persistent dull pain

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TKR Dec. 29 - 3+ weeks

Great ROM, walking without walker, PT 2x a week....

Problems:  insomnia and persistent pain that I find draining

Taking ibuprofen for inflammation, tylenol for pain

Have a supply of percocet, have only taken 3 out of 42 so far..

Feel nauseous from drugs W/ or W/O food.

Have been given lo DOSE Ambien CR  - 5 pills only.

Problem is not falling asleep but staying asleep.

The pain is sometimes tremendous (tear producing) sometimes dull...

How did you manage your pain level?  The prescribing and pain management discussions seems diacussions are difficult because the surgeon (his staff) is not my primary physician....

I normally have  a high pain treshold (had my babies with nothing)  but not this times

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    PErsonally I had to resort to talking my OxyCodone ( 5 mg) with my sleeping pill at night and they will get me a solid 6 hours of sleep before the pain wakes me up.
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    Talk to your primary care doc about finding a pain med cocktail that works without the stomach upset. Lots of choices to prevent the pain you are having. Primary care docs are generally much better than surgeons making these decisions. Continue with reg use of ice packs and give the leg lots of rest during the day, at least for a couple of days
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    Try using a stick to take the weight off a bit and see how that affects your pain levels?

    If someone has a broken bone they are recommended supports as needed for 6 weeks. Your leg has effectively been sawn in half....I thinkn you may well be pushing it too hard.

    It needs to heal. That should reduce your pain levels a bit. Don't know about the medications but pain reduction can be effected by reducing pressure.

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      I don’t walk that much yet - just around the house.  Did a 1/2 mile at the golf course Sunday and it went well but later there was discomfort in the normal foot - the non-operated one. 

      Going without the  walker was mandated by my PT.

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    Rub CBD around it or take it by oil.  You do not have to take any THC but it works best half n half.  I quit my pain meds at a little over 2 weeks, made me sick.  I am 6 weeks now.  I am a light weight when it comes to THC too so I do mostly CBD with a small amount of THC.  Give your leg a good massage when in bed and make sure you stretch it before bed, it helps immensely.  Beyond that...its a waiting game.  You will be amazed at how much the pain drops when you hit the 4 week mark and then slowly but surely it keeps dropping.  Then one day, POW, it hurts again but the next day or 2 it drops right back down.  
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      Can you PM me the brand name.  Researching on Amazon gives me a headache - everything has credible sounding negatives....

      I do have 2 creams I find effective, one is a local organic Kauai Farmacy Comfrey root concoction rub and the other is the Arnica cream in a tube.  Comfrey root is impressive, in older times it was known as 'bone knit'.  Arnica is very nice and cooling but short lived.

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      I do not have a brand name for the CBD cream.  I get it from a my husbands best friend that grows medicinal marijuana and he gives it to me for free.  CBD is an anti inflammatory and actually I use it as a face cream and It helps my face look smoother and younger.  May sound crazy but my husband noticed it too.  If you look for a CBD cream I would look for a high concentrate.  Do you have any shops that sell marijuana that you can get advice from?  

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      I replied to you but it says it is waiting to be moderated so if you don't see the answer, let me know and I will be more careful with words.

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      Sometimes it isn't what you say it can be a link, an unauthorized article, a few extra dog's or just a phrase, and sometimes you just don't know. I saw one a couple days ago ylthat said it was deleted which is strange as most say they are being held and it takes 24 to 48 hours. One other big no no, selling stuff.

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      I am in Hawaii.  I don’t think we have dispensaries.  Medical marijuana by prescription only.  But not hard to get - we get offers all the time... Possibillity of growing my own hemp - maybe - when I get better, we are on an acre.

      Distilling process sounds involved......

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      We had access with medical only initially and now we can get it with or without a medical card.  There is a percentage off with a medical card but I dont do enough to warrant paying a Dr. to approve me.  I wish you luck on that.  I hope everything works well and fast with your surgery.  It does seem slow at times.
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    If it hurts, take the Percocet. No need to be a martyr. Tylenol won’t help if your pain is intolerable. I  was on prescription meds for nine weeks. I had issues with hydrocodone (incredibly constipating) was changed to Oxycodone and took it for four weeks every four hours. After that it was every six hours . Always before PT.  If you are in pain, your exercise routine and energy level will be affected.  I was told by so many in this forum: STAY AHEAD OF THE PAIN..

    I am now 13 months post op. Feel great. No pain. Walking the 86 pound pup. Sleeping better.  Three weeks is just the beginning.

    Feel well.


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      I can not wait till I reach your mark.  I am at 6 weeks and feel like my leg is aching all the time and it didn't feel like this before.  I think my IT ban stretches across my knee odd or it is really short because it can hurt like a when I walk.  I can do the stretches, ride a bike, go up and down the stairs even though I feel the pull but I can not bend my knee that little bit to walk without a limp because the pain is so intense with walking.

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    Have you tried Voltaren.? Perscription cream. Or Pennsaid which the a stronger version of voltaren. Read the posts but CHICO MARKS. A lot of excellent links that will help you.


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