perthies at 23 still and not sure what to do!!

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Hi! To anybody that could offer me some advise!

I was informed of having Perthes Disease at a very young age - 4yrs i think. At this time it was oddly in both hips. The blood supply increased to my left hip over the years and it is only the right one which gave me any real problems. I had a series of hospital admissions between the age of 4 and 11yrs and would be in traction and bed rest for periods of weeks. I was not allowed to participate in sports at school either.

From the age of 14 I have had a raise on my shoe to a leg shortening - this has remained the same up to now.

In the last couple of years I have suffered from increased back pain and hip pain on and off. The back pain has been more aparent recently so went to an ostopath who mentioned I had a scholiosis - something which Had never been picked up before!! (Has this happened to anyody else?) I must admit was shocked when they said as feel strongly if this was picked up on as a child maybe something could have been done to prevent the pain I am in now!

Anyway...getting to my question...Has anyone had a hip replacement at such a young age? My last x ray which was a year ago shows changes - not only to the ball but also to the socket - am being re xrayed in July to see if there is any change and to discuss whre to go from here.

The thing is, I have never stopped this from letting me doing anything - I would say I just do what i want and you just get used to living/working through the pain. I dont suppose there are any motorcylclists out there!!!!Really want to do full test and dont want Perthes to stop me but I must say am a little nervous about it! (want to be able to race and lean the bike right over! :lol: )

Do I just have to grin and bare the pain and wait untill I am a little older? Dont want to have one done but its a case of whats best really! Are there any kinda temporary soloutions which could help me over the next 5 to 10 years rather than just getting it all replaced!??!

Sorry to go on!!! Thankyou for any advice!

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    I am a 23 year old male and I have the same problem

    :shock: i don't know what i have to do?!!!!

    as you say [quote:3df0852a9f]I would say I just do what i want and you just get used to living/working through the pain


    Thank you

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    Hi Checker,

    Problem is, they are very reluctant to operate at such a young age, as replacement hips normally only last around 10-15 years, and the more you replace the hip and and socket, the more complications and problems, uless your really lucky. Thats the bottom line im afraid. Sounds harse I know but unless modern science comes up with a miracle cure your gonna have to go with the flow like me and others. So unfortunately you must deal with the pain for as long as possibe mate.

    Im 44 years of age and had perthies since I was 7. Im due my final consultation this month and then its all systems go for a full hip and socket replacement. Its got to the stage now where although I hold down a full time active job (like yourself, Just get on with life and deal with the pain) I stuggle to put my socks on in the morning. So really putting the complications to one side I am pleased its being done, hopefully Dec/jan 09 (fingers Crossed).

    I dont think there is any real remedy apart from rest really. You will know when its time to be replaced \"believe me\". Ive heard recently of steroid injections but have been strongly advised to avoid.

    Whatever happens, I wish you all the best and live life to the full smile

    Cheers matey


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    hi i have been through the same experience around the age of 5 i an 20 now ! I also am having majour pain in my lowre back spine and my knee! sad I feel like wen i go to my gp and explain to him he gives me painkillers there must be somthing else :D !
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    Hello everyone

    Just wanted to say that none of you are really too young for a hip replacement- I had mine done at 19!! And ten years on it's still going strong, and I've had 2 children with it too... (plus worked as a commercial diver for a while!)

    I had Perthes diagnosed at age 8, it was pretty bad by the time they caught it, had the whole traction, osteotomy, hip spiker, bed rest, plus 2 more osteotomies before I was 13. At 15 they diagnosed secondary osteoarthritis- pain increased, movement decreased, finally as soon as I stopped growing they opted for a total hip replacement. It's been the best thing ever- I couldn't walk without crutches before I had it and was getting hardly any sleep due to the pain. Within 3 months of the op I felt like a new woman- finished uni, did a postgrad course and now I still feel pretty good. My \"good\" leg sometimes plays up now, mainly from having to take the strain for so long, but doesn't stop me doing much (although still can't do contact sports/running etc.). I get some lower back pain but it's not too bad.

    I was warned originally that I may have needed the hip re-replacing within 15 yrs, but at my last x-ray they still can't see any noticeable wear on it, so hoping for 20 years.... Met a lady who's had 2 re-replacements- she's now 80- so know it can be done!

    The main criteria for getting a replacement seems to be the level of pain, if it's not manageable any more- interrupting sleep and affecting your ability to do things- then it's time for action.

    Wishing you all the best,


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    I had pain from the age of 5, when I was admitted to hospital. By 8 it would come and go and the doctor diagnosed Perthes and suggested waiting until I was 16 for a hip replacement. I never had it done but tried physio etc and on bad days lived on painkillers. At 39 after I had my daughter I had terrible back pain and went to a osteopath who spotted my old problem too. A few cracks later the pain was gone! I'd had 34 years of pain and trouble walking which she cleared in minutes. My legs still clicks and \"gives way\" sometimes but the pain is gone.

    My daughter (who is now 4) has started complaining her hip \"hurts inside\" so I wait to it heredity?


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