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As you see in Archemdies latest group ,I have some phobias.I am interested in knowing how others get rid of theirs,over the years I have tried all sorts of homeopathic .remedies ,and many years ago I was given one lot of tablets after another ,didnt do a lot of good at all.

I also believe in complimentary therapys.mostly I have been able to get on with things,but recently (over the past 2 years ) I dveloped Dr`s and hospital phobias.

Sp no good being told to go to the Dr`s ,as apart from not being able to get there,I do not want to be on tablets .

At the moment I am looking into therapies from an well known man ,known and travells all over the world,I cannot put his name in here (I did once before )and it was amended .

So I am interested in how others deal with thier phobias .


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    Ditto Millie! Will be interesting to see what comes in! I tried hypnosis and I most definitely think that's the was forward but I was deafened approx 19 years ago so as far as I'm aware it's impossible to work with me! Eyes closed just listening etc. have you ever tried hypnosis? E.
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      Hello Elizabeth ,

      Yes I have tried hypnosis too,I have to say it did nothing for me then ,and as  it is so expensive now I won`t be trying it again.I am osrry to hear about your deafness,that will make it a bit difficult for you to have any form of treatment where you have to listen Do you have hearing aids,/I know some people who do but won`t wear them /


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      Yes I use hearing aids but really just to make my world noisy!! I am a reasonably skilled lip reader but I also need the sound input too. Can't do one without the other! Only about one third of speech is lip readable so my brain has to fill in the gaps! Very tyring but can have some hilarious consequences so it's not all bad! 
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      I imagine it could be very funny at times,and as you say it could be very trying  too, when trying to make out what it being said ,also when lip reading you would have to be looking the  person in the face to be able to lip read .
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    I have so many phobias, the list is a mile long. Right now I am working with a therapist just to be able to go to the doctor and dentist. I need blood work done, but I am scared to death of what they will find. I need some dental work done as soon as possible, but that is out of the question. I need to go to a dietitian, because I have only been able to eat 3 foods for the past 10 years, due to having allergic reactions to a lot of foods I was eating. I have asked if phobias could actually turn into paranoia, as I am that afraid. I have walked into our local doctor office 3 times this last week just to get used to it. It takes baby steps to face the phobias I believe, and someone there at the doctors knowing your problem, and doing all they can to make you feel comfortable. I think they call this desensitization.
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      Hello Bonnie,

      Many thanks for your posting and your input,I feel it for you too,I know how bad and scared this can make us feel. I manage the Aggie,it is the 2 most recent ones I am having difficutly with .I have looked round to see if there are any therapists in the area,but all seem to be in the midlands and down south .Yes you are right it is baby steps we have to take at first ,then graduall increase them ,but always feeling comfortable with ourselves as we do it .It is desensitinzation yes.Sometime it can become very uncomfortable .so that is why bset to have someone with you .But we were taught not to use this way ,at the self help group I went to a lot of years ago .

      Yes he is a lovely man and very helpful and as you say knowledgeable too. Go to where it says ,you have new notifications ,and scroll down till you get to Archemedies page ,you will find one of his there someweher Bonnie



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      Hello Bonnie,

      I hope you are getting along ok . I too would like to try a therapist,again, but like I said in another posting I cannot find any in my locality,otherwise I would most deffinately go and give it another try in particular this Dr and  the hospital ones. I find most of them easy enough to deal with now after so long ,but the 2 most recent ones I am finding hard to deal with .,

      anyway take Care



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    Hello millyimp 1322

    Phobias...phew!   They can ruin your daily existence and sap your confidence,

    To other people your own phobias can seem stupid and quite irrational, but they probably have some of their own, which you would laugh at. I do wonder if they ever go away, but as you get older, I thing they diminish in severity.

    It might be helpful if you listed some here on this site.

    To start the ball are a couple of mine.....

    Broken glass  (from childhood)   I dread being in a pub where a glass might be broken.

    I was always scared of using Pyrex cookware in case it chipped and a splinter got

    into the food.

    I was scared of wearing peep toed shoes (which I love) in case I trod on broken glass.  Also going barefoot on beach for same reason.

    (you are probably laughing at this)!

    Scared of needles (hypodermic and sewing), and pins being lost if I was sewing.

    At my first pregnancy I refused a blood test.. the nurse laughed at me, gave me a thumb prick, and said "Well, you've got to have one sooner or later!.  Come back next week!"

    And so on!.  But it does get easier in some respects as you get older.

    Do not despair.  Good luck.

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      Goodmorning Cruise Lady,

      Good Idea of yours, maaybe others will be encouraged to do the same and name some if not all of their own phobias.

      The first one I developed way back in 1965,it was then known as  (being bad with your nerves),later to become ackowledged as


      Next came (what my then Dentist described ) as  transferred Phobia.

      Dental Phobia.

      Then came a word I cannot even to this day say out loud.and hate to even see the word itself ,so I have my own word for this ,and see if you can make out what it is (spiggo`s).

      that is enough for now from me  LOL , so come on people and open up about your fears and phobia`s,and how do you deal with them we all know they can and do ruin our lives,so what do you do when this happens ,in order to try and carry on as "normal"


      actually C L it does not ease with age sorry to tell you this ,I would say you merely are so used to it by then ,and tend to accept rather than anything else ,at least that is what I have found .

      I was only 28 when I began  ,I am now 78 years .

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    Hi. Have you tried hypnotherapy? I am currently listening to a cd each evening when I go to bed, will see how I get on with that for my panic attacks then maybe top up with a couple of proper sessions, I feel positive about it which is promising as I don't feel that way about much these days
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      Goodmorning Lucy,

      Yes I have done ,a long time ago,in fact I have a few CD`S still,Sorry to say they didn`t work for me .I hope they work for you though .I have been using EFT and some hand power therapies.

      These seem to work for me ,as I do feel some benefit when and after doing them,but it doesn`t cure them and prevent them coming back.It would be lovely IF all these (cures) did work on a permanent basis.So many tell you they rid you of your phobias,permanently,but they don`t.


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