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so i posted a while ago about my PIP getting suspended with them telling me they had not been informed of the out come of the case agents me and once they have they would unsuspend payments and not take my mobility car away ,well it got deemed that i hadnt been lying so it isnt a crimiarl matter( which infact they were infomed off) so i contacted the fraud department to ask why they hadnt told them which they told me they had so i got back in contact with my solistor who spoke to PIP to then be informed that basically they wernt happy with the out come and are now looking into it them selfs to see what i should be on standarad or enchance mobility but are going to take up untill 9th march to make a disciton(keeping in mind it got suspended end of jan) . Are they allowed to keep doing this to me?? i have informed my doctors of what is going on as i have been having to have counselling becuase of DWP as they caused me to have a bad break down, which they were quite discusted with so they have ever so kindly printed of my intire medical history for free with what i have and what is still being investergated and what medications i am on inculding about my dyslxer as PIP assors stated i didnt have learning difficulites in my last report and they belive my problems wont last longer than 9months once again even through ive had problems since i was 13 (im now 29) which has only gotten worse over time , well i have had my renewarl pack(i swer it has come early) which i have filled out and sent back with more up to date info and what appoiments i have comming up. now my question is would they even bother sending me the renewal pack if they wernt planning on unsuspending my payments or could it of been a ploy for them to see what i send back to them before the decied on what todo with my claim? they seem to love to mess with peoples lifes i was happy with my past outcomes even through i wasnt given points for things i should have been as im not greedy and what i was getting got me out of the house (had a mobility car) which was nice not being house bound and achely being able to go on school runs it made me feel like i wasnt such a rubbish mum all the time becuase atlest i was able todo that with help but now im thinking i should argue this in my next f2f instead of settling for what ever they decied . DWP have made me very paranoid and i am constantly feeling like everyone is out to get me its bad enough i am adiment my pervious DRs tried to kill me after landing me in hospital and im unable to trust MKS as they also lie and use my age as an excuse not to look into my problems . 1st my cousin gets denied PIP being told he is perfectly healthy and is having to go through court even through his health problems have stopped his heart twice already and his other organs are failing and he is contantly in and out of hospital and now and having to keep going for raidothearpy and now they keep messing with me making me think all is okay to then hide information or lie about it completly. sorry i ramble i cant help it but before i forget my other question is if they do take it away from me or lower my claim would i be able to take them to court ?? even through they took away my right to apeal the suspention . once again sorry for ramberling and sorry for such a long one its just this is just messing me up and im getting so mixed up and forgetful and the stuttering and shakes are getting worse to due to all of the stress

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    It is extremely difficult to read this because of the lack of paragraphs and punctuation.

    Yes, they can suspend your PIP pending investigation. Renewals take place 6 months before an award is due to end, so if your award was to end soon then yes the renewal form is correct. Even with this they can still reassess you anytime they want to.

    Medical records from a GP are free and there's no charge for anyone to receive digital copies.

    Future appointment letter will not be accepted as evidence because it doesn't prove anything or say anything about how your conditions affect you against the PIP descriptors.

    For your suspended PIP i remember advising you to get some expert face to face advice, did you do this? An internet forum isn't the place for advice for this because no one knows anything about your PIP claim or anything about your case and it's impossible to give any advice.

    Good luck with the renewal and don't forget to fill out the form with as much information as possible about how your conditions affect you.

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    i have severe mobility problems but after 20+ years of having my motability car i had it taken off me last January and have been left housebound and severely depressed and anxious ever since. They took my independence away.

    I went to a tribunal but they didnt listen to what i was saying. They do not care about doctors reports and letters. I had a letter from my surgeon stating i cannot walk distances and i have gotten worse which was expected and i will eventually seize up and need a wheelchair all the time in the very near future. They dont care about reports.

    PIP can recall you anytime for assessment.

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      There could have been at least 2 reasons why you were refused Enhanced mobility by the Tribunal.

      1/ a poorly presented case often leads to refusal. 2/ evidence that you sent could have contradicted another piece of evidence.

      Letters from a GP aren't the most useful to send because a GP very rarely knows how your conditions affect you against the PIP descriptors. If they do then it will likely be classed as "patient lead"

      If the letter you sent from the surgeon just stated that you can't walk certain distances, isn't really helpful. What would have been helpful is to state why you can't walk certain distances and what would happen if you did walk that distance regularly and reliably.

      In another thread i seen that you went on holiday but didn't take your wheelchair. Did you state at some point in your claim that you use a wheelchair when you go out? Or maybe sent evidence that you do use a wheelchair?

      if you did and were then asked the question about your holiday and mentioned that you didn't take it then this would have been classed as a contradiction and could well have gone against you. Difficult to advise without knowing all the full details of your case at the time.

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    I and my witness told them what happens to me when I am walking.

    I did not take my wheelchair on holiday because we did all the checks with hotels that one would be available. The reason for that was that there was 6 of us and there was no room in the car that was hired for 6 people and luggage etc.

    My sister-in-law wrote out descriptors regarding distances etc.But I used a wheelchair all holiday and at airports.

    if I am having to be out for more than half an hour I take my chair. There is only so many times of stopping and starting I can do without pain building. It becomes excrutiating.

    Sadly, most people in wheelchairs do not feel pain.I find that wheelchairs make me so uncomfortable and painful. I feel every bump and I cannot sit straight on in the chair I have to side kind of side on.

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