Persistent nasal trouble, nothing is working!

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I made a post a while back about the trouble i was having in regards to my nose. I have very swallon turbinates, and persistent chronic allergy symptoms for months. Resulting in my loss of taste and smell. I went to the doctors and they prescribed me steroid nasal spray, which after a week started to show some results. I used this along side clarityn and it worked great for about 2 weeks! I could finally taste and smell again. But for the past 3 weeks im back to square one again, Completely blocked up, constant allergy symptoms and loss of smell and taste. 

I went to the doctors again yesterday, begging for an allergy test to find out what the cause of this is. They told me its not widely available anymore so I can't be tested for it unless i have an idea of what it is... He then referred me to the ent clinic, and the wait is 4 months just to be seen ( it took me 4 weeks just to get an appointment with the doctors) He gave me some more allergy tablets which do NOTHING. None of them work any more, I've tried every brand to try along side my steroid spray. The spray does nothing anymore either. I am honestly at the end of my tether with this now, the past 9 months have been miserable. I've completely lost my appetite too as I just can't enjoy food. Can anyone please give me any sort of advice that i can try? literally anything. I've tried most things that I can think of but at this stage im desperate to get this sorted. 

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    Hi I have very severe nasal congestion sometimes where i can't breathe at all due to nose being blocked.anything with oxymetazoline or xzylometazomine helps ie otrivine.its very distressing when you can't breathe and I get very panicky. I had blood tests chest x ray and spirimetery test for was found I have severe dehydration and I have been drinking loads of water since which has helped ease my symptoms

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      Hi Patricia. 

      This is going to sound strange, but have you heard or read about the 2 minute cure for nasal congestion? It’s worth a try. You breath out and then take small shallow slow breaths for about a minute and because your nasule cavaties detect a drop in oxygen intake, they open up and drain. This should clear the passages. Obviously it isn’t a cure but a relief. 

      Good luck. 


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      Hello Patricia,]

      I too suffer nasal congestion, but on my left nostril.

      I go to bed not blocked but within in few hours it's

      awful.  i sit up and use one squirt of Otivine then

      I'm able to sleep right through the night.  I rarely

      suffer this problem during the day, but when I do

      I use Otrivine again.  I've had to use it now pretty

      much every night through the very hot suffer we've

      had this year (not complaining about that though).

      I suffer allergies and sinusitis, which the nasal

      congestion is probably due to.  I'm going to

      start using NeilMed Nasal Rinse again as

      I'm sure that helps get rid of any potential

      allergens that I'm sure cause the congestion.

      Keeping hydrated makes sense.



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    I had this problem and it can get worse when you do not treat it. You should get best neck pain relief near you. It is important to treat it timely.
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    Good morning Yorisou,

    Firstly, do you live in England ?

    If so ask your GP for Flixonase Steroid Nasal Drops.  They're stronger than the sprays.  I too am a sufferer and it's miserable, but not as miserable as ETD (Eustachian Tube Dysfunction) I can't stand it when my allergies get bad and my ears get blocked.  Allergies cause us to make too much mucus, which in turn blocks our eustachian tubes and noses.

    Try NeiMed Sinus Rinse, which flushes out any allergens present.  Also buy some

    Otrivine nasal spray (Purple box) it's a decongestant.  I've used it all through our hot and humid Summer this year.

    You may have polyps in the linings of your nose (which I have had removed) they cause us to lose our sense of smell and taste.  The Flixonase Drops (use as directed to get best results) are really good and have helped me tremendously, with my smell and taste returning.

    It's all trial and error with medications.  I find a daily Cetrizine antihistamine is good too.

    Let me know how you get on.



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    do you test chamomile ???

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    fantastic Anne

    Thats something to look forward to . Just a thought, i had a friend who suffered the same on flights she always took a carvol capsule (baby decongestant i think) to snap if it happened, to ease the congestion.

    D X

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    Hi Anne

    Just thought i would catch up

    Firstly, i hope you had a good holiday and are feeling well?

    My allergy testing has been done, and as you suspected, tree pollen, grass pollen showed up, the only other thing he said was it sounded as though i cannot tolerate sulfites in food and alcohol. This i can completely agree with, i am useless on red wine and beer . i have bought some sulfite free red wine and i was fine.

    Unfortunately, my smell and taste is starting to come and go again it drives me insane. i have a drs appointment next week and i am going to ask her to fwd me to her friend who is a top ENT specialist i am also going to beg her to try to find a way around this problem that is, in france they only prescribe the flixonase spray . I've researched it on line and there is loads of information on how useless the spray is compared to the drops . Not really expecting to get anywhere .

    i have tried to purchase the flixonase drops on line, but you have to have a uk prescription . Do you have any idea as to whether i can see a private doctor in the uk and pay, then get a prescription?

    Let me know how you are doing

    best wishes.


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      Hello again Denise, lovely to hear from you after all this time. I last saw my ENT consultant in February. He used the camera up my nose as I've been suffering severe congestion with my left nostril. He could see 2 small polyps up each side, which he said wouldn't cause a problem until they got very big, which I wouldn't allow as the Flixonase drops keep them small. He told me my ears and nose are healthy. At the end of the consultation he said I'll see you in 6 months. I told him that I think for the past 20 yrs the NHS have spent enough on me since the meningitis episode so I will discharge myself. If I have any problems I will pay and see him at my local private hospital like I've had to do in the past when I've had a perforated left eardrum. He ask me if I was sure, I said yes.....such a nice man!!

      Yes, you most definitely can come back to the UK and see an ENT consultant privately. Refresh my memory, you live in France, is that correct? If you were given a private repeat prescription for the Flixonase Nasule drops would you then be able to get it changed over in France?

      I would most definitely recommend Mr Oyazabal (I think I've spelt that correctly) you can google him at the Medway Hospital in Gillingham Kent.

      I have recommended so many of my friends to him and they think he's great too.

      I fly on holiday for the first time in 6 yrs this year. Only to Spain but it makes no difference how far as up in the air my ears block up. However, life is too short to let health issues keep standing in our way, so thought I'd give it a try. So nervous though as my ears have been behaving for approx 3 months now.

      The Flix also helps with nose congestion and will definitely bring back your smell and taste. I've got mine back at the moment. Once you've taken the recommended dosage of using the drops am and pm for 56 weeks everything will settle down and you'll regain your senses too.

      Do keep in touch, don't leave it too long next time.

      Did you ever try and find me on f/b? If you can't

      I'll try and find you, that's if you use facebook if you

      leave me your name.

      Best wishes to you Denise


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    Hi Anne

    Glad to hear that you are ok at the moment and have the Spanish holiday to look forward to.

    My taste is ok at the moment, i steamed and steamed my forehead sinuses, took sudafed, and used the stupid sprays by squirting and then immediately lying upside down. if i dont manage to get the flixonase capsules then i will keep with the upside down method with the sprays.

    I am seeing my dr AGAIN on Thursday, ill ask to see an ENT, as i have been advised that i may be able to get the flixonase capsules that i used for 10 years in the UK b4 moving to France, from a consultant rather than a gp.

    If i end up coming back to the UK i will look up your recommended ENT .

    i actually looked at buying some nasules on line, with an online consultation but the approx cost was about $65 a box!

    I cant get you on fb, as i dont have your proper name. I think anyone can see these posts, so i wont leave my details. ill keep logging on here though, to catch up.

    Best wishes.


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    Hello all, probably a long shot but I've just come across this thread.

    How is everybody currently getting on with their loss of taste/smell?

    I had polyps removed back in 2017. I was diagnosed with asthma and chronic rhinosinusitis just before (hence the polyps). I've been on various medication since the surgery as my sense of smell and taste never returned. The best one I found that helped was the prednisone but can't stay on that long term. Then went to the flixonase drops. Again lost my senses. Got prescribed betamethasone nasal/eye/ear drops and that's the only one that's brought my senses back (not anywhere near what they used to be though) but the issue is now the chemist can't get them due to supplier issues. I'm back on the flixonase nasules and I've not had any taste or smell for weeks.

    Has anybody got any other suggestions that u can try please.

    Thank you


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