Pityriasis Rosea and pressure in head

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Bit of a long shot this one but here goes -

Two years ago I had Pityriasis Rosea it lasted 6 weeks but when the rash went I was left with pressure in the head mostly around one tooth. Dentist said nothing wrong but tooth throbbed for a further 4 weeks then stopped.

Feb this year same thing happened. Pityriasis Rosea broke out very bady and still hasn't cleared up. Worst thing is I spent the weekend at emergency dentist with throbbing tooth and pain in the head. Xrays showed nothing wrong.

Am I really going off my head or is there anybody else out there who's had the same problem.

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    I'm having the same problem - rash is almost gone after 4 weeks but my back tooth is very sore and throbbing an dthe gum feels wrong. The rash is the easiest part for me - it's the constant tiredness (I've been sleeping for 10hours and not feeling refreshed) - the headaches are quite bad and I've had a few fevers and sore throat episodes in the last week. Dentist has given me amoxcillin in case my tooth is becoming infected.


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    OMG I can't believe this!

    I had already discovered this forum after being diagnosed with PR. At the same time I am suffering with Ear ache, I had drops which treated the infection initially, but had to do a return visit to the GP as the Ear pain had changed, to the outer ear, painful lobe and all down the side of my face, when I yawn it all feels sore. At the same time the 2nd GP re-diagnosed the rash as PR and not fungal infection that was previously diagnosed. After reading David & Kelly, it can't just be a coincidence!! My ear ache just doesn't seem to be going.. The only good thing is that the ear pain is more of a nuisance than the rash, I would normally be besides myself (vanity reasons!) about having an unsightly rash.

    Thanks for putting on your posts, are there any other people who have face ache too??

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    I never did get to the bottom of the head pressure but it just got a little better day by day and took around 6 weeks to go.

    As for the rash I discovered collodial silver spray which has taken it away completely .

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    Hi all sufferers - I have just been diagnosed with this horrible disease. The worst for me is the itching and burning sensation. It started around my pant/bra line then went to top of legs, followed by backs of arms then torso and then last night front of arms. I am just hoping that it won't return to these areas and when it has gone all round the body it might disappear? The other thing it is affecting is my teeth - they all ache and are now sensitive to hot and cold liquids/foods. I am due to go on holiday to Cyprus mid November and only hope it has gone by then or I may cancel. Am off to get some calamine lotion and hope that helps the itching - the antihistamines don't seem to help so am going to try without them as they make me drowsy. Will also investigate the collodial silver spray - does it stop the itching?
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    Collodial Silver had an immediate effect on me of cooling down the hot itchy skin. It didn't take away the itch all together but made it much easier to live with and indeed sleep with. It took about 3 days for the itch to go and for a real difference to be visable.

    DOWN SIDE. For some reason probably to do with ridding the body of toxins it gives you a cold. But the way I see it you can suffer with a hot itcy rash for ages or spray on collodial silver and take flu strenght caps for a day or two.

    Hope this helps

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    Hi All,

    I still have some of my rash... looking back on dates, I think it must have arrived about beginning of August, where the main \"herald\" patch appeared, just on the top of my knicker line, I had thought it was a rash from sweating exercising, but as I suffer the odd patch of excema, it could also have been that too, it did not clear up with hydrocotisone, so I knew it was something different.

    As per my earlier post, the jaw/ear pain stopped eventually. My real problem Kelly was that I was due to go to Turkey on 10/9/10 and was really unhappy about revealing my bod! not to mention the flight with my ear pain. The sun was the BEST thing for it!! After getting over a few awkward days thinking.. well I will never see these folks again, the rash started to clear up really quickly, it dried out, became flaky and went! all except for where I was covered up & where it was pretty prevalent anyway - on my bust around the sides and back. Where I tanned it just went, and hasn't returned.. yet anyway! the other bits are still a bit of a nuisance and itchy. Hopefully from the info on this site I will be PR free by Xmas!

    Thanks to everyone for your support with this weird condition

    Wendy x

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    Hi Guys,

    My PR has completely gone!! see my earlier posts to follow my experience. It seems it is as others have said, it just goes as quickly as it came. I no longer have any evidence of having had it.

    There is nothing other than the sun (perhaps the sea helped too) that helped my PR, creams can stop some of the itching but there was nothing that cleared it up other than time itself, sorry for those of you who have just noticed yours or been diagnosed. Be patient and really gain some perspective from this.. there are far worse things that you can get.. honest.

    Love to all


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    I haven't had PR diagnosed, the Doc thinks its an allergic reaction to some meds, however, my sister-in-law has PR and it looks EXACTLY the same, though she fortunately didn't suffer as much with the itching. I have been itchy for 10 days, haven't had a full night's sleep and feel sore and exhausted all the time. I did however find HUGE relief by using ALOE VERA GEL - pure, from the Health shop. Nothing else took away the heat and itchiness. I'm still a little itchy but I can go all day without re-applying. The antihistamines and steroid cream given to me by my doctor, not only made me drowsy but didn't keep the itch away for more then a few minutes. Am off to the sun in a few days and hope it'll help clear up the rash, plus give me some time to rest as it has been a really tiring experience!
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