Permanently Fatigued - Suggestions Needed!

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Hello all, this is my first post. My name is Samantha, I am 29 years old. Every time I go to the doctors I always feel disappointed at the lack of help, they always blame everything on stress and send me on my way. So I have decided to turn to the Internet in the hopes of some decent advice!

I am suffering with constant fatigue lately. It's been going on for several months and it's interfering with my life now. I work a fairly active job in landscaping, so I don't live a sedentary lifestyle. I don't find it to be too active that I can't cope, however. Even after a good night's rest and on days off I find myself so tired I can barely function. Doing basic housework, walking up the stairs, cooking dinner - it all feels like extremely hard work. I have absolutely no motivation or interest in doing anything I used to like. All I seem to want to do is lay down and shut my eyes. I have tried altering my diet, I have cut out all energy drinks as I thought maybe that was contributing to it. I've tried sleeping longer and sleeping for less. I still feel the same.

I have alopecia universalis, I also suffer with terrible hayfever (a landscaper with hayfever, imagine that!). My eyes are constantly streaming tears, my skin is dreadful (eczema, dry, red etc) and I feel like I've piled on some weight! I feel so incredibly gross lately. I can't wear makeup due to the teary eyes, and I find wearing my wigs unbearable with how itchy my skin is. I feel sorry for my boyfriend haha!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much in advance.


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    Dear Sam

    Having Hayfever and allergies might be playing part in making you feel tired as your immune system is constantly on the fight. Please google about the link between feeling tired and having hayfever or allergies and its toll on the immune system. You might want to consider wearing a high quality filtered mask.

    Also full blood work needs to be done to rule out other illnesses or deficiencies.

    Also your body might be intolerant to specific food that can cause that. You might benefit from googling food intolerance and food that can cause fatigue e etc

    Also do you by any chance have silver fillings or root canal done in your teeth as they can cause fatigue too for some people or any underlying tooth infection

    All the best

    Update me

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      Thank you so much for the response. I never thought about hayfever being a potential cause! It's the worst it's ever been this year, and it certainly makes a lot of sense. My current hayfever remedies seem to be failing me lately, I shall have to try some new ones!

      I can't think of any foods I have regularly, but I have started keeping a diary of my intake (trying to curb the weight gain haha!) so I will see if I can find any potential causes there.

      I wonder if it might be worth having a check for anemia, I read that anemia and alopecia go hand in hand!

      Thanks again!

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      Yes as I suggested earlier having a blood work done is still important to rule out anemia and other potential causes.

      There is also an app called Klara for people with hayfever. I also recommend you to join hayfever and allergy sufferers group on face book too.

      Also it is best to stay away from things that triggers your hayfever rather than taking a temporary relief.

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    I have never seen a female doing landscaping or mowing for a living. All the conditions you describe are the results of your occupation. I doubt if vitamins will help. You will have to change your occupation.

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      Yes we are a rare breed. An occupation change is certainly on my list but I wish to continue working outdoors in a at least a semi active role. I used to work desk jobs and struggled to stay awake watching the clock every day!

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    Hi Sam,

    Was there a trigger to the fatigue? There are many things could cause it. Vitamin D deficiency for instance.

    Definitely get blood tests to check why you might be getting the fatigue? Is it a regular Dr that is disappointing or a few? If you can see one who may have more compassion for patients with fatigue.


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    New to this forum, but I joined it to make a post almost exactly like the one here. I am 20 (turn 21 in september) and I have almost permanent fatigue as well, and has been going on since early June, so over a month now.

    Now for the back story, around the same time as I started feeling permanent fatigue, I also changed my lifestyle quite a lot: cut out carbs, most starches, cut my calorie intake in half to around 1500 calories a day, and started exercising at least 5 times per week, swimming for 1 hour a day around 70-80 laps (freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, I was on the swim team for a brief period in middle school, so I try to do some of those drills). This was a huge change as I have never, in my life, exercised regularly.

    I have lost around 13-14lbs so far, from 230 to 217 ish in the last 6-8wks. I have gotten use to the exercise, and am not as hungry anymore from eating so much less. However the fatigue has not changed. I feel exhausted all the time. I work in the city and commute every morning, work from 8-6:30ish and it has become hard to focus on my work and effectively do it, as I am so tired I am trying to stay awake. I get a normal amount of sleep every night, and usually go to sleep between 10:30-11pm, and wake up @ 6:45 am. I feel like I sleep well, however when I wake up I am as tired if not more tired than when I went to sleep.

    I went to the doctor a few weeks ago for an unrelated issue to the fatigue, and I told them about the fatigue, and multiple doctors agreed with eachother that it was likely my extreme change in lifestyle and my body is exhausted from the exercise and less food. However, even if I do eat like I use to for a day, I am still tired, or even if I do not exercise. I got blood work done this past Saturday, and I have not heard back yet, so I will see what they say. I have no allergies, no other medical issues. The doctor was reluctant to order the bloodwork as he said he did not think anything was wrong, but I insisted. Hopefully someone can help me!?

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