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I went to pip last week.the man called me in for 1 hour and 15 minutes.he asked me about showering 4 times but in different ways.he said "so you stand up in shower"I said no I sit down on seat.this shower was put in by social services disability section.he then asked again saying so you can clean your feet.I said no I can't touch my feet.I also tried to tell him on about 5 occasions about how my illnesses affect me on daily basis.he put his hand up and said we are not dealing with this now.I was also told by pip information line not to put in medical report from gp as it's not nessessary. I'm now told after pip assessment that they do not contact my gp at all??

I'm confused with this.I feel like self harming at times. can't sleep.this is awful. It's not right.any views. please.

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    I'm sorry to hear of the hard time you had during your assessment. It's not unusual for them to ask you the same questions multiple times. They do this to try to catch you out. See if you're lying kind of thing. Don't listen to the advice about not sending in medical report from your GP. I'd advice sending in as much evidence as possible, however it maybe too late now. As far as contacting your GP or any other medical professional, they mostly don't do this. It's your responibility to send in any evidence you have which will back up your claim. Good luck.

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      Whilst I agree with almost everything you have said I cannot agree with your last sentence.

      Irrespective of what the DWP should do and/or the claimant, it is NOT the responsibility of the claimant to send in anything should they not want  to.

      ?The DWP 's instructions have expanded on this where the regulations don't in that it is not a requirement to send any evidence in. It would certainly help your claim if you do but the responsibility still lies with the DWP and not the claimant.

      ?Bit by bit this is being eroded and it wont be long before the DWP interpret the regulations into their own selfish way of saving them money by saying that it will be compulsory for the claimant to supply all of the evidence no matter what the cost is and whether they can actually understand what they should be asking for.


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      Why do you always find something negative with everything i post??? Strange how i've recently filled out and sent back a PIP review form. Included in this was a list of the evidence they would or wouldn't like to see. Another thing that was clearly stated was they DON'T always contact any health proffessionals and that it's your responsibility to send the evidence to them. Besides this, why would anyone leave it to DWP to contact anyone/? I know i wouldn't.

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    not normally they ask u to get letters from gps
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      No they don't and the regulations back this up. The DWP state that you only need to send in what you have to hand and you should NOT go looking for it as that may cost the claimant money.

      Being sensible about it, if you can afford to pay for the evidence go get it and send it in.

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    Many people hate these assessments, you have a complete stranger come into your home. sometimes of the opposite sex asking the most personal questions, especially with people who suffer from depression and anxiety.

    They're not qualified and look like they just come out of school.

    Everyone is different even though our conditions may be the same the symptoms differ from person to person.

    Why they have to send an unqualified person to your home is beyond me. Why not ask me to send a letter/email which I can complete in my own time and tell them how it affects me day in day out.

    When your under pressure, suffering from a multitude of conditions already cannot expect to give a full true account of how your conditions truly affect your life day to day.

    We should sign a petition and ask for a qualified person assess you, like your GP because this affects your future, your life.



    Sorry for the whinge

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      Why your GP? He/she is biased in your favour. I agree that there should be better qualified independent assessors but how on earth are they going to have people that know everything and about every condition in one assessment centre?


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      Oh yes!!

      ?It is bad enough trying to explain on a claim form how it affects me because of my medical/mental health problems and Type 1 Diabetes. How do you describe all of the difficulties including the lack of a personal relationship with my wife because I have Erectile Dysfunction? Had the problem since 2005.Had no treatment just having to accept it.

      ?Generally I ignore it and don't bother putting it on the claim form especially knowing that there is a 50% chance that I will have to go into more detail with a female assessor.


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    Did you have the medical report from your GP when you were told not to put it in or were they saying you didn't need to request one or pay for one?  If they told you not to send a report that you already had that is very poor advice.  They say you don't need to seek out extra evidence as they will request it if needed.  The reality is they often don't and then they sometimes turn people down because they don't have evidence to back up their claims and rely entirely on the assessors report.  

    If you do have a report from your GP send it in now to the DWP with a covering letter saying you were advised not to send it and you believed at that time that they would contact your GP directly which hasn't happened.  It might not help but I think you've nothing to lose.  Also, if you are turned down and you go on to a MR or tribunal they will look at the GP report alongside the assessors report which may be helpful if the assessors report doesn't reflect your true abilities.  It's all just an opinion and the opinion of one assessor in a brief meeting can be wrong.  I hope in your case it isn't but best to cover that risk by sending your GP report.

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    No I phoned 2 weeks before assessment day.I asked if should send doctors report in.man at pip said no if we need it we will contact your doctor.now after medical I was told opposite by someone else.they said we don't contact your doctor at all.I feel misled.just have to see what happens.

    This system is floored.thanks for support.

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      It is flawed.

      ?But to be honest do you really expect the DWP to suggest ways that might make it difficult for them to refuse the claim?

      ?Even their 'rule book' (their interpretation of the law) is twisted in their favour.

      ?They are not your friend nor are they your welfare advisor. If you want advice from someone that want's your claim to succeed see a Benefit Advisor and not ask the DWP.


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      I would add one small additional note, even if it is clear and the evidence backs it up that you are entitled to a descriptor but that you haven't realised that you have that entitlement and so haven't made a case for it to be awarded, the assessor and the DWP are not obliged or required to give it to you if you don't claim it on the claim form.

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    OK my gp gave me a full medical report on how my illnesses affect me.he's not charged me.just hope it goes well.just have to wait.thanks guys.

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    C.a.b say online that they have to except late evidence as long as they have not started processing my form. They put note on saying I called and it was sent recorded delivery.
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      Hopefully it's not too late because post to DWP can take anything up 10 working 10 to get there and for it to show on there computer. Sending recorded dilvery makes no difference. Good luck.

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      Unfortunately it does when they lose forms and letters on a daily basis. I was caught out on that very thing - trusting that it would be delivered within 48 hours.

      ?I appreciate that recorded delivery doesn't by itself prove delivery as such, but someone had to sign for it so there would be a record of receiving it. 

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      Yes indeed it does for that reason. It just doesn't help recieving it any quicker.

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      I seem to have confused the situation.

      ?What I meant by not proving delivery as such was that yes it is signed for at the other end, but it does not prove that the DWP office have it. It just proves that the Royal Mail opening service have had it and have passed it on to the relevant DWP office.If it goes astray between them and the DWP scanning office it will never show up as being received by the DWP.

      ?Much the same as handing it in at a Jobcentre and getting someone to sign that they have received it - it still doesn't prove that the relevant DWP office have received it.

      ?In fact using Recorded Delivery only proves that the envelope was received and not the contents

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      Do they? What about accepting evidence that is sent in with the claim form? In my experience I can't say that they even take that into account - not when you get results that are so far from what the evidence suggests is the case.

      ?I specifically sent in a report from the consultant at the Spinal Unit that clearly stated that my ability to walk was so restricted that in his opinion the distance would be far less than 50 metres. This was as a result of the mobility tests on the hospital treadmill! The DWP said that I had no problem walking any distance! That was about 5 years ago for DLA. 

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