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Hi not sure if I've posted in the right place but here goes anyway.

I have been claiming ESA for 3 years for depression and anxiety due to things that have happened when I was a teenager.

I've recently made a claim for PIP I phoned the claim line back in October received the forms sent them off.

Received appointment date from capita it was 3rd January attended the appointment was in there 15min max.

I called the dwp and asked for a copy of the Medical I received this on Saturday just gone and I'm gob smacked and disgusted to what the health assessor has stated in the report.

She has twisted what I said and fabricated her own version of events.

Just after some advice on this if anyone knows If I can get the report changed?

Thank you

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    Hi Stacey,, your story is the same as mine,, I'm in support group for ESA and that's

    All fine,, however in 2014 I was severely bullied at work,, I'd been there 25 yes so hit me hard

    Had pip ass and was awarded high rate daily living n mobility,, in sept I went for pip review

    I was totally distraught as I don't leave house,,, I had a young man do ass n like you was there about

    20mins,,, well when I got report ,, it was all lies ,, he said I go shopping etc I do hovering n house work,

    omg it went on n on,, I asked for mandatory reconsideration n sent of

    Therapists report ,care plan etc etc, waited 8 wks to get back a NO,,

    thing is I still have therapy twice a WK, once at home n once at hospital

    I have artirtus and odema and my Dr wrote to say I have limited mobility,

    What I did get on ESA is standard living allowance just because I use a frame in the toilet,, the man

    Said I was incontinent LOL,, don't wait write a letter explaining why you feel the report is wrong n ask for

    Mandatory reconsideration ,, n I hope you have better luck than I did

    But I did get s l awarded for 3 years so I guess that's better than nothing.

    I know someone who is like me not as bad ,,she goes out ,, cooks,, socialises,,

    Runs a club,, BUT lives in a different award area n she got a home visit

    n within 2 wks got n award of high rate D L and S R mobility,

    Get on with writing your letter n I wish you all the best,

    Take care big hug ,,, Jayne x

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      Thank you for your kind words.

      It's disgusting how they treat people its got to stop the system just doesn't work!

      I've received a letter saying I have not been awarded anything for either part!

      The decision maker must have just looked at the assessors report.

      It's very stressful but I will be asking for a reconsideration. If we told lies to the dwp we would be in for it so how can these disability assessors get away with it?!?

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    Don't know.  But i've just asked why the decision is taking soo long and found out that although they received the assessor's report, someone at ATOS had not pressed a button so the DWP can't work with it.

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      They are clowns working for the benefits system no one seems to be able to do there job properly.

      It's taken only 2 weeks to the day for me to have my medical then the decision.

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    Did you record the assessment?  Too late now if not but worth doing in future if you're assessed again.  If you did it might help you with challenging the quality of the report.

    Without knowing more about how you completed the form and what the problems were with the assessment and the report it's hard to advise you.  In some cases it might be better to start a new claim, in other cases it's worth going for an MR and appeal if necessary.  If the assessor goes along with the report will you get any award?

    You're clearly very unhappy with the length of the assessment and the report so it is worth putting in a complaint to Capita.  They may look at it and agree it wasn't up to standard.  I'm not sure what happens in these cases but it might be that you'd have to go to another assessment.

    For your claim, if you think it's worth continuing with this claim and that you should get an award you should start trying to get more evidence.  This could be from people involved in your care, friends or family who provide you with a lot of help.  Anything to counter the reasons given on your report for not awarding points that you believe you should have got.  Add to this your own opinion of how the assessor has misinterpreted what you said (they never lie!!).  Send this to the DWP now, or with a MR letter if you've already had your award letter from the DWP.

    If you're happy to give us specific comments from your report we might be able to help more.  A lot of the comments are taken from drop down boxes so would be unlikely to identify you but I understand if you don't want to give more specific information.

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    Hi Stacey yes you can ask for an MR which is a mandatory review, I'm sorry to say though that they are getting higher and higher criteria for PIP compared to DLA, to get enhanced mobility you need to be unable to walk under 20 metres also I personally know people who are quite physically disabled and have still been refused it.

    Where did you have your assessment, if you had it at one of the offices then I think you will find it was recorded, what did they day about you that was untrue, also have you plenty of paper evidence to support your claim

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      Thanks for the reply guys much appreciated.

      The assessor points and comments that I think are incorrect.

      1 the start and end time. She claims I was in the assessment for 40 mins I was not.

      2 the assessor only listed one set of my medication when it's actually 2 sets off different meds

      3 she states I don't drive because I haven't learnt the answer I gave her was because I'm to nervous to drive.

      4I was asked about friends I said I have 1 close friend that helps with my daughter taking and collecting from school the assessor put her friend visits regularly for a chat.

      5 the assessor has stated I have no difficulty in making a hot drink.

      I was never asked this question.

      There's a lot more that's incorrect.

      Welfare rights have called me back they are going to help me write up a letter for a MR.

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      Hi Stacey, did you send in evidence to support your claim? Copy of medication list, Consultant reports, letter from someone who knows you well, letter from GP, anything like this?
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      Hi Denise I didn't send anything in no.

      But for the mandatory reconsideration I've got a letter from my doctor and a letter from my family support worker and it's been handed to welfare rights as there acting on my behalf now.

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    Hi Stacey, a similar thing happened to me, where the person fabricated everything I said, for example, I was in crutches, wearing a boot, and at the examination he said ' obviously you cant bend down, so I wont ask you to' but in the report had said that I bent down and lifted a coin off the floor!! I went straight to my local MP and within 2 days I had a telephone call from the supervisor appologising! Good luck, they dont seem to realise the stress this puts on people!

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      Hi no they don't care if they are making your problems worse.

      I think a lot of the time from what I have read depends on the assessor you get some seem to be decent and some just don't seem to care.

      My assessor was a registered nurse so where is her compassion I thought nurses were supposed to care? It's not all of them our nurses do a brilliant job but I'm really angry at my fabricated report. I've spoken to my MPS secretary and she said she can help once I've gone for the MR but can't do much just keep pestering for an update x

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    Hi everyone after some advice please.

    I've put in for a mandatory reconsideration on my pip claim.

    I called the dwp Wednesday for an update on what's happening.

    I was told paper work had been sent to atos because the dm was having trouble making a new decision. They said someone from the benefits team would give me a call within 24h but that's not happened.

    Just wondering if anyone knows why atos have been contacted I had my medical with capita but I had an ESA medical with atos a few years back so could they be collecting more information?


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      Hi Stacey,

      Are you sure you got that info right? ATOS and Capita do PIP assessments yes but it depends on where in the country you are as to who does them. ATOS no longer do ESA assessments Maximus do them but ESA and PIP are 2 completely different benefits and as it was 3 years ago you had your last ESA assessment that's a long time. They don't usually ask for evidence that's older than 2 years.

      I'd ring them back if it were me and ask again what's going on. Good luck.

      Oh it has been know for a claimant to need another assessment for the MR when a decision can't be made. They may call you for another one.

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      Thanks for replying yes they definitely told me that on the phone it confused me to be honest. I really hope they don't ask me to attend another medical but I suspect they will.

      I'm in Nottingham my ESA medical was with atos and my pip medical was with capita I didn't even know about maximus.

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      Yes just looked and it's Capita that do PIP assessments in your area not ATOS so i'm clueless on this one, sorry.

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      Thanks for looking well hopefully it's just extra evidence they want because I don't know what else I could say in another medical would be the same as I've already told them.

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