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Here are my questions/concerns with my pinworm situation, any insight would be greatly appreciated. Ive been having a really hard time mentally with all this and i cant find any info that relates to my case

1. Is it possible to less contagious if you're not expiriencing itching? I know i must i have pinworms, i've seen two dead ones around my anus/genital area at different times within the past few weeks. Im worried because i went and visited some friends and slept on their couch for a week before i realized i had them but i wasnt itching down there at all while i was there, and i had caught a cold at the time so i was washing my hands a lot anyways trying not to spread germs. I put on clean underwear everday of course but i wore the same pajamas everynight... I'm really paranoid about them catching these nasty things, it would be humiliating and i would feel so terrible. I was sneezing a lot from my cold too hope that doesn't spread them.. I know i must've still had them while i was there because the day after i got back from visiting them is when i saw the first worm. i think ive had them and off them since december.

2. Due to other health issues i have i've already been on a diet that parasites dont thrive well of off, i was also already taking a tincture with wormwood and black walnut in it daily for the whole month of january. I think this must be why my itching is not severe and that i probably only have a minor infection? I had intense vaginal itching once around when i believe i first got infected in December but i knew nothing of parasites and just thought it was a yeast problem... it subsided after a few days with garlic treatment, only very slight itching since then, doesnt happen every night either. i believe they've been infecting me on and off through my bed and towels getting contaminated all the time i had no idea i had them. Really hoping a minor infection with good hygiene makes me less contagious... i really cant deal with the idea of infecting someone else. I have been living with my parents and sharing a bathroom and they havent gotten infected so that gives me hope

3. Im supposed to be moving in with these same friends very soon, and im not sure the worms are completely gone yet. Im taking second dose of albenza tomorrow.. is it not a good idea to move in yet? I plan on de contaminating every single item i bring into the house. Ive already had to post pone this move and really don't want to have to do that again. Ugh this is completely messing up my life right now, should be a happy time but because of these damn things im starting to get really depressed being so paranoid about it all the time...

Also i dont feel like listing everything ive been taking for the past two weeks as the list would get very long but ive been doing everything in my power to rid myself of them, along with albenza ive been on a very strict anti parasitic diet(even more strict then my usual diet) and tons of anti parasitic herbs, and extremely spicy foods almost everyday. I did notice what looked like a lot of die off in my stool in the beginning of my cleanse, but not anymore. But i swear i can still feel slight itching here and there, everytime i feel this i go check and nothing is there. Feel like im driving myself crazy over this! Not something you can really talk to anyone about either, makes it all the more difficult to deal with. sad

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    I feel for you. Have you done any testing to see if they're even still there? You can try Diatomaceous Earth to see if that helps. Some say it worked for them. It sounds like you're doing a lot of great stuff to me. I know about the paranoia thing and some OCD cleaning, and also guilt about maybe already having given it to someone. All you can do is persevere like the rest of the forum participants this site. I'm going to try really spicy food.maybe that will help for me. Keep talking on the forum and keep trying different things. I do lots of different things allat the same time.
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      I dont have a doctor right now but i will go in for testing as soon as i get one. Spicy food is definitely worth a try, i think its helped a lot in my whole cleansing process. the worms cant stand heat so i do everything in my power to make myself a very unsuitable host. All i really eat lately is spicy veggie thai curry, fish, and nuts. It helps hearing from others going through the same thing, thank you!
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    I think you should take a test have your doctor give you a paddle exam to be sure. Sometimes we think we are still infected when we aren't. The test will tell u forsure of you are still infected. Don't worry too much about the whole couch this just make sure to clean when you get there and I felt the same way but no one around me got infected. The whol time o was infected I thought I infected my boyfriends bed but o didn't and just be cautious and people o was really close to never got affected. I recommend using clove oil (it burns) buts keeps killing them if they come out and it also stops the itching. I wouldn't use the clove on days and nights when you'll be taking the test. Honestly just stick with the medication (albenza works best) and the test and the rest is probably in your head. Make sure to wipe your but clean on nights just incase u mistake an itch for the pinworms when in reality it's left over sweat or fecal matter etc. good luck smile I used baby wipes and toilet paper to wipe at night before bedb
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      Im relieved to hear you didn't infect anyone else, especially even after sharing a bed. Makes me feel a lot better haha. I don't have a primary doctor right now but I plan on getting one soon as i move. I talked to one of the people im moving in with about it and she told me not to stress and thats shes not concerned about it at all so that was a huge relief. I used clove oil as a topical treatment for a while but it burned so bad, i switched to coconut oil because I've read from people that have successfully rid themselves of the infection that it works just as well. I take a potent clove tincture twice a day to try and kill any eggs that remain on the inside. The baby whipes thing sounds like a good idea I'll have to pick some up. Thanks so much for your reply! I wont worry as much now. smile These things have caused me so much stress its ridiculous, i need to stop letting it rule my life!
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