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Hi everyone and sorry if this has already been asked

I got pip February 2014 and the letter said that I was awarded it for 3 years but yesterday I got a new assessment form to be filled in before mid February or they would stop my money immediately. Sorry for waffling but just wondered if this was normal, thanks in advance

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    Hi Danno,

    With the DWP they can send out new assessment Award forms up to 12 months before your award date was granted. You were granted it for 3 years, so anytime after 2 years you will receive a PIP reassessment.

    It is perfectly normal.



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    In similar situation; partner got awarded PIP for 2 years in November 2014. In November of last year we got what sounds like the same letter you have just received.

    I rang them and they said it was their procedure as sometimes claims can take a year to process and so it's to ensure they don't leave you without money.

    Not sure I'm buying that though.

    I asked what would happen if they completed the re assessment before his award runs out and they told me the money he receives would be adjusted according to the latest assessment.

    Basically it seems that when they give out these awards for however many years it isn't as clear cut as it first appears.

    I couldn't see any other option than filling in the form regardless though with further, more current medical evidence.

    Good luck to you xx

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      You are right. For a fixed term award you will be re-assessed 12 months before the end date. For them to admit that it may take 12 months to sort out the renewal is stretching the truth a bit. The regulations allow the DWP to re-assess at any time - so they have picked 12 months before. It is all about (a) reducing the award period and (b) possibly reducing the level of that award as early as they can.
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      This is the very reason that I haven't taken up their offer of a transfer to PIP from DLA.

      3 year awards are re-assessed every 2 years.

      If any one of those re-assessment decisions is wrong, it is another 12 months without PIP whilst waiting for a Tribunal hearing.

      The stress and strain with that palava is far too much for me to cope with.At 68 in June do I really want that for the rest of my life? 

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      Yes that was pretty much my assessment of the situation too- which I pointed out on the phone to them. The guy was just reading off his script though.

      It's a pretty underhanded way of dealing with things but its pretty much what I've come to expect!


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      Wish we had had that option but unfortunately my partner was never on DLA.

      When he became disabled he was only offered PIP.

      So looks like more hassle and fighting to get him what he deserves...

      Such an unfair system. But what can we do?

      Hands seem tied at this point sadly xx

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      It wasn't an option - it was russian roulette!

      You want to continue getting a disability benefit - claim PIP!!! Don't do what we tell you, in the time that we tell you - you now not only lose the right to ever claim PIP again you also lose your DLA. - you lose everything - so suck it!!

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      That's absolutely awful; I'm sorry I didn't realise.

      You seem to know a lot about this stuff.

      May I ask you a question?

      Do you know if it is legal or not to video or voice record PIP assessments in your own home? The last assessor outright lied and said my partner could do things when they only saw him lying down...

      I was just wondering if you knew anything about this?

      Sorry to ask but there seems to be nobody who gives you an honest answer other than those who've gone through the system themselves.


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      You can record anything as long as it is for your own usage. You can set up a video camera and microphone on the table if you want to.

      However, if the assessor that visits you sees the equipment or is told about it, they can refuse to carry out the assessment and report back to the DWP that you failed to co-operate.

      If you want to record either tell ATOS/CAPITA beforehand.

      If you want to record it secretly, then you do run the risks I mentioned above.

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    Hi Danno

    Just fill it out Danno. You certainly do not want your monet to stop and believe me they will. If you feel you should not have had it, just phone them up and put your mind at rest.


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    You have to be very careful about wording.

    If the award says for life they cannot re assess you.

    However if the award says indefinitely they can assesss you at any time they like.

    I know people have been caught out like this.


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      Are you referring to a 'for life award' of DLA?

      If you are then that award is only 'for life' for as long as DLA actually exists.

      As a new benefit (PIP) is in place, and the law allows the DWP to cease existing claims for DLA - 'for life' really has no meaning.

      Even now things have changed with other benefits..

      I actually have a copy of a medical report carried out by ATOS for my IIDB claim. The doctor's report said that she recommended that the award is 'for life'. That report is dated 2011. The decision notice some weeks later came back awarding the benefit 'from March 2011' There was no end date given and neither was it given 'for life' - it was given on the basis that I could be recalled at any time as and when the DWP see fit to go through another medical assessment. 

      I receive that award on a week by week basis and at any time it can be taken away from me.

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      Yes, but I believe that there is another reason why they do this now. For far too long some benefit claimants have seen their weekly payments as a right that they are 'entitled' to. They saw the payments as a guaranteed income. In doing that there was no incentive for many to look elsewhere for a regular income stream.

      Now the government are making it clear that nothing is forever anymore.

      The message is to never expect to rely on the benefit being paid. It may and it may not, depending on what the DWP want to do. So in my case a 'for life' award is nothing more than one weekly payment showing up in my bank account with no certainty of getting another one.

      Put that message out and you manufacture worry, stress and the inability to plan for anything. A good way of keeping benefit claimants on edge - they then are more likely to seek a guaranteed income elsewhere - by working.

      I gave up the chance to move from DLA to PIP. I just did not fancy having to go through regular re-assessments for the rest of my life - I looked elsewhere to cope with the loss of that money - by budgeting better and cutting back. In a way it gives freedom.


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