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Why always is someone who wants to express their concerns about other people choices of seeking treatment or the chosen treatment? I am on social media and in a few similar forums and read quite a few comments from people who are probably far away from the reality of being sick or in pain.

Whatever country you live, you get bad and good services. Unfortunately, from the posts I have read including personal experience, women health is more bad experiences than good. If you are in any of the groups about women health then you know that 8 out of 10 posts is BAD experience. And in UK, NHS is the worse system for lots of women, including ME.

Before you share your concerns about other people sharing their treatment routes, or about other users/members using the sites “as a market for treatment” outside UK, think of my story and spare a thought for the ones not as lucky as you. The concerns are appreciated, but if you have ever been in pain, and you bleed 24/7, then you would not say a word. If you don’t have something positive to add or a real option, then refrain from commenting cause you may make a person who is at the edge of desperation, miss a real opportunity to get their health back.

When you get to wear a diaper and two huge night pads and still leak through, that’s not life. When you ruin everything your bum touches, from the chair in the office to the sofa or the car seat, IS NIGHTMARE. Sleeping with plastic covers so you will not ruin the bed, being in excruciating pain, missing on important family dates, going to work with at least 2 pair of extra trousers and 3-4 pants…. I could go on and on about MY LIFE with fibroids and endometriosis.

I am asking the ones that are very proud of NHS and sees other people suggestions as concern, what would you do, if in my shoes?  What should I do, when a very “nice” NHS gynaecologist tells me after 3 years when I finally got an appointment to discuss treatment “ Go home, put up with the symptoms until your menopause in a few years” or even worse trying to make me feel guilty asking for surgery “ DO YOU know the financially stress on NHS in such a poor area cause of your unnecessary surgery”. 

Yes, exactly what you hear, I was told 4 years ago. Well still bleeding like is no day tomorrow and still cant leave the bed due to pain. You will say probably then why don’t you go private? Well this is the beauty, I cant afford. Why? I am a cleaner on minimum wages, husband had a card accident and now is bed bounded, parents to look after and mortgage to pay.

The cost of private surgery that I was quoted is MY ANNUAL SALARY if I dont LIVE.  And the worse is my daughter has fibroids as well. She was booked for hysteroscopy and ablation with the Lead Consultant of the department and guess what? They HAVE done nothing, only ablation because they could not see the fibroids… She was discharged with “100% successful ablation. SHE NEVER had an issue that required ablation and the fibroids are still there.  Oh no follow up either about the next step. Her husband is in the army and he took special leave to look after the kids.

The way my life is now, I don’t give a f..k is my surgery is done in the jungle by a monkey dressed up as a doctor. I will travel to any country in this world, to get the treatment that I need and can afford without being at risk of losing my home. As long as is safe and done by a competent doctor and I can afford the fees, I don’t care about the rest.   

And yes I am in process of traveling outside UK now with my daughter were we are going to be seen a doctor who knows his job. You don’t have to travel outside your country to find incompetent doctors, go to your nearest hospital and you will find them there. 

Wishing you all ladies a fast journey to get the treatment you need. 

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    Hello there , sorry to hear you’ve been having so many issues . I know it’s a hard time going through this stage in life . I have also been through quite a bit of symptoms but only bled for 6 weeks straight . Omg it was horrible . I would stand up and start gushing blood or clots and couldn’t sleep at night without extra padding because I would leak right through everything too and had what looked like huge chunks of liver coming out but it was blood clots due to the fibroids  . I was scared to leave my house actually til the doctor put me on fibristal . It worked after being on it 4 days the bleeding stopped . I didn’t bleed again for 3 months and then it stabilized my monthly cycle after that “Thank god . Finally a med that worked . It’s a 3 month treatment once a day pill that will stop your bleeding , have you tried that medication ? If not I would ask your doctor about it cause it works for some woman and others it don’t work to well but it’s worth a shot .  I know this hormone change is terrible to deal with and I’ve had many days where I just cried over nothing cause it was unbearable so I totally understand and feel so bad for you . Talk to your doctor about that medication fibristal . I live in Canada and I’m pretty sure it’s available in other countries too . I hope things get better for you and stay positive and keep hope cause many of us woman have been through so many things similar to you so your not alone . Keep talking about how your feeling in the forums because I find for myself anyway it’s very helpful to talk to other woman that have been through the same issues and I actually feel a lot better having other woman understand how horrible this change has been . 

    Hugs to you and best wishes to you on finding a plan that will get this all under control . :-)  God Bless ya 

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    Wow that is just heartbreaking. I wish you the best in your traveling to find the health you deserve. No woman deserves to be brushed off that way.

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      Yes no problem.

      I understand the frustration and alot of woman have no support. I found this site a couple of days ago and it helps to talk to others that are going through alot all of what I am dealing withIt it can take over your life and staying positive can be tough. sending prayers to the those on this site we all need the strength.

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    Oh Diana, Ur experience is heartbreaking😢am sorry u are facing all these challenges. But hang on there, God will surly see you and your family through. Be positive and talk to God too if u believe. Be strong dear. We are with you facing one problem or the other and hoping it will get better day by day... All the best and good luck.

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