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Peripheral neuropathy

Hello all,

just looking for some answers / tips.

Have you heard of peripheral neuropathy due to hormonal imbalance?

I am asking coz for the last few days I have a feeling of a rubber band around ankles.. and the symptoms seem to be due to PN. The main causes seem to coz of diabetes or cancer.

I dont have diabetes and I dont think i have cancer. I cant think of any other reason for this...or nerve weakness. I will see a doc as soon as I am able to get time, but in the meantime I am freaking out because all the posts that I have checked elsewhere say that it is serious and non reversable.

Can anyone please let me know if you have / have had similar symptoms?

My symptoms: a funny feeling in my ankles. I get the feeling as if I have a rubber band around my ankle even though I have neither socks or have had socks the whole day. It is not painful, but its a tight rubber band feeling which is a little unsettling.

Thank you all!

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  • prat62238

    I was wondering the same...

    ​I am experiencing burning sensations behind my waistline area radiating down to the back of my buttocks...It is awful and unbearable...

    ​Are you still having regular periods?

    • evi75119

      Hi Evi, did you check if you have any sciatica problem? Sounds like it - I mean the pain in back of buttocks n all. I had that a few yrs back, unrelated to menopause though. But now when I get a flare up (I do get them once in a while), I just do my exercises to floss the sciatica nerve and am ok till the next one.

      I am not having regular periods...mine have more or less stopped. Got one in March after around a yr off, then this month had a its not regular, but not completely off either.

      Hang in there!

  • prat62238

    Hi there - I can’t describe my ankle sensation as a rubber band feeling, but what I do get is a feeling of edema in my ankles, my right more sensitive to my left, but when I look at them they do not appear swollen.  I do however suffer from horrible burning sensation on my back (mainly upper) front chest, neck, front of calves & tops of feet - it feels like a horrible sunburn, but the skin is not hot when touched.  I went to a hormone specialist who said she has never heard of the burning sensation as a menopause issue & I said well I believe it is, either that, or it is an anxiety issue caused by menopause. I am 61 and have just started getting these symptoms...the friggin fun never stops! 

    • debra16694

      I have the same problem I’m 41 and started having feels like edma in my ankles and lower legs , the burning  sensation is terrible special in my lower legs and my thighs sometimes I walk in the bath top and put cold water it make me feel better ,I get the sensation in my chest too, beside the sweeting too much ,😤

    • debra16694

      Debra, I too had a feeling of edema yesterday...thanks to whole day meeting with very little moving about. By evening my ankles were swollen and I got this rubber band feeling.

      I have recently changed my diet (started LCHF), and it could be a result of that as well...but then one gets more leg cramps, not this strange feeling.

      I have an appointment with physiotherapist on monday, will check with him. Lets see what he says!

      Keeping my fingers crossed till then! smile

  • prat62238

    I’ve had burning tingling feet for over a year. When it first started I thought my foot was sunburned. But it wasn’t. Now both feet get it and sometimes up my legs and it usually happens when I’m feeling other symptoms as well, it’ll coincide with headache, back pain, shoulder pain, hard to breathe, etc.. I know I’m not anxiety ridden anymore but just reading this and you saying cancer could be the cause is giving me anxiety. Arghhh

    I’ve asked several docs about it, the only one who agreed it could be from hormones was my gyn. Seems like burning sensations can be anywhere. My sister had burning gums, burning in her bra area very bad. 

    As far as the rubber band feeling I’m not sure if that’s hormones but it seems like any and every symptom could be hormones or any and every other dreadful disease as well. It’s so frustrating. 

    • suzanne54870

      sad Yepp its very frustrating! I seem to blame any small big or small new ailment on hormones, and not sure if I shd just cope with it or go to a doctor... I will meet my gyn on friday for a new pap smear, so will ask her about this new one. If she says its not related to menopause / hormones, then I gotta check elsewhere.

      Hang in there!

  • prat62238

    Hello there , not sure if this is similar to your concerns but it may be worth checking into , if ya haven’t . 

    What I went through was a feeling that my shoes were to tight or maybe worn out a bit to much as it hurt when I walked ,  so I went and got new shoes . It still didn’t fix the issues so I went and seen my GP . Family doctor.

    He ran some tests including a  chlorestrol test and it turns out I had artery blockages in both my legs .  They put me on meds for it and 6 weeks later my levels dropped but I need to have surgery to fix the issue . I am looking forward to having it though as in addition to the menopause issues , I have had a rough time walking good for a year . 

    Best wishes to you and hugs from Canada . Things will be ok once they get it all sorted out so hang in there and keep faith .   

    • tawana68

      I will surely try getting a doctors appointment...but will check with my gyn and physiotherapist first as I already have time booked with them.

      I gotta book time fast, this being almost close to summer vacation, and here (Sweden), during summers almost everything is closed, I would like to get it checked up. Otherwise I might make myself sick with worry!

      If I get any answers, I will surely let you know!

  • prat62238

    My ankles do ache but just thought it was due to summer sandals.  My feet also have been achy for awhile now but this morning as soon as I got out of bed they hurt .  I take many supplements but the only thing that helps is swimming or even a Epson salt foot soak.   Wish there was something that could help cuz I'm too young to act like I"m 90.

  • prat62238

    Hi ,

    I do get strange sensations like yours. Sometimes it's my feet, then my ankles. next my legs, etc. I am getting better at not immediately freaking out...but not much better. Usually when I start feeling that way its humid out, or I've been sitting for a long time or haven't had enough water to pee it off. Flat shoes make it worse...need an arch support. And like Kelly, we are all too young to be acting like were 90!!

  • prat62238

    Dearest ladies 

    This is how it started for me a year ago. Burning sensation in my leg then burning all over the body funny feeling in my face and a band around neck . I have been through all possible assessment such as brain CT scan all possible blood tests and muscle tests . All came up clean . I will tell you something . It gets better . It does . It gets worse in summer time but it really gets better once the weather cools down . I was sleeping with ice packs last summer . I had funny feelings in my hands like they are going to sleep . I also had a feeling that my heart beats are just hot . This hot feeling in my chest that even hard to describe . I also stated to hear my heart beats in my right ear. But it gets better. It has flairs and remissions . Burnings increase before my period . Please reach out to me if you have any questions . You are not alone 

    • gema57497

      Thanks Gema, I needed to hear this because I can go down that old anxiety path pretty quickly. I too had every scan, mri, and blood work, and saw about ten different types of doctors. My burning also gets worse right before my period. This month it was bad the whole month and now I’m about 7 days late, but the burning stopped for now. Lots of headaches and malaise though. 

      I also describe the symptoms as flairs and remissions. Good to hear you are getting a bit better. Are your cycles still coming?

    • Hi Susanne always glad to help . Yes my periods are still coming so far every month. Cycles just became shorter .  The fact that you mentioning that all these symptoms are getting worse before periods somehow confirms that it is all hormone related . Also when it all started I had couple panick attacks at night time that I never ever had before . Let me tell you that it was not fun at all . Also there is forum that I believe calls 66 perimenopause symptoms . Please read this list . A year ago this list saved my life as I probably have all 66 plus . I started to take a long walks and to drink sage tea . Also read that sweet potatoes can alleviate some symptoms . We just need to survive . Unfortunately minimum research is done on this topic and all doctors are trained to believe only in what has been researched and confirmed in the books . They will never admit that this burnings may be related to low estrogen .  Only few of them at least won’t deny it. Our body just needs to adjust to the new hormone change and we will be fine . I almost do not have hot flush but I bet that this burnings may be how my hot flash presents itself . This is just my thoughts . Believe me I read a lot and did my own research . I spoke with my ant and she remembered that my grandma was having a rough time complaining that her all body is burning and no one knew what it is . So she survived and lived long . So will we . Take care and please rich out with any questions . 

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