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Hi everyone, I hope your all okay! I'm new here but i am desperately looking for some help with mandatory reconsideration for PIP.

I will explain as much as i can, sorry in advance for the long post but thank you for taking the time to read it.

Back in March i applied for PIP, I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Type 3, Postural Orthastatic Tachycardia Syndrome and reaccurent Lymphadenapothy that is still under investigation. I filled out my how your disability effects you form and went for my assesment in July.

The assesor was pleasant and told me that she was an RGN . My assessment only lasted 23 minutes and she really didnt ask me a great deal of questions she then had me do some physical activities (some were not possible) and sent me on my way.

August 28th i recieved my decision 6points for daily living and 0 for mobility, I cant say that i was shocked as even some doctors at the hospital struggle to understand these conditions its only the specialsts that seem to have any clue. So anyways i called the DWP and asked to speak to the case manager she called me back later that day and it is fair to say we did not see eye to eye. I pointed out to her that through the whole assesors report there is lies and an absoloute lack of knowledge to these conditions and she didnt look at how each condition troubles the other. I told her i would be wanting a mandatory reconsideration and i would put it in writing with further evidence, no decision was to be made until me evidence had been recieved. So here i am i have wrote a long detailed report, included more eveidence and copies of thei guidelines for my conditions. I am really hoping that someone on here would be able to read over it for me (It's long) and tell me if they think it gives me a fighting chance?

A little about these conditions just incase anyone is wondering what they are haha.

Ehlers Danlos syndrome type 3 is a connective tissues disorder it allows my bones to dislocate when and how they please., it cause soft tissue damage it effects the digestive tract and uterus it also cause automic disturbances and chronic fatigue.

Postural orthastatic tachy cardia syndrome

Is an abnormality in the autonomic nervous system, It cause my heart to race for no reason and drops my BP, the blood will pool to my legs (arteries dont close on time) and the lack of blood to the heart and brain cause me to black out. Symptoms from this condition are synecope, palpitations, dizziness, blured vision, digestive problems, bladder disfunction, headache, Mental clouding, pooling of blood to lower extremiteis, Fatigue and tremors.

So with all of that in mind i will get down to the question, is anyone here familiar with Mandatory reconsideration for pip and able to offer advice after reading my report that i need to send back asap.

Thank you so much for reading i really apreciate it.

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    Hi Stacy, I sympathise with you going through the procedure to fight what you feel you should have.

    my advice to you is to not give up, it is very important that you discuss how your disabilities effect how you run your daily tasks. For example, in the case of someone with arthritis, in the morning they have difficulties getting out of bed and need someone else to assist them, they need to use a walking aid  to assist them, they need assistance to wash, help going to the toilet and help to dress themselves. Support in ensuring they have the correct medication. Then go through the day and night on what extra support is required. Think of tasks you could do that you are unable to do now. For me I have to rely on others to make me a drink as I have difficulty lifting the kettle and pouring without spilling hot water everywhere, therefore is a danger of scalding myself. The same with cooking a meal, I am unable to put food in the oven or lift pans. Just think of the tasks you did and are unable to do now. Your levels of concentration and motivation can be lowered this causes depression and anxiety as it can really get you down due to not being able to do things for yourself. Consider the side effects from your medication, I get hot and cold sweats, muscle spasms, sleeplessness, headaches, tiredness and nausea.

    Good luck, just tell the truth how everything effects you, giving examples and you should get your PIP.

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    I have no expereince of mandatory reconsideration for pip. Many years ago I appealed because my DLa had been taken away from me. I managed to get someone from a local welfare rights group to represent me and he was brilliant, the yre instated my money plus all the backpay.

    It may be worth contacting your local welfare rights group

    To be honest if your disease causes your bones to dislocate as you describe then I am surprised you scored 0 points for mobility.

    Although I do not have Ehlers Danios syndrome as such I have had a lot of problems with my knees dislocating since I was in my teens. i am now 64.

    All I can sugest is that you assess yourself at your absolute worst. Think of things you can't do when you are really bad.

    I wish you luck with all this.

    Take care and let me knw how you are getting on.

    All the best

    Sarah xxx

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    High Stacy

    MR are the layer of appealing against a DWP decision. You have to challenge the written decision and explain why the Decision Maker came to the wrong conclusion.

    The Health Professional doesn't need specialist knowledge of your condition, they are only reporting their opinion on how your conditions affect you. So you have a very short window to impress on them how you are effected. If they have asked you to perform a task and you have done it to a standard which does-not endanger you are someone else they are likely to score you low.

    I always say this on PIP applications, forget proving your condition (you have already done this and to repeat it will get you nowhere) you have to prove how your condition affects you with Daily Activities and Mobility.

    It is not an easy thing to do but Carer Statements, Daily Care Diaries and supporting letters from GP, Consultants, OT's or any other health professional will carry the most weight.

    Finally it is not unusual for MR's to be rejected so really you should be looking at the next stage an appeal to a Tribunal and you can get direct help from your local CAB. 

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      Hi Anthony,

      I have tried to write all the dangers in me doing certain tasks. I also pointed out there own guidelines that were given to them about my conditions. I sent in several letters about my dislocation and blackouts. I was hoping someone would have the time to read my mandatory reconsideration letter before I mail it. Welfare rights couldn't fit me in before the final MR date. Thanks for replying ☺️

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      Hi Stacy

      Just one thing to add they are not too impressed by 'what might happen' but want to see evidence of what has actually happened.

      I know that sounds harsh but it is the way it works. If you have evidence of past blackouts/dislocations then list it as important information which hasn't been properly addressed.

      Finally as said the MR is nearly always turned down, but any evidence you produce will later be seen by a Tribunal so it is important for any MR to include as much as possible.


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