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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to start to share my pityriasis rosea story. Like many of you people, when I first started to see this disease onset, I jumped into panic mode: what is wrong? what is going on? Is this serious?

I will start with some background on how my PR case started:

At the beginning of April 2019 I started to have a case of severe headaches, some upset stomach and an on and off fever. To this day, I am not sure if this was the 'start' of my PR outbreak, as some people and some doctors say people will experience symptoms of this nature. After about 4 days with this headache, I ended up heading to the Urgent Care; I was tested for a slew of things: the flu, HIV, meningitis, and even mono. ALL NEGATIVE. Doctors had NO idea what was going on. I left with some good advil and went home.

I would say a few days later, I noticed one or two red spots on my chest, right under my ribcage. I thought: oh no, what is this? I do have rather sensitive skin, so I thought maybe with the humidity that was kicking up in the spring, or maybe because I buzzed my chest hair a few weeks back, it was something to do with those factors as those are common for me. A few days passed, and more spots kept appearing, not many, maybe like 10 little ones. I was getting more worried, but thought: this too shall pass.

It was a Saturday morning, I woke up looked at my arms, and noticed bright red spots, I ran to the bathroom and yanked my shirt off to find red dots ALL OVER my body. I started to FREAK out. I RAN to the Urgent Care, the doctor diagnosed me with stress hives. (He thought the headaches too were caused by stress). He gave me some prendisone, a 5 day regiment. After 2 days I saw my 'hives' were going away, and I was so much less stressed. By day 5, my last day, I had just a few slight red spots. PHEW. These bad boys are GONE.

That weekend, I took a trip with my partner and I started to notice these 'hives' coming back. Oh no... what is happening, I thought? What am I stressed about!? Ugh!

By the end of that weekend i was covered, worse than I was BEFORE the prendisone. GREAT; what could THIS BE? I convinced myself I had HIV or something more serious. I went back to Urgent Care and the doctor said it could be pityriasis rosea and sent me to a Dermatologist to get that confirmed. 3 days later I got a derm apt and within 15 minutes I was sent out of their office. She said this is a CLASSIC case of pityriasis rosea! She said we have no idea what causes it, but it should clear up after 3 months. She gave me some steroid cream and I went on my way.

THREE to NINE months looking like this? OH NO I thought. OH NO. Like many of you, I went on the internet and started doing my research.

My PR covers my chest and my back, with a few stragglers on my arms and thighs. As of now, (April 26th) they do NOT itch.

My Treatment: (April 26th 2019)

I ordered myself some Prreze Cream off the amazon, as it seems to have some fantastic reviews of having people's PR clear up in 7 days. So I figured, ok 50$, why the hell not? Today, as I write this, will be my FIRST day using Prreeze, I have not noticed much - I can't tell if they are more red, or not. I think they might be. But the makers say that is GOOD. Fingers Crossed!

I also, today, started going tanning at the gym across the street from my office. I did the regular level, not the intense tanning bed level. I went in for 10 minutes today and noticed my rash is slightly more red, just like many of you on the internet say.

I also bought some of the clinical strength head and shoulder relief shampoo, and will be substituting that for my body wash.

Like I said, today is my real FIRST day of my new regiment to combat this disease: Prreze, Tanning & Head and Shoulders.

Please follow my journey here and I will update people of my progress come 5-7 days from now.

PLEASE share YOUR story; I am still not convinced this Prreze cream isn't a scam. But figured why not.

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    I had mine show up in February of 2017. It was awful, I was covered mostly within about 2 days. I guess I got lucky because this is literally ALL that I did. I googled what was happening to me, discovered my "herald patch" and basically self diagnosed that it was likely PR. I went and got the clinical Head and Shoulders soap and started showering twice a day. ONE MAJOR TIP THAT I THINK CLEARED MINE UP SO FAST - I would go in the shower and lather it up ALL over my body and stay in there without washing it off of me for about 10-20 minutes before rinsing and finishing the shower. Then I would sun tan outside with as much of my skin exposed as the neighbors could handle for at least 1-2 hours a day.

    2 days of this and it was 80% cleared up. By day 4-5 it was gone. It hasn't returned since and I still use the clinical strength shampoo about once ever 2 weeks just on my head.

    Maybe I was lucky, but that is what worked for me and knocked it out entirely in about 6-7 days total.

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      THANK YOU for sharing.

      I will share your tip on keeping the shampoo on the affected areas in the shower. i will sun the outdoor for a 10~ minute tanning bed session. I am PRAYING to have this gone in a matter of weeks. Been 2 weeks and I've never felt so unattractive in my life.

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      Happy to help. I believe the red spots stayed for a few days but they were very light and the tan I developed while in the sun pretty much covered them. If you can tan outside (instead of in a bed) I believe that will help more than using a tanning bed but honestly not sure on that part. All I can say is I just tanned outside.

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    Hi MrPete, my daughter had it for nearly a year and we used every single medication imaginable, including Preeze, but nothing worked! At the end we only used AVEENO cream and it went away by itself! We upped her diet and avoided her being sweaty as it seemed to make it worse! As soon as the sun was out, she started to sunbathe and thats when it started to go away! Be patient, take vitamin C, sleep well and try not to stress as it makes it worse! Good luck!

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      Thank YOU! I will continue the sunbed and hope that will help. Going to continue the usage of Prreze, at least for a few more days... ingredients can't be bad for ya in that bad boy. We will see what happens! I will continue to update the forum.

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    PrrEze was the only thing that worked for me. I had tried the dandruff shampoo, neem oil, tea tree oil, black soap, bio oil, vitamin c and garlic, tanning.... 5 days with PrrEze and it was gone. Is it working for you?

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