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well we got the letter after appealing for mandatory decision

still not entitled to motability 

very dissappointed as my son got cerebral palsy 

after discussion with the family we should appeal for tribunal 

but my son doesn't want to go through with it 

I really at my wit end wether to go through with it or would it be best to wait 6 months see if we can apply again 

my son cannot walk far I'm going to see how much he got to walk to the bus stop for his bus to get to college 

if it more than 200 metres maybe we should appeal 

but in the meantime we got the transition package from motability £2000 and manage to find second hand car manage to put in the insurance and tax as least I got four wheels and can get a to b 

i like to hear on what u think just worrying all that palaver and don't want to lose he already got the daily living allowance 

thanks xx 

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    So sad. But this is unfortunately what is happening across the country.

    If you appeal ALL of the award will be looked at again with no guarantees.

    The only way that the government could cut down on the DLA budget was to fail claims for PIP. There has to be a minimum reduction of 20% of what was being paid out under DLA. Your son is one of those casualties.

    I have High Mobility/Middle CareDLA, but fully expect to get nothing under PIP as none of the boxes actually fit me. I am also in two minds as to whether I do make a claim for PIP as the thought of constant reassessment every few years given that I am 67 now is frightening - I just don't need that stress.

    Good luck with what you decide to do.

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      Hi Les

      I have seen you make several references about your own circumstances and you believe that none of the PIP discriptors apply to yourself even though you currently are in receipt of Middle Care/High Mobility

      With your permission and without appearing nosey why is that? I understand there is a direct policy of taking cars away from the walking wounded but you could still get the standard rate mobility and of course the same with daily living.

      Also understand your point about being retested but as you get older the likelihood is the testing would be a longer period. Of course being over 65 you would have the option of Attendance Allowance instead,

      If you don't apply then its a certain zero award but if you do you could a least get something.

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      This is my self test for PIP


      1.     Preparing food. 

      a. Can prepare and cook a simple meal unaided.  0 points.

      I have always been able to look after myself. I was tested for this at the local mental health day service some years ago with an OT and passed.

      2.     Taking nutrition.

      a. Can take nutrition unaided.  0 points.

      I can feed myself without any aids

      c. Needs a therapeutic source to be able to take nutrition.  2 points.

      I do have to take medication every time that I eat that allows my body to digest food.

       3.     Managing therapy or monitoring a health condition. 

      (ii) I can manage medication or therapy or monitor a health condition unaided.  0 points.

      I am able to recognise my medication and when to take it. Being a Type 1 diabetic I have to be able to control it the best that I can myself – I can’t ask a stranger to give me an injection or test my blood.

       4.     Washing and bathing.

      a. Can wash and bathe unaided.  0 points.

      I can’t use a bath, but am quite able to use a shower. I am permanently ‘doped’ up on Morphine every day so I don’t feel any real pain when bending/washing etc. Without the medication I couldn’t do a thing.

       5.     Managing toilet needs or incontinence.

      a. Can manage toilet needs or incontinence unaided.  0 points.

      I have no problems with going to the toilet or cleaning myself afterwards

       6.     Dressing and undressing. 

      a. Can dress and undress unaided.  0 points.

      I don’t have any problems with this.

      I am permanently ‘doped’ up on Morphine every day so I don’t feel any real pain when bending etc. Without the medication I couldn’t do a thing.

       7.     Communicating verbally. 

      a. Can express and understand verbal information unaided.  0 points.

      I have never not been able to understand anything that is said to me and I can reply quite well using my hearing aids

      8.     Reading and understanding signs, symbols and words.

      a. Can read and understand basic and complex written information either unaided or using spectacles or contact lenses.  0 points.

      I have never not been able to understand anything provided I use my glasses

       9.     Engaging with other people face to face.

      a. Can engage with other people unaided.  0 points.

      I don’t need anyone to prompt me or aid me to talk to people. I do however choose who to talk to, where and when. I know when to avoid a difficult situation

      10.   Making budgeting decisions.

      a. Can manage complex budgeting decisions unaided.  0 points.

      Given that I am a qualified accountant I can still manage to look after the household finances


      1.     Planning and following journeys.

      a. Can plan and follow the route of a journey unaided.  0 points..

      I have an excellent sense of direction. However I choose when to go out and where as I have to be aware of the side effects of my medication.

      2.     Moving around.

      a. Can stand and then move more than 200 metres, either aided or unaided.  0 points.

      I am quite able to get up out of a chair and walk at least 200 metres using my stick.I am permanently ‘doped’ up on Morphine every day so I don’t feel any real pain when walking etc. Without the medication I would be lucky to be able to walk 5 metres!

      It is because of the medication that I take that I am able to function.

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      Forgot to add.

      When I applied for DLA again, I indicated what my good days were (with my medication working) and how I would be if the medication stopped working properly or if I didn't take it. It was the not taking it that gave me the award. My life is ruled by medication, but whilst it works I can function quite normally. Otherwise what is the point of it being prescribed? 

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      Hi Les

      Thanks for being so candid and an extra thank-you for the information about nutrician & therapeutic source there's 2 points I was unaware of!

      Just a general query but wouldn't your medication (Oramorph?) be classed as an 'aid' allowing you to do all these activities?

      Also the aid has to allow you to do the discriptor safely. For example after taking Morphine would you be safe to bathe or yourself (even in a shower) or be competent enough to select appropriate clothing? Should someone on high levels of Morphine be cooking for themselves considering knifes, hot stoves etc?

      No dig at you it was just reading your reply and these issues seemed to be reasonable.

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      Thanks. I am currently taking 100mg Morphine (MST lasts for 12 hours) every 12 hours and as much Oramorph as I need.

      I don't believe that medication can be classifed as an aid or adaption. I may be wrong but I doubt it. Given that I have been on this medication for some years which is increased annually, the ability to do something is fairly normal. There are few side effects that cause a problem. Yes I am a little 'hazy' but that no longer is a problem.

      That is the reason why I don't use a bath, I feel safer in a shower.

      I am quite fortunate in that my wife ensures that I have clothes for the day. If I had to choose my own clothes, it still wouldn't be a problem - underwear in the two drawers by the bed, shirts and trousers hanging up in the wardrobe.

      All I need is to get rid of the constant pain. It was the pain that was making my life completely miserable. 

      As for cooking, I don't do any. I just know that if I did, I can't see that the medication would be a problem for me.

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    I too have c.p as well as other health issues a lady from my local housing association came to fill out my form with me, it took 2hrs nt hen she said I may still need a medical, I used to be a nurse and I've heard nothing but horror story's about these Medical's and I have to say I'm horrified about what I've read but I WILL NOT allow these people to punish me because I'm ill I have had enough of Cameron and his cronies punish me for being to I'll to work I hate what they are doing to us and when I had DLA I was told I'd got it for life now thanks to Cameron and his morons we the disabled are being punished because this goverment are trying to save money!

    Don't give up fight them these people should be named and shamed!

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    I feel for you so much. I too was refused the Mobility desctiptor at MR. I sent loads of medical information and support from my consultant's and GP, still to no avail.

    I was on High tate Mobility under DLA and after the loss of my car I have suffered greatly with being unable to attend my hospital appointments

    Problem is you feel like you are in no man's land because whilst you are going through appeals, you can't get on with your life not knowing if you will eventually be awarded what you once had

    I went to a First Tier Tribunal 3 weeks ago and won my case but I now have to wait and see if the DWP accept that I am entitled and don't claim supersession (Their entitlement to disagree with the tribunal) So I'm still basically in limbo!

    I can understand why your son doesn't want to go through a tribunal. It's stressful I won't lie. It isn't for me to advise because in my case being successful I have a different view of the process. 

    It's digraceful that anyone with CP is disallowed mobility but the Pip rules make it so difficult to claim this part of the award and there are many people falling foul of it

    As I said, I was successful in my case and its' only one battle but the proverbial war is not yet won

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    Welcome to the club. This is happening across the country, mainly due to assessors not making accurate reports and in some cases, telling a few porkies.
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      They don't make reports in the normal sense - they tick a box that best describes what you are trying to say.

      However in some cases the opposite is recorded either by design or intent.

      I have also heard many horror stories of people in their early 60's being told that they simply don't fit any of the boxes and as such don't get anything! Some had a DLA award of High Mobility and Care.

      I have a horrible feeling that it is intentional to not award PIP for many. Given the recent review it looks like the DWP are considering other ways to get evidence. At the moment it is written into the regulations that it is the reponsibility of the DWP. It wouldn't surprise me if they turn the tables and make the claimant totally responsible for gathering all of the evidence. That way the DWP could never be at fault. It would always be the claimants fault for not sending in proof of what you claimed.

      This already exists for MR and appeals at a Tribunal. The onus is on the claimant to prove their case.

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      Well in my case at least the DWP never contacted the people I included in my PIP 2 form. All evidence that was "looked at" was evidence that I sent in (18-19 years worth of medical history and reports from 3 social workers). All of that evidence was ignored because the decision maker made decisions based on what was in the "assessment report" despite a number of inaccuracies that I flagged up to the DWP.

      It seems completely ridiculous that years of medical reports can be ignored in favour of a report made by someone who has only seen you for 40 mins - 60mins.

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      As Les said, its a tick box excercise and if you don't fit the box then they will assess you on what they think - Yes it's usually their own opinion and nearly always totally flawed.

      I have 15 year's of evidence and a well respected Professor supporting me. It's highly insulting of the DWP to base their judgement of your daily living/mobility on the statement from an Atos employee but they say they are assessing how your condition affects you not the condition itself. Simple questions and an excercise that not even a physio would carry out is not really a true assesment, basically a monkey could do it!

      It's all a well thought out process to take you off benefits and get the deficit down - where have I heard that?

      Basically medical evidence is only taken into consideration to qualify you for a PIP assessment and then up to the DWP to look at what you can do even if we disagree with them, they are hiding behind a company that you cannot fight and they are free of blame but it;s so wrong!

      A rather amusing but concerning story I heard was a friend who went along to an assessment only to be met in the consulting room by his dental receptionist who had left the practice just weeks ago. Needless to say he refused to go through with the consultationrolleyes


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    Hi Connor

    Fully sympathise with what's happed and the obvious impact this decision will have on you and your family.

    Others have already covered the possible consequences of an appeal so I won't add to that.

    What I will say is the wishes of your son have to be the first priority. Of course the second most impportant person is yourself as caring for him impacts directly on you.

    Talk together about it make a decision and then get 100% behind it.

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      Thank anthony

      i have already discuss this with his dad and we gonna talk to him this weekend together 

      I'm going to look into how much he got to walk to the bus stop I know it is way more than 200 metres cause it say can't walk no more than 200 metres but 50 metres 

      I'm going to be measuring him and metres 😐 

      If he does decided to go through I will behind more than 100% 

      it just going to very daunting I have read others test gone into pip support group where they Can help and advice but u have to pay subscribe 


      I will let u all know what we decided 

      thanks again x


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