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About 2 months ago, I became hoarse all of a sudden.  No illness, no cold. Nothing. Didn't think much of it.  After a month, I went to an ENT.  I mainly became worried because I googled and discovered persistent hoarseness can be a sign of throat cancer.    ENT did a scope down my nose to just look at throat and saw irritation. He suspected GERD. Wanted me to to medicine for a few weeks to see if that cleared it up.  Didn't particularly like the place, so am not returning. After 3 weeks on h2 blockers, decided to try a ppi medicine, nexium.  Have no relief from h2 blockers.  And still have days of acid reflux even with medicine. I have always averaged about 1 day week with acid reflux. I have never had voice problems. I read online that after 3 months of hoarseness it can be hard for your voice box to ever go back to normal, the damage can be permanent. The hoarseness seems worse or I am just growing tired of it. I have to concentrate on producing sound when speak. Anyone have any other ideas what might be going on. I wonder if not related to acid reflux at all since meds aren't helping with the hoarseness at all. 

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    Hi Mary

    The hoarseness can be caused due to Acid reflux Gerd (Gord).

    I used to get it quite bad before I had the operation in Aug 2016. You need to be careful as they told me once the vocals cord are damaged there's no repair them...

    I used to get that horind metallic taste in mouth and mouth ulsers..... too.I ended up taking 30mg Lansoprazole each morning and Ranttidine 300mg taken at night helped a bit but getting anxious and stressed makes it worse. I ended up having surgery as the dogs could not control it any longer .. good luck hope you get it sorted out ..

    try warm Honey and lemon as soothes the throat. ( the Manika honey is good bit exspences but worth it ...)

    Hope this helps you .

    Try not to let it stress you out as it will make things when you get stressed the stomach makes more acid and belive me will make tings 10 times worse know hard but try not to stress .

    Go back to Doctor if Meds are not helping

    Loads different tablet out there you can take. different types suite different people not one fits all ...

    Hope you get it sorted .



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      Thank you for your reply.   I don't feel I get acid reflux that much,if any, more than the average person.   The ENT doctor couldn't find a cause for the irritation to my voice box.  I feel like acid reflux was the easiest answer.  But while I am on the acid reflux medicine. I feel the hoarseness is not getting any better and perhaps worse. I worry the damage is permanent and I won't get my voice fully back to normal.  

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      May be you need to go back to Doctors and get them to change the tablets you on Dont know how long you been on them. as i said these were ones and dose i was taking, did take some others but didnt agree with me i found these ones best for me . But have to see what work's for you. If not happy go back to Doctor tell them if you not happy with what your Doctor telling you.

      if you go to practise were there more than one Doctor go see another one. some time they come up with something different worth a try if not happy .

      Hope you get it sorted

      I feel for you know what i was like as i felt real bad for ages used to throw up In morning before work .buring pain was realy bad and my hoarsnesse was realy anoying i would lose my voice or would be very strained...

      Hope you manage to get it sorted or at least under control..

      Best luck and if not happy dont be scared to push the Doctors to get test done sometimes you have to . Remember its you body your life and sometimes you have to push to get treatment you need . some Doctors are better than others pushing to get stuff sorted and some said oh you have to go through this stage and then through that so on ..

      Good luck

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    Hoarseness is generally caused by irritation of, or injury to, the vocal cords. The larynx  is the portion of the respiratory  tract containing the vocal cords. The cartilaginous outer wall of the larynx is commonly referred to as the "Adams apple." The vocal cords are two bands of muscle that form a "V" inside the larynx. When we sing or speak, the vocal cords vibrate and produce sound.

    Hoarseness can be caused by a number of conditions. The most common cause of hoarseness is acute laryngitis  caused most often by an upper respiratory tract infection , and less commonly from overuse or misuse of the voice .


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