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Hi, I am Male 43 Years.

Starting back i May I had pain in the perinium area, well not exactly very painfull more of a discomfort or hot feeling, The feeling started to move around and started to feel more like anus area., I supected prostate.

The Dr did a urine test which was clear, but not digital exam, he put it down to cycling and pretty much dismissed it, but when pushed a bit he recommended an ultrasound.

Not so happy with the last Dr I went to another who agreed it sounded like prostate. He did the rectal exam and said he thought there was a little enlargement of the prostate and he referred me to the specialist.

On the day of the specialist appointment  the perinium pain was a lot less but I started to have a small pain in my right side just below ribs. He repeated the urine test which was clear again and sent me for a plain KUB xray, this showed 2 or 3 somethings in my lower abdomen which he said were likely to be stones, kidneys looked ok. He ordered blood tests and was ot waiting for an IVP xray with contrast. He precscribed Cipro anti biotic and saw paletto.

A week on and the IVP results came back, bowel gas unremarkable, left kidney realitively enlarge (11.9v14.1cm) but without definite abnormality, normal shape contour axis excretion etc, no dilation of ureters, bladder ok, no stones or defects - basically all ok. Dr said it looks like I have passed the stones already everything ok, he also did a quick ultrasound in the office to confirm.

Ok this was 10 days ago but my abdominal pains got a lot worse, the perinium area is pretty much ok apart from 2 small episodes. I had strong pain under right ribs moving to back for a few days then it suddenly stopped and I had perinium pain for 1 day. I have also had the same in left side but less severe, also a pain right on the left bone in lower abdomen that comes and goes. a feeling of swelling or maybe bloating in both sides. Generally not been feeling great with the abdominal pains in different areas, sides, stomach, groin, lower abdomen. I noticed I have been much more regular for the last 2 weeks (once a day now , before i was 2-3 days) i thought maybe its the medication, my stools have been much looser and i notticed sometimes I have a hard stool followed by a much much sofer stool. I have been eating more healthily and increased my water intake a lot.

Also, not sure if this is related I have have a sore throat for several weeks, and my uvula looks longer than normal,  sometimes a buring sensation in stomach and below ribs, I have had acid reflux in the past so maybe its that again.

Sorry for such a long post I am sure to have missed someting, but this has been really worrying me as the symptoms seems to change and move and of course like a lot of people I always think the worst. Adding to my anxiety is the fact I am not in the UK, I just don't know for sure what is happening, is it residual affects from passing the stones and I'm just worrying to much, do I still have stones, is it a bowel problem, is it something else completely.

Thank you.

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    Have have you asked about IBS? Pain that moves to different areas of the stomach. heartburn, changes in bowel habit and anxiety are symptoms of IBS.  You could ask for a colonoscopy and endoscopy.
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    I have had the same kind of pain. I have had IBS all my life, but the past three years something different is happening.

    Doctors have done lots of tests. I am going to have an MRI with and without contrast. I did at one time have stones

    Which most women, usually do not have. I live in the US. I have wondered

    what is going on. When I find out, I will let you know. Do not give up

    getting tested. I have found lots of health problems by keeping

    up trying to find out why I feel bad.

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    Thanks for the kind responses.

    Today feeling a bit better, just some small pains that seem to come and go. I'm going to see what happens over the next day or two and then go back to the Dr if I feel its no better - thanks.


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    I've had another thought about this reharding the use of Ciprofloxacin which I was taking twice a day for 2 weeks.

    The worst pain I have now is right on the edge of left bone of the hip, if you feel around you can feel a little lump and its very tender, looking at this part of the anatomy I think it could be the illiolumbar ligament, Read that Cipro can cause damage to Tendons and Ligaments maybe that is causing this and also the aches and pains generally around the abdomen and back.


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