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Hi. I am a 14 year old girl and I am having pimple problems. I get bullied a lot at school because of this. My mom said that it’s normal for teenagers like me to get pimples, but in my case, I don’t think it is anymore. Pimples are everywhere in my face. I even get them on my back sometimes. My friends are using a product that helps with pimples and told me to go ahead and try it. But when I asked my parents about it, they didn’t allow me and told me that the product may make the situation worse. They told me to go natural, but I don’t have a clue on what to do and how to do it. Please help me

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    Oh dear. Your parents are not too sympathetic are they?

    Frankly there is very little "natural" that will help.  You really need to see a doctor/dermatologist and get treatment started.

    It used to be thought [when I was young] that acne was caused by eating fat and in particular chocolate but that is not the case.  Nor is is caused by not washing enough or dirt

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    Try using products that aren't harsh, like for example the SImple range, try using the oil balancing kind (that's the blue ones) if your skin gets oily as oil causes spots. Things like white toothpaste also works without damaging your skin, though there may be some dryness so you need to moisturise. Even if your skin is oily it's important to moisturise so that it doesn't dry out, as the oil isn't really moisturising your face. Your parents are right to say trying natural products as man made products often have bad reactions, you'd rather smear yoghurt on your face and reduce the spots than have an allergic reaction and have your skin burning and go bright red (believe me that's not fun).  How long have your spots lasted, because the length of time you've had them could be an indicator to the severity. Best of luck.
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    Well,my first advice would be pls don't get swayed by ur friends suggestions(there's a reason why,they are not adults),things might worsen alot ,if u take inaccurate advices,esp. with the large amount of cosmetic products available in the market that honestly don't work(I don't reckon that we need to talk about the side-effects).Now,well coming back to the main theme,I myself have been suffering from pimples for a long time and even had them on my back ,shoulders and chest.I realized about it only after I went to a dermatologist last year ,and had it diagnosed.He suggested a medication plan that consisted of isotretinoin,clindamycin creams and triclosan 0.5% soap and some antibiotics(my plan changed timely.so u could contact me for more info,if u need). And ,it is working quite well -I would like to give u sme tips-1)you should,definitely consult a dermatologist,if the problem is really severe-as for isotretinoin there are a large number of side effects listed and thus,it raises serious questions-in my case,I only had a dosage of 20mg per day,which later got reduced to 10mg(lesser dosage might warrant to lesser side effects(do query about this if u take up this medication), in my case the only side effect I suffer from is dry lips and maybe dryness of the eyes and of the face.2).if u do take the treatment plan never raise ur hopes for early results,it took me more than 2 months to finally be able to see some results and as for the clindamycin cream treatment many might not work for u and the doctor changes them ,if he does'nt notice results in 20-30 days, Many of the creams did'nt work for me (I even used bezoyl peroxide to add to the above),finally tretinoin worked for me and at the time being I don'nt have any acne on my shoulders,back and chest.+ sometimes the pimples will lessen and then again appear again-don't get freaked out at this,it happens normally with everyone.3) and well now the golden trick for u,I saved it for the last-u can always purchase some clindamycin creams such as one with nicotinamide without the prescription from a physician and use it ,if ur case is'nt much of a troublesome case (which I hope is'nt ) it may help u and with it do use a soap preparation.Don't,let the bullying get to u-if people think all about outward appearances they should rather have their face glued to their mirrors,so that they can keep their subjective definition of beauty to themselves.And,as for the back acne,u should tell ur parents if u have very painful prickly heat problems which maybe due to it.winkBe careful of the medication,if u and ur parents give it a go through.Hope this helped,best wishes.
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    im 15, im 16 in october and i suffered with awful acne for 2 years, i know exactly how you feel my acne gets me down so much and effcets my confidence alot. i used to use different potions and lotions on my face in hope my skin would clear up.. it didnt unfortunaltey, and things only got worse, i had to go on antibiotics for a year and a half, and it made me break out even moresad now finally i have been sent to a dermotoligist at the hopsital and been put on the horrible strong drug 'raccutane' im on 60mg a day so thats 3 tablets then 2 antibiotics and another pill so in total i take 6 tablets a day but im now seeing a HUGE improvment apart from my side effects which sucksad but seriously if your skin gets worse, go to the doctors the sooner its treated the sooner you'll be back to your normal self. 

    people used to say to me 'eww your face is bad' or 'dont you wash your face' its so silly that people accociate acne to being unclean or eating a poor diet because its not true, stay strong and ignore what people say about you, ive been bullied by kids in the year below about my skin there just immature take no notice sweetie smile before going to the doctors i would use some drug store creams to help reduce pimples as they do work for some people, just unfortunatley didnt work for mesad 

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    I am a total hippy so I understand the desire to go "natural" and having kids, I understand wanting them not to put crap on their bodies that is synthetic. BUT that being said, having struggled with severely acne prone skin my whole life, I also know a lot about acne and I know that "natural" products don't do anything to help acne. I know because I tried the uber "natural" route for about 3 years. I was insistent that I wouldn't put benzoyl peroxide on my skin or salicilyc acid etc. But after about 3 years, I started to notice that 1. I was getting pock marks and 2. my acne was actually worse. So I caved and started proactive (I think). I didn't really know anything back then and just had heard of Proactive on TV - all those stars etc. My acne got better but didn't totally go away like I hoped. But by this time, I was convinced that benzoyl was helping a lot more than anything else I had tried. So I started doing some research and found a lot of people commenting on a company I had never heard of before - Ninja Skincare. I was hesitant to start something I had never heard of but the testimonials were pretty compelling. So I gave it a shot. That was 7 years ago and I will NEVER try anything else. ever. My skin is amazing. Even the pock marks have diminished considerably. I never recommend anything else to anyone. And I have my hippy children on it too. smile
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    I am 24 years old and had never had acne until the last year. I tried everything but continuously broke out in the same spots. I noticed an improvement in 2 days of using dermalmd acne serum twice a day. No rash or excessive drying. I would definitely recommend dermalmd acne serum!


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    I am only 11 and i have a lot of pimples. Do you still have pimples? I have pimples all over myself and i get bullied all the time like once i was sitting in my class and i was talking about these people that i am adicted to and a girl that i hate she said you are to ugly for them with those pimples you have. People are afraid of me. So i am starting to use this creme that i made and it works now they are slowly driffting away. Here are the indgredients:



    Thats all. But before you put it on wash your face or it won't work that well. I also have a tip use a ice cube and put it in a cloth and just put the ice on your pimples. Hope it works!

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    Daisy I realise you posted this some time ago and hopefully this problem has cleared up.  But if not, there is a natural product called 'red clover' and you can get it in a Health Food Shop and it really  helps acne, I gave it to my son when he was a teenager and it worked brilliantly, he was so pleased with the result.  best of luck. 

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    Tea tree oil has medical properties to fight pimples. If not possible then you can try dermalmd acne treatment. It definitely will help you.
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    Although this might sound a bit far out get yourself a black tourmaline healing crystal. It will protect you from negativity such as bullying and give you much more confidence. Honestly, it does work. You could also combine this with a dalmation jasper crystal. 
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    Regarding your acne try and pick up products that will unclog your pores and that have anti-bacterial properties. Also demodex mites can be a culprit for acne so look for acne products that contain organic tea tree oil, jojoba oil and east cape manuka oil. A product that has all three would be better. Don't let the acne get you down. These things usually pass. Remember every cloud has a silver lining smile 

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    There are many natural home remedies available for acne treatment.

    Orange Peel:

    The orange peel is valuable in the treatment of acne. Grind orange peel with some water to make paste and apply on affected areas. Orange peel is rich in vitamin C and calcium which makes them extremely beneficial to the skin. Also, orange peels work as a natural bleach and can help lighten blemishes.

    To make powdered orange peel, spread the cleaned organic orange peels on a tray and place them in an area that receives plenty of sunlight for two days. Cover them with a net or thin cloth for protection against dirt and insects. Use blender, food processor, or mortar and pestle to make powder.

    Lemon and Cinnamon:

    Mix one teaspoon lemon juice in one teaspoon finely-ground cinnamon powder and apply on affected areas frequently. Research shows that cinnamon could fight human pathogens.

    This proves its benefits as an antibacterial agent and its ability to fight inflammatory conditions caused by acne. Lemon will aid in lightening acne scars.human pathogens. This proves its benefits as an antibacterial agent and its ability to fight inflammatory conditions caused by acne. Lemon will aid in lightening acne scars.

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    I am not sure about your skin type but if you have oily skin I suggest to buy septran tablets from a drug store, mix the tablet in water to make a paste and apply it on your face.
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    Dermalmd acne serum is the only thing that works on my daughter acne. Tried some products 2 and 3 times more expensive with not even close to acceptable results. This stuff rocks!
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      Thanks to suggest dermlad serum.now its cleared 70%.i used more than one month now.

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