Physical symptoms of anxiety ( what are yours )

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Hi everyone 

Thought it could be hopeful sharing anxiety symptoms, I know for sure mine are very diverse! Such as 

Twitching and jerking all over the body constantly, eye lid, hands, arms, legs, back, neck, butt ect

Aches and pain throughout body,arms, legs, back and neck, jaw ect... 

Floaters in both eyes.

Tingling, pins and needles 

Headaches (had one that lasted 3weeks night and day)

Sweating more than normal at night.

Skin problems

And at the moment the most concerned about pain in the middle of my chest which comes on now and again daily

Oh and IBS which has settle down for the time being but still have heartburn. 

I'm 26 year old male, had clear MRI of brain and spine, full blood count down 3 times this year all normal! Been told it's anxiety related. 

Can anyone relate?? 

Thank you for reading 

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    I have had blood test blood pressure thiroid checked ecgs 5 times all clear I get.. 

    chest pains

    frequent headaches 

    muscle pain all over   

    Head feels tender 

    Neck pain 

    stomach pains 

    it's crazy I'm going to get a scan on my head I'm thinking worst but I have a cbt appointment in  weeks what I think is if something is going to happen it would of allready but don't help with all these symptoms

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    Yeah I get lots of symptoms too. Ones that you dont read about in the 'books'

    But because I'm a worrier I other think these symptoms which usually make them appear worse.

    If you've had many health checks, which are all clear it shows that the most likely reason is anxiety. And trust me your anxiety and thoughts can play tricks on you!!! You'd laugh at some of the things I worry about that are totally random! Haha! 

    Have a great day and try and relax smile


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    Hi Richard,

    I can relate to so many of them.

    Twitching - hand, feet, bum, legs.

    Pins & Needles.

    Headaches - one that feels like I am wearing a hairband that comes and goes.



    You are so not alone. This is my 4 month of feeling like this, 8 weeks since start of diagnosis. Did the Osteopath, Chiropracter route also, but in the end, I know the meds will help me get to a baseline for "normal" survival - along with CBT which I hope to start in the next 3 weeks. Along with that I think it is all mind over matter. My Dr referred to it as a "Chemical Imbalance" - not sure I liked the term, but it makes sense, when the fight/flee is there so much.

    Hope this helps and good luck,

    Have a more relaxing evening,


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    Hi Richard,

    I shake like a leaf, I feel like my body is made of jelly, I sweat so much, dry mouth, feel sick, can't eat, palpitation, dizzy, when really bad I worry so much that I start to gag, and all of this with a feeling of unreality and extreme fear. X

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    Hi all

    aching & pains in legs

    spiding crawling sensations around head & back

    IBS symptoms

    inability to take a full breath

    lump in throat

    tension in neck & shoulders


    numb hands, arms legs

    pins & needles

    Its hard trying to remain relaxed all the time, but i find a good night sleep helps if you can stop worrying about life enough to get one

    stay strong everyone smile

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    I am having similar symptoms - tingling in butt cheeks even down below & legs - i get bad headaches after crying so much i feel so tired alot of the time.. it makes me feel like i have something serious going on in my body as i think i suffer from health anxiety it sucks

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    I have a feeling of complete and utter dread, pains all over,migraines lights in eyes as well as floaters,unable to sleep most nights,dizzy,tinnitus ,itchy mostly at night when I can't sleep, now I will add to my story. I started feeling all this when I was around 15 years old I am now 70 so my darlings try not to be like me and waste your life worrying when your doctor tells you its anxiety try and believe him and go have a lovely life

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    mine are mainly heart related as thats what i worry about.

    i get a tight chest and constant palpitations when my adreneline surges, i think i have Gad there isnt anything specific that triggers mine just can be anytime of the day i get a palpitation and it often sets me off worrying.

    ive had a 5 day ecg and echocardiagram and been told all is fine i also get when its bad irratable and on edge and hot tingles.

    ive been doing some running lately to push my self to further convince myself its not my heart and its been going ok, been doing a mile a day and did 5k today and felt really good.

    hope we all get better soon

    take care

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