PHN and MS

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PHN for 4 years and I have MS and I bet there are not to many of you who suffer like this without serious drugs or booze.  Nothing in my life Jesus? and a warm gun.

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    My sympathy to you in your suffering the debilitating problems of PHN and MS.

    Could I suggest you try my topical mixture for the relief of PHN pain which avoids the need for excessive analgesics which have a long term harmful affect.

    The mixture is 250 grams of Invite Vitamin E Cream, two 5 gram tubes of Aciclovir Cream, and 65 grams of Dencorub Heat Gel. 

    Mix thoroughly and apply sparingly, as often as required for pain relief.

    There is no cure for Post Herpetic Neuralgia, so pain relief is essential.

    I find that twice daily treatment with this mixture is adequate for my pain relief. 

    This quantity should last 2 to 4 months, depending on frequency of application, so it is not expensive. 

    In Australia these ingredients are readily available from discount chemists, for a cost of about $35.

    Best of luck in your search for relief.

    Regards Ray.


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    Hi Michael

    Sorry to hear about your double trouble

    Hope you find relief very soon

    I have PHN 3 years fually during the day it isn't bad at night when I lay down

    the pain goes to a 8on the 1-10 scale.

    Wish they would find a cure for this

    God Bless you

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    Hi Michael,

    What treatment have you had for your PHN?

    I've had it in my face and eye for 5 years now and was out of my mind with the pain at first. I've been taking Pregabelin for most of that time, but also have tried lots of other medication under the guidance of my pain clinic. I've had some relief from the use of a high-dose capsaicin patch, which I have applied every 3 months at the pain clinic. It's an off-licence use, and I have to have my head shaved to have it applied, so not something I did lightly. Capsaicin is the active ingredient in chilli peppers and it burns the nerve, so it makes things worse before they get better. I get about 8 weeks relief, and have it reapplied after 12 weeks. The hope is that each time it returns it will be less painful. They have had some success, with some patients improving dramatically. I'm not sure if I'm going to be that lucky, but it's good to have even some relief.

    I wish you luck in finding something for your pain. I've got significant chest pain from a different condition so I have some idea how desperate it can make you feel.

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    I truly wish there was a way to help you other than offering Pain reduction methods for the PHN.

    I know very little about MS other than it's yet another insidious condition. Our suffering is immense but we all have to find our own coping mechanisms to ease the pain and mental anguish of our miserable existences. Admittedly, there are days when I doubt the veracity of my methods and wonder if they are nothing more than wishful thinking and destroying my body with nasty dangerous drugs. We all know what our choices are but we continue to do the best we can each day. I continue to hold out hope that there will be help for us one day, keep the faith and pray. 🙏🏼

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      Thank you Sheila. I know we need to keep the faith and pray. I think if you take the progressive nature of MS and the pain of PHN and combine pain and inability you have a hard quality of  life issue. An issue that brings us to our knees, like it or not. My past, before any of this, was filled with physical activity, laughter and moments of sheer joy and  extacy. Now, I seem to be a mess, where I find myself consumed with self pity, that can only be pacified with prayer.
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      Michael, my heart aches for you. The endless suffering with no relief in sight prevents us from enjoying life as others do. No one understands and although they try to support us it is futile. Our lives stopped but we have to refuse to give up hope even on the really bad days. I am consumed with anger even though negative emotions can and does increase the pain. Knowing that I am not alone helps. And I hope having this forum available to you Michael will give you some peace and resolve. We are here for yousmile
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      Thanks Sheila, anger is something I have delt with, in a big way. Yes, this emotion is somehow connected to nerve pain. Yes, I have no reason to be angry. Except, stop pinching me! Just get this shrapnel out of my side, away from my tired body! Someone suggested that I smack the opposited side of my waist, with a hammer. I responded, if that would work,I might need to get a blow torch, a belt sander, a few nails to drive in? Oh and a barbed wire waist band? Just apply as needed? Thanks again Sheila, your kind words help ease tension. If only we had something to flush the pain away. I have hurt myself before, But, it always went away! Four years? really? 


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      It's funny that you should mention hurting the other side to deflect the pain away as I used to focus on the one small area that didn't hurt only to discover that it made the areas that do hurt feel even worse so I quit that behavior. You also refer to the barbed wire around your waist which I've used as an analogy in an effort to describe some of the pain sensations I experience, but of course there are many more. Just yesterday, yet again, I decided that the opiates are killing me so I was determined to titrate down utilizing the mind over body connection and meditation, well as you can imagine it backfired, six hours to regain some control over the pain but never got below a level six. I had attempted this several times before in the eight years of my misery, always ends the same but give me credit for trying again. I also experience severe back and neck pain as a result of arthritis, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, osteopenia, spinal stenosis and severe lordosis. BUT I can look around and see others in worse shape than me so I just keep hoping that one day DRS will find a way to help us or the good Lord will heal us. Let's keep hope alive and pray.🙏🏼

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      I'm with you on that, if the only thing left to do is pray, then lets pray. Lets ask the good Lord for healing, give me at least a 3 or 4 when I go to the store?

      So I could smile when my grandkids stare at me, kiss my cheek, and ask for more? Just a 3 or 4? maybe if you feel for me, a 2? to keep me from feeling so damn blue? A ONE would be for sure as good a it gets! Then let me pray a cure? Lord, pain no more? My wife keeps waiting, p*ssed off, slamming our bedroom door...

      Sleep my child, the Lord says, sleep and dream that OUR pain forever goes away...Keep knocking, keep seeking, keep hoping, keep praying. 

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