Pilonidal sinus problems

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I had a abscess removed May 2015, a really deep one. I was given an open wound surgery and left for it to heal. That failed and i was left 9 months with a huge hole in my back. I had to have another surgery, Feb 2016, which involved stitches to remove the sinus all together apparently solving the problem. Fast forward to Feb 2017.

I have been left with a small hole permanently in my back which apparently can never be fixed all though the consultant told me it risked more infection and i have recurrent discharge and pain.

I've been diagnosed with Fibromyaglia as well, after the first surgery, which is when my symptoms kicked in.

My life is a constant battle, the fibro is hard enough but with my back everyday can be different. I've had to leave one job when i was diasgnosed with Fibro and about to leave another because of my back!

Just wanted to know if ANYONE has ever recovered properly ? Is there hope?

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    Hi there, was sorry to read your story, my son suffered with this and it ruined his life for several years. If u can, look back over some of my posts, he eventually had an amazing surgeon in London who sorted him out. Mr Carapeti . Had to pay privately but it was worth every penny. All the best
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    Hello Beth any. I had a pilonidal sinus removed in 1982. My consultant told me he was going to trial a new method of removal which involved stitching the wound site up instead of leaving it to heal upwards as 'normal'. It worked for me thankfully but fast forward to 2003/4 and my son was having the same op! His was packed until it healed but he did have to have another op a year or so afterwards. Since then he has been fine. We've both been left with a shallow depression in the area but otherwise fine. I would look for a second opinion because I can't believe you are bejng left with something which will continue to cause infection and discharge...that's incredible!

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    Hey I completely understand how you feel. I have just had my 6th operation. I never healed and the hole kept leaking. So last Wednesday something didn't feel right, went to the doctors and was rushed to hospital. I had sepsis and the sinus. I keep thinking is this ever going to end as it started 9 years ago. Now the surgeons want me to have plastic surgery, which I don't really want to have as I'm only 26.

    Good luck and I hope you get better soon.

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      You poor thing what a nightmare, people who have no experience of this dreadful thing have no idea how it can rule your life. Are you anywhere near London? I can't recommend the man who cured my son enough Good luck

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      Iv kind of got used to it now, just the packing is so bad. I love in Birmingham and had private care before and hasn't worked. I have seen 3 different surgeons now that's why they want me to have the big op. Glad your son is better it's and awful thing to have.

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      It's an absolute nightmare. This surgeon had me and my husband cleaning daily and packing, using metronidazole cream in it and occasionally using silver nitrate, he said my sons was the most complex sinus he had operated on. We also used silver impregnated packing. I'm sure you have heard all these tips and investigated it as we did, just wanted to share our enthusiasm as my son thought he would never be free of it. We gambled the cost of initial consultation as he was desperate. Mr Carapeti described what the problem was without even looking initially. All the best

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    There is no preferred method. You get this your royaly in for it. This is one of the worst and dirtiest places to have a wound as well. Slow healing times etc. I had my Pilondial Abcess and core removed. I was left with a giant gash. I'm 29 and a smoker. I was fortunate as the wound healed in about 3 weeks. Take tons of vitamins. Vitamin C drinks and vitamin pills and probiotics. Double your protein intake as well.

    Tommorrow I go in for the sinus tracts. I have 4 holes from the drainage prior due tot he cyst it self. Stitches Excision with Priary closure. Best part about stitches is if they succeed no infections or breaking. Your good in a bout a month and then cross your fingers nothing reoccurs. Worst part is odds of failure with stitches are high and open wound healing takes a while.

    There are no preferred methods. It's 50/50 with this condition. Everyones different. My infection was so chronic it flared up 2 weeks. Made me sick. Some people say they take baths etc and go months. Point is nobodys advice is going to work for you. Listen to the doctor.

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      The condition is known as Jeep Seat. The US Military still sees more cases than anyother facility etc.

      I have hair and I drive rental cars for work. Long distances. So i defenitely see correlation with sitting and hair. Once your out of the woods it probably wouldnt hurt to try to adjust the lifestyle. Clean the area and be active.

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    Hi Bethany,

    My daughter currently has a pilonidal sinus, she did have surgery in October 2016 and has since been on a vacuum pump and is now on normal dressings, she has the district nurse visit twice a week, they have treated lots of these and the majority heal effectively, we are on month 7 and her sinus is still just a hole, we have taken the approach to try using Manuka honey, prior to this my daughters sinus was quite smelly and constantly weeping, I have been shocked to see that there is no weeping and no smell the site is clean and looks to be healing, I've just used honey from the health food shop although we've purchased some wound honey in a tube that may be even more effective. I'm so sorry to hear that you are going through this awful time and along with fibromyalgia. Do a little research on the use of Manuka honey. See what you think. We are only in the first 48 hours of using it and it's already making a difference. All the best. Jenny

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