't do 'pouts'.

      And I can't get that image of you coming as a 'bloke with a hose'.....just hoping you have a fettish about Firefighters!!!:-)


      PS - ah ha, 'posts':-)

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