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I've recently been sent a PIP Award Review form. It says that after I return it, I could get a telephone call or have to go to a face to face consultation.

I'm finding the process extremely stressful and it's weighing on my mental health. Luckily a friend is helping me fill in the form, but I don't know if I can deal with another face-to-face consultation at this time. My memories of the last face to face consultation I had to go to are extremely distressing. I really don't want to lose my PIP, but I'm on ESA too, and with my new situation (different housing etc), could maybe just about scrape by on ESA alone.

If I return the form, and don't go to a face-to-face, what will happen? Will I be in lots of trouble? I know I will lose my PIP, will I be at risk of losing my ESA too?

If I do lose my PIP through not completing the award review process, can I re-apply for it when I feel able to go through with the process?

Also, the form asks if I want to give consent for them to talk to 'your GP, other people or organisations.' I ticked 'no,' because I'm very concerned about confidentiality around my mental health problems- partly because I've only recently been able to talk about the events that caused some of them. Also I'm embarrassed about organisations etc knowing about my benefits situation. I think that they will have notes from contacting my GP on file from when they first assessed me. Will ticking no cause me problems?

The telephone calls they make- what are they like?

If they assess me and I fail, will I be at risk of losing my ESA?

Any advice about how to fill in the form? It seems fairly straightforward as most things haven't changed.

Any advice anyone can please give me, on these questions or anything else about this issue, would be massively appreciated.

Thankyou so much

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    The PIP review form is very straight forward. Just tick the boxes that apply and if there's no changes there's no need to add any extra info. With a review they use the evidence you sent from the first time you applied so again if no changes there's no need to send extra evidence. If there's changes you'll need to tell them what and why and send extra evidence. The form is so simple it could take you minutes to fill in. If you get ask to attend another face to face and you decide not to go then they'll stop your PIP. No your ESA won't or shouldn't be affected as they're totally different benefits. As for ticking no to the consent box it may or may not go against you, i really don't know the answer to that. They may wonder what you have to hide although mostly they don't contact any medical Professional.

    If they send you to an assessment and your award doesn't continue it still won't affect your ESA. I'm not sure what you mean by telephone calls, to whom? As i said they don't usually ring anyone. If an assessment is needed they'll contact you by letter with a date. A review is often so much quicker than the first time you applied. My review was last year. I was sent for an assessment because i had reported changes in my mobility so they were checking this. Things that affect my dailiy living at this point weren't even asked as this hadn't changed.

    I advice you to return the form by the date stated and if they ask you to attend an assessment and you think you can't do this then that's fine, they'll stop your PIP. Yes you would be able to reapply ay a later date but they'll probably wonder why you didn't attend that assessment as it will be on their records. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.


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    Ask some professional to help you with your form. Tell them why you said not to contact gp. . Have you got a support worker?
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      If there's no changes with a PIP review there's really no need to contact anyone with help with the form. It's mutliple choice, 3 boxes, consisting of something like this..Got better, stayed the same, got worse. That's it, and like i said if there's no changes no need to fill in anything else. They use your previous application for all evidence.

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      Very interesting. Not seen a review form. Only seen form DLA to pip. How often do you have to go for assessment?
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      A review would depend how long an award is for but they will contact you 1 year before an award is due to end. The new review forms came out last year, not sure when. Mine was the new forms very very easy.
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    hi, I got a call on a  Sunday to advise me that because of backlogs they were working weekends, the guy was really nice, Also I got help from money matters to fill in my forms, & they were very helpful, I had worked full time for 44 years and was at a loss on what I could recieve in bens. My sister has renal failure and when going from dla to pip she had a home visit,,, so maybe you could ask for this if you think it might help. I am waiting to see if I have another face to face appointment, hopefully not, as I gave in my meds list & hospital letters. Good luck, hope it goes well for you.

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    Hi please try not to stress to much I was doing that.I asked for a review as my medical condition has changed and I have another medical problem and I was sent the 40 page booklet to fill out.Remember if you do need to go for a face to face you can take someone with you.Also why not ask for a home assessment if possible and have someone there.Don't give up on something you may still be entitled to as that is why it is there to help make your life easier not harder.I hope you will fill out forms.My child was getting pip and esa and their pip stopped but they still continue to get esa so hope that makes you feel a bit better.Good luck.biggrin

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    Thankyou for your help everyone, feeling a bit less stressed now...have sent the form and am waiting to hear back. 
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      Glad you sent them back hopefully you won't wait to long to hear back from them.


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    I understand why you are terrified at the thought! PIP review may be done on paper assessment, however I would urge anyone who has had a paper assessment to ask for a copy as the results can be astonishing wether in your favour or not, it also gives you good grounds when you submit a mandatory reconsideration, with ESA it is my understanding they cannot award this without a f2f unless exceptional circumstances, i.e. Terminally ill, you can request a home visit but they will require a letter from your doctor explaining why, do not be afraid to ask your GP, my experience is that they are used to doing this for patients, even if worst case scenario they come to your house and do the assessment, and you are awarded less than expected, there are still routes to go down, if you feel up to it, MR then tribunal if the MR is not in your favour(which most aren't) KEEP FIGHTING! 

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      That's wrong info about the ESA and not being awarded it without a f2f assessment. I for one was kept in the Support Group last year without another assessment. Many people have been put into one of the groups without a f2f. However you can't be found "fit for work" without a f2f. With PIP you can be refused without even being asked to attend an assessment.

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      Hi Denise, yes I am aware of that, as I said with certain circumstances people do not have to go through the f2f and you're right they cannot find you fit for work without one, I'm glad you didn't have to go through it, it's ashame the refusals on pip when there hasn't been an assessment, although stressful, I'm sure the people who fall into this category would have liked the chance to describe how their condition effects them on a daily basis and give the assessor a better understanding rather than what they have just interpreted on paper.

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