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I'm wondering if anyone has encountered anything similar. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that I was seeing pink in my version in certain environments. I mainly notice it at night when I look at white walls with the inside lights turned on, rather than in daylight, although I can still see it if I look for it. It's almost like an after-image when you've looked at a bright light, but there are lots of little pink splodges. I notice it more when I first walk into a room with the lights on, and it does kind of fade after a while.

To be honest while it is noticeable it is fairly faint, so it's not like I have bright pink circles obscuring my vision or not. I guess I'm just more concerned about what is causing it rather than it negatively affecting my vision in any way.

I've seen an eye doctor and been checked out fully, and everything seems fine. I have developed flu-like symptoms recently as well, which came on not long after I started noticing the vision issues. I have also been diagnosed in the past as being deficient in vitamin B12, and haven't had this checked again for over a year.

Anyone have any idea, or have suffered from something similar?


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    Hiya I have b12 defficiency and have b12 injections every 3 months there are so many things that b12 can lead too If left untreated and there is no cure for it go get it checked again look it up it can cause depression memory loss dementia and so on
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      I have problems with my vision right eye keeps goin blurred and when I look at the wall lights in the evening I get a halo been checked at the optician she said eyes are fyne so it must be my brain sending the wrong signals or mixed messages I'm fed up of it now
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    hi, just to say i understand the pinky colour. i sometimes see it too and im always getting flu like symptoms and when im not its viruses im always getting. ontop of my cfs m.e. this driving me mad. sorry ive not been of help but thought i would post my seeing it too !! and i wish you all the very very best to you.
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      Hey Amanda, 

      Thanks for the response. It's reassuring to hear I'm not the only one! Does it tend to appear when you're suffering from a viral/flu infection? 

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    i understand this post is several years old. However, your description matches exactly what is happening to my sister currently. Vision is pink bilaterally, with circles. It's the craziest thing. I've searched on many websites and nothing is relatable. But your post is spot on.(no pun intended)

    She has visited her primary care, eye Dr., Opthalmologist, Neurologist and now scheduled for an MRI and labs.

    If you are still around, can you reply back with any information and or treatment you received? are you still experiencing this strange symptom?

    Thank you in advance,


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      Hello. I experienced similar symptoms as the one you're describing but I have been having them for a few years now. I've been scheduled to see a physician, neurologist, an ophthalmologist, and an MRI scan as well. I've been to all of them but they all said I was fine and it's one of the scariest feelings where they can't seem to find anything wrong with you. Did you ever get your issue resolved and if you did, how?

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    I know this an old thread, but I was just wondering if your symptoms have gone now?

    I'm a 22 year old female. ...

    I first got a pink hue in my peripheral vision in both eyes around 4 months ago and it didn't happen again until a month later, and now has become almost daily... I've noticed that its when I'm in an environment with a lot of UV rays.

    So especially on bright but cloudy days it can be really prominent.

    It's more noticeable against white backgrounds, but nonetheless still there even without the white backgrounds.

    I've seen an ophthalmologist who couldn't explain it, a neuro-ophthalmologist who just put it down as an ocular migraine (although it's not a known symptom of that) I've been reassured my eyes are healthy multiple times and even saw a neurologist and I had a brain MRI a month after it first happened- not for that reason- but it was still checking my optic nerve and everything was clear!

    Which obviously I'm very grateful for, but just so confused as to why it's happening and what it is? And I'm just hoping that it goes away by itself! But would love to know anyone else's experience as it's apparently so rare!

    I have had some eye strain in the past few months and I'm wondering if its just stress? I just want to know it doesn't lead to anything because google has been scaring me!

    Thank you so much if anyone replies!!!

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