Persistent debilitating nausea and fatigue along with mild stomach pain

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Description: 41 yr old male, 193 lbs (lost 20 lbs over the course of a year possibly due to lifestyle changes, an additional 10lbs in the last couple weeks) 5"10

Minor indigestion issues in the past (belching, occasional acid reflux after meals).

Anxiety issues that are not currently being treated.

**Main issues: Really intense nausea and lack of appetite, need to force myself to eat most days. Extreme fatigue, it's difficult to get out of bed. These symptoms seem to lesson a little bit towards the evening, then have been starting back up again in the morning. Also mild stomach pain, seems to be mostly on the left side but also seems to move around if I switch positions.


Was feeling this for a couple weeks, it started to go away about a week and a half ago and recently came back. It's been debilitating and has kept me from working and in bed most of the time. I put together a timeline from when this started to the best of my recollection. Anyone with any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Tests done: Full blood work (everything is normal except slightly elevated Bilibirium), an ultrasound (normal, except for a fatty liver), an x ray of my lower left abdomen (normal), and FOBT stool test (normal, no blood found).


November 17th:Had a panic attack which led to chest and stomach pain/indigestion-type feeling.

November 18th:Began having minor stomach pains mainly on the lower left side of my abdomen. Feeling is similar to poop cramps, though often without feeling like I need to poop. 

Nov 24th: Had a video visit with primary care Dr about the minor stomach pain. He suggested I take two 20mg pepcids a day. Began to do this for about a week. Noticed no change, so stopped medication after about a week. Tried taking Bentyl around Dec 5th. Only took the medication twice. 

Dec 6: After taking Bentyl on Sunday Dec 6th, had a couple weird loose bowel movements and began to feel increasing nausea. I stopped taking the medication. 

Dec 7:Woke up feeling really nauseous, fatigued and loss of appetite. Minor stomach pain is still present. Eating is difficult, not interested in coffee (which I usually have every morning). Also a lot of anxiety as to what is causing this. Noticed that my poop is really light colored and soft. 

Dec 8:Went to urgent care, had an x-ray done on the lower left abdomen, found nothing.

Dec 9th: Had blood work done, all normal except slightly elevated Bilirubin. Noticing that I am really fatigued and nauseous when I wake up, this feeling starts to dissipate a bit towards the evening. Still having trouble eating regular meals. Lost about 5 pounds in a week. Still unable to work, mostly staying in bed for half of the day. 

Dec 17th:Same symptoms throughout the week. Often feeling better in the evening. DId an ultrasound on the right side, everything looks normal except for a fatty liver. Starting to feel slightly better at this point, this feeling increases over the next couple days.

Dec 20:Beginning to feel better, less nausea, less fatigue, able to eat more normal meals. 

Dec 23:Feeling much better, worked again this week. Resumed having coffee again, more interested in eating again.Poop looking more normal, still having minor stomach pain. Dr suggested I try pantoprazole for the minor stomach pain.  

Dec 24:Began taking pantoprazole. Feeling good except for minor stomach pain. Nearly back to normal.

Dec 26: Feeling a little worse, but still mostly normal. Noticed that I have increased nausea after eating, though the nausea is less severe than how it was previously. This also happened when I was taking omeprazole for about a month around two years ago for indigestion issues. 

Dec 27:Stopped taking the pantoprazole as I've noticed an increase in nausea after eating. Ate some pasta (with onions, garlic, artichoke hearts, cream). Began feeling nausea while eating the pasta and immediately had diarrhea. Felt a little better later in the evening. Ate a sandwich and smoothie with no ill effects. Had a vitamin C drink and began feeling stomach pain after that. Went to bed feeling mild stomach pain (pin point kind of pain in the left side mainly but seems to travel when I move around).

Dec 28:Woke up feeling the same as I had a week and a half prior. Nauseous and fatigued. Poop is soft and light colored. Not interested in eating or coffee. Staying in bed most of the day. Began feeling slightly better in the evening. Ate two bananas, two veggie sausages, crackers, and drank some kefir. 

Dec 29thFeeling the same as the previous day. Had a light, soft poop. Feeling nauseous and fatigued. Had to force myself to eat avocado toast, not interested in food, minor stomach pain. Ate some probiotic yogurt in the evening and felt slightly nauseous afterward. Then had a turkey sandwich later in the evening. Was able to eat it, but it was difficult. Noticed I lost a bit more weight, down to 191 lbs (from 200 lbs a couple weeks ago). 

Dec 30thWoke up in the afternoon having trouble getting out of bed despite having slept around 12 hrs. Forced myself to drink water and eat a banana. Been feeling nausea and fatigue all day.

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    get stool tests for parasites. also it takes a long time for pantoprazole to work for stomach issues, you need to stay on it consistently to see any improvement.... going on and off is only going to make things worse. you have to stay on for a few months...

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      Thank you so much for the reply! I'll check on getting a stool test for parasites. For the pantoprazole, I'll check with my dr and see if I should get back on it. Initially it seemed to be making things worse, but I understand, maybe I just need to ride it out and it will eventually help. Thank you again!

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      you're welcome! i hope you feel better soon. i had horrible nausea and stomach pains for many months , was on pantoprazole which seemed to help the nausea slowly...... but now i just messed it all up by eating spicy chicken and wine on new year's eve!!! big mistake... now im back on the PPI after finally weaning down!!

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