PF or is there more going on???

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Hi, I'm a new member seeking some advice.

Around 7yrs ago upon raising from a chair I felt a sudden snap like pain in my heel area, I couldn't move my foot for at least 20 minutes and had to sit down. The pain was still on going day's later but not as bad as it was when it happened so I went along to the Doctors who told me it was PF (no ultrasound scan, no MRI etc...) The pain finally eased off.

Then 9 months ago I started to get pain when walking. The pain was directly under my heel and as I have read online that it can take up to 18 months before PF can heal I have put off going to the Doctors, but over the last month the pain has become worse and more wide spread :-( I have swelling which comes and goes to the inner arch towards the ankle but where the arch is (so not ankle area). The pain is also felt at the bottom base / back of my heel where the heel touches the floor but to the back rather than under the heel. Pain is also felt just before where the back of the heel curves inwards on line of the ankle and every now and again I get a pain (the type of pain you get when you sprain you're ankle) going along the outter side below my ankle and along the side of my outter foot towards my toes, but doesn't go that far.

I'm wondering if it is PF or could it be something else? or more than one thing going on here???

I've looked up PF and read on it but then I have read other things too :-( I have tried putting my left leg behind my right calf and raising my self onto tip toes on my left foot (which is where the pain is) and I don't find this painful... but yet it's painful to walk, stand and when resting during the day and at night time (in bed) I get a throbbing pain in the back heel area's as mentioned above.

Thank you to those who can offer any help and advice :-)

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    UR best bet is to go to a podiatrist. They specialize in foot issues only.

    once u get it verified again it does sound like PF.then to help with the pain I used unlra sound for treatment and found flexible arches online. 

    I has to rest my feet for several months, iceing take anti inflams. 

    The fatty tissue on the bottom of my feet used to cushion the bottoms were worn out and had MORTONSnueroma on the left 2-3 toes. All treated with no surgery. Just find correct so use to wear correct arches and ultra so untold treatment help me I suffered for a couple of years until I finally realized it was not goin away . I religiously wear shous with proper arches. I never go bar we footed and it seems to have really made a difference have not hurt in several years no.

    good Luck

    hope u find relief soon





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      Research baxter's nerve symptoms and see if they match up.. do internet searches and also on youtube. Possibility...good luck.
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      Did A google baxters nerve thanks learned a lot. It can cause same pain as PF.

      yet X-rays show heel spurs very painful & tears in tendon on the heel where the tendon attaches by touching the heel will sent u to hit the ceiling.confused And any feet issues r best diagnosed by a Podiatrist. Many of us share our issues hope to help shed light for others.



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    Thank you everyone for your replies.

    I finally saw my doctor who has referred a podiatrist. Got a letter this morning asking me to telephone for an appointment.

    As the weather was lovely today we had a family outting and I tried to walk as much as possible :-( while walking on uneven ground I sure did notice the pain on the outter side of my ankle in the area where the tendon is that comes down from the back of your leg towards your outter side arch area... as I have sprained my ankle many years ago when I was a child the sudden pain felt very much alike :-(

    I will look into baxter's nerve symptoms, thank you :-)

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    I went along to see the podiatrist today who has inserted insoles into my footwear to try and ease the pressure and stretching of the arch in my foot.

    I know it's early day lol but was painful to wear, but will stick to it and see how it goes. I've to go back if no change... down side is that when I have changed from my foorwear to slippers I'm getting a pain at the top of my foot :-( and my calf muscle area :-(

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    Well a week has gone by and it's still painful :-( the podiatrist didn't say how long to try them for but I know from when my daughter got insoles placed in her footware she was told that they remove patients after 3months, so my guy is anytime before  but not sure when the soonest would be.

    She did say that if the insoles don't work then they would think of injections but was thinking of asking them to run xray, mri or ultrasound to confirm that it is PF first and not something else :-(


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