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I recently applied for pip it was transfer from dla. I sent for back on 11th August. They received it on 12th August. I received text saying they had got it and I might need to see a health professional. 24 August I receive text saying they have all information they need to make a decision.they have only had the form for 8 days. Does this mean they have made a decision? 8 days is not long enough as how could they have contacted my doctor? I also had esa review in July at the same time I was invited to apply for pip. Esa was done in a week with no face to face assessment. I'm going mad thinking what they have decided.

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    The best thing would be to ring them for an update. I had to do this constantly while I took it to Tribunal stage
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    Hi Michael

    What the DWP is saying is they believe they have enough information on which to make a decision. That means either 'yes' or 'no' there is no second guessing the outcome.

    Almost certainly they will NOT have contacted your Doctor as they believe you have supplied enough evidence about your medical condition. They are not interested in more information on this as they accept you suffer with a medical condition

    What the DWP are looking for is evidence of personal care or restricted mobility in other words how your condition affects you.

    The biggest evidence is your PIP form where you have explained your daily difficulties. This should be consistent with your medical condition. They also like to see care plans or a care diary, carer statements and medication lists.

    They then match all this to the descriptors and you score points. Get over 8 and you have standard care get over 12 and you have enhanced. Same with mobility.

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    It's unlikely they would contact your doctor.  They generally take the view that your doctor isn't a trained trained disability analyst, they will know your diagnosis but not necessarily how your condition affects you in terms of the PIP descriptors.  

    The fact they have decided that they have all the information they require means that it is likely, but not guaranteed, that you won't have to have a face to face for PIP.  If it is clear cut from an application form that a person will be eligible for PIP they can make the decision without a face to face assessment.  Hopefully this is the case for you.  As long as you filled in the application form fully and provided enough information to show that you meet the descriptors I'm sure you'll be fine.  

    It is possible for them to turn a person down after just viewing the form.  As an extreme example would be someone who went through the whole form ticking no to each of the yes/no/sometimes questions and had not provided any additional information.  I think this is less likely in your case.  You've been on DLA previously and although it is a different benefit with different criteria you will be aware of how to go about filling in the form.

    All you can do now is wait.  If the thought of a face to face assessment is causing you anxiety you could phone them and ask them to confirm if it has been decided that you are not going to have one.  The time to the final decision after the "we have all the information......." text can still be many weeks.  I have heard of people getting their result within a couple of weeks but this seems to be uncommon.  

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      Hi Scally. I did get the form filled out at disability rights. My illnesses are depression. Anxiety. I do not go out on my own. I am sorry to say this, but the written information provided myself was relating to things that happened when I was a child and when I was working. It was all the reasons why I am like I am but never told anyone. It was a long time ago but lived with it too long.

      I never reported anything to the authorities as I feel ashamed as to what happened to me

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      Michael from what you have just posted I would guess you are also suffering with Post-traumatic stress disorder. I really think it would be a good idea to contact your GP for a formal diagnosis.
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      That's the problem everytime i go to doctors they always say it is just depression and anxiety. I know I have got something,I have had it years. I'm OK then I just go in a really depressed mood. Like record over again. I'm fine then I am not. Maybe if I had told the truth years ago I would have been helped.

      I do not know if what I told DWP was the right thing to do. I was more expecting a knock on the door from the police (as I named people who did nasty things to me) I had an ESA review but on that formwhich was filled out by an disability advisor. I never told them these things. Same thing, depression anxiety. Then I got the pip form. I flipped out. I could not keep saying I'm depressed. And do not know why. I do know why and I told them. I saw a doctor on 15 Aug he increased my antidepressants. I did explain the forms and tried to give him a copy of the 10a4 long own statement that I sent DWP. He was not not interested and said "what good is that to me" I have never had any help. It is my own fault as I never told anyone the extent of it all and tried to hide it. These things happened 14, and 22 years ago and when I was a child.

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      From the point of view of your PIP claim I don't think you have harmed your chances by explaining your traumatic past.

      The first paragraph of your reply is the type of thing the DWP are looking for except you need to add how those depressive moods create a need for personal care over several descriptors. As explained before this generally means assistance, support or prompting due to your extreme fits of depression.

      Just telling them you become depressed is not enough, it has to make the need for personal care necessary.

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      I did explain in great detail. How I do not eat or drink and need prompting when I am like that.Also can be in bed for days. Also need prompting by my wife to do things. It was only on the Esa form that I did not give too much info. Leaving the house alone is also great difficulty. Obviously I can dress myself, but explained the problems about this when I have these episodes, everything does make sense. I also told them I find it hard to trust people due to past events and I do not mix with anyone, due to nerves and panic attacks. I also told them which I feel guilty about is that when I am at the lowest I feel that I would be better off dead and have suicidal thoughts.

      I would not do that myself it would be the depression or whatever it is I have that would do it. I told them how I would do it but I do not go out alone so I am unable to do something like that. Then I snap out of it like nothing has happened. I am not violent, I go very quiet and sleeping all time. And ignore everyone.

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