Pityriasis Rosea caused by hep b vaccine?

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i just wanna vent and get some advice.

so about 2 months ago i noticed that large round patch on my upper right thigh.. it was dry and scaly but i thought it was nothing major, maybe i just needed to lotion up more.. ok well it faded a bit and then i began to get smaller spots all over both of my thighs but these spots arent the same texture as the original larger spot. now its 2 months later and i have broken out all over my body except my back and my face.I went  to the Dr's today & i was told it was Pityriasis Rosea. It burns & itches & gets irritated when i sweat. i am now so insecure about my skin as i have it all over my arms, thighs,stomach and now my chest and seems to be reaching my neck. 

.. i work in the dental field &  i was advised to get the hepatitis B vaccine, so i did just that.  the hepatitis B vaccine is a series of 3 doses within an 8 month period. i began to notice these spots right between the 2nd and 3rd doses. my question is could this be the cause of my Pityriasis Rosea? My doctor told me that this is caused by a virus and your body reacts by breaking out so i was thinking that it could be the vaccine since its a weaker form of the virus???? anybody thin so?

I read online that sun tanning will help get rid of these spots.. well im from new york and its mid october so thats not really an option.. anything else i can do to speed this up?

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    I'm sorry to hear that you have pityriasis rosea. It's an awful skin condition. 

    I read a lot of research paper about PR and sadly they don't know the cause. At one point they believed it could be from a type of herpes virus but there was no proof. 

    My red patches appeared right after I use a new kind of hair toner product and I thought that was just the reaction of my skin to the chemical. But it spread after 1 week so I went to the doctor and diagnosed with PR. In my case it lasted 8 weeks and my case was a very severe one. It spread to my neck and face and ears. 

    I used fragrance free head and shoulders shampoo for my whole body. Then I also used soap free oatmeal bar after I rinsed the shampoo off. After all I use fragrance free and dye free lotion. 

    6-8 weeks is the average PR last but there are cases it last for months. 

    The itchiness is unbearable when it comes close to the end of its course. Don't scratch, don't pick at it. 

    I'm against tanning so I can't give you advice on that. 

    I hope this helps and I wish you a speedy recovery. 

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    So sorry this happened to you! sad 

    First (and not a med student or anything here,) I don't think your vaccine caused the PR. At worst you might get an allergic reaction like hives or a rash from a shot, but it wouldn't spread or last weeks like PR does. Also, since the vaccine contains an inactive virus, the virus itself wouldn't be responsible. 

    PR is one of those fun "idiopathic" rashes, which basically means "F*** if we know why it shows up!" This was not the result of anything you did, so don't blame yourself. The good news is that it's sort of like chicken pox: Once you're over it, it will most likely never come back again! 

    You can definitely try tanning and see if it helps. Be nice to your skin during this time, use coconut oil or shea butter to help it heal (both work a treat, shea especially because it's got tons of vitamins to help skin heal.) The Holy Grail of PR treatments is what worked best for me, PRREZE Cream. Look it up and order some for yourself, it's amazing! It helps your rash to dry up and start getting better in 5 days. Also makes a nice moisturizer!

    Good luck!

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    I couldn't say if there is a link between the hep shots and Pityriasis Rosea, however my daughter got this last summer all over her back and torso. She would have episodes where the pain was so intense she would ball up screaming and crying (she was 11 at the time, and rather rough around the edges so this is not her typical mo) the intense pain, which she described as knifes on fire cutting her from the inside out, would last about 10-15 minutes and come 2-3 times a day. The only thing that helped ease the pain was extreme cold. I literally took everything out of my freezer and covered her in it, we had to keep boxes those pop ice packs with us whenever we went out. It was truly devastating setting her go through this, and I pray this clears up for you fast! That said, her Dr. gave us a prescription for some steroid cream, normally I would opt out of putting this on my daughter because steroids are not good for anyone especially children, however we were desperate to find relief. Within a week all of her big red scaly spots had completely cleared up and she was pain free! She gave us a prescription for seven tubes, the tubes are rather small, because she said it could take a couple months to clear, however we didn't even need the entire first tube.

    Praying for a speedy recovery!

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    There is a lot of maybes out there about what may cause or not cause PR. Most doctors agree that it is a virus. I had it for 14 months and no one else in my family/workgroup got it. It is not contagious.... so, how do people get it???????? I used Prreze, and got it gone in a week except for discolored skin where the rash had been, and that faded in another 2 to 3 weeks, but my skin was smooth and "normal" in one week.

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