Pityriasis rosea for nearly 4 months

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Hi there. I was diagnosed with pr roughly 4 months ago and it doesn't seem to be getting better. In fact it seems to be getting worse! My skin is usually clear in the mornings and as the day goes on it gets worse, is this normal? I also have a rash now and again on my arms and stomach area along with the pr rash. I have been using head and shoulders shampoo the last 2 days as I have read this seems to help. I am going on holiday in 2 weeks and I just hope that it is clear by then sad

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    I'd really reccomend using a sun bed or natural sun! Mine was also not improving at all until I did that. I only sunned my top-half (sun bed doesn't get my legs for some reason) and now my rash on stomach and arms is gone, and it's still bad on my legs

    So I have full faith in sun!

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    Definitely use a sun bed. After 3 sessions I am seeing an improvement. I also use palmers coconut oil lotion and wash in head and shoulders. I too go on holiday soon and am hoping they clear more before I go. However i do believe natural sunlight will be much better in helping clear them. 
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    Sun sun sun. Hope your holiday I involves it!! I had new bumps occur for about 5 months. They were smaller each time and went away more quickly. Tanning beds or natural sunlight helped me the most.
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    Try steriod Elomet lotion for body and face. 

    To avoid thinng of skin on the face, you can try the non-steriod Protopic.

    It is very good for the face, as it will not cause thinning of skin on the face.

    From my experience of using Protopic on my face, I could see the redness and Seborrheic dermatitis or yellowish flakes on the face is immedately gone in six hour on the area of the face applied 

    However, the disadvantage of Protopic is, it has a "biting" effect on the skin. So, one has to bear with the "biting" effect on the skin face.

    As for the Emolet, there is none of this "biting" effect. Emolet is a lotion, and prtopic is a ointment. 

    Apply Protopic or Elomet sparingly and gently on the face.

    Apply on where the redness is seen on the face.

    Apply on where there is irritated patches.

    Apply on where there is yellowish flaky on the face that looks like dandruff flakes or seems like psoriasis.

    Half hour after applying Protopic gently on your face, apply a good moisturiser intensive cream or ultra hydrating lotion for the very very dry and sensitive skin.

    This is to prevent the face skin from peeling due to the drying up on the face when the Protopic treatment takes action on the face.

    If moisturier is not applied on the face after the application of Elomet or Protopic on the face or even the arm, the skin on the face or arm will be dehydrated.

    You will then see some awful dryess with flaky skin that can be seen on the face and dryness on the arm, too.

    The skin on the face and arm will be felt very tight. This skin tightness can also be felt on the body, too. 

    So, moisturise the body, rm and face, is necessary. Do it after your shower. This is when the skin is moist and the pores is still open for absorption of moisturisers.   

    So, if moisturiser is done on the face after the application of Protopic or Elomet , the face will later become very smooth, with the color of the skin of the face very uniform and even. 

    It will not have any redness and rashed flaky peeling on it anymore, after several days of applications..

    However, you have to apply the Protopic twice a day continuously for several days in see the good outcome of redness is treated and removed and yellowish flaky flakes treated and removed.

    However, if you are going out, walk under shade or shelter and avoid the sun on the face. After half hour of applying intensive moisturiser on the face after being  absorbed of Protopic, you can apply over the moisturiser with a sheer sun screen 50+ uva and uvb.

    When back home, in night before sleep, warm bath and wash the face with warm or cold water.

    Thereafter, apply the elomet on the body or face. If you can afford the more expensive non-steriod Protopic, apply on the face instead. This is to eliminate thinning on the skin of the face. Due to its non-steriod effect, it can also apply on the face for a longer period time in the duration of the treatment on the face. 

    If you can afford to price of the expensive Protopic on the arm and body.

    You might see a difference in speed of recovery between the use of Elomet with Protopic.

    To me, Protopic is more effective than Emolet.

    I have not tried Protopic on my arm or body, as I find it will too expensive to buy much for the body and arm.

    If you can have a lot of sun for the body and arm.

    If no sun, use sunbed.

    If no sunbed, have some warm air blowing on your body from the yard or verandah.

    If you are in your room, you can turn on the aircondition to keep your body comfortable and dry.  

    Usually, if can cannot bear the ugly sight of it on the body and  arm, put on long sleeve shirt or collared tee shirt with long sleeves.

    The rashes o nthe body and arm will go away within 2 months. The body and arm will not find any rashes on them.

    The thigh skin being thinner in skin and thus lighter in color, will have some uneven dark shade underneath of it. This is because the darkness comes from under the thiness of the thigh skin.


    The face will be a delight that even your friends and family will notice and will ask you how come your face color is so even, that it gives out a smooth surface on the face.

    It replaced in a new skin on the face that is free from its previous of redness patches and blemished skin. You can feel your face with your hand how smooth and even color of your face, that it was a complete renewal of skin on the face.

    As for the body and arm, try to use a hard brush with a long sling on both ends that is used by Japanese bath house to brush their back of body and front a well.

    The hard brushing with soap lather on the body makes the scrubbing on the back body skin to remove the dead blemishes and dead rashed that remain on the body and arm.

    Thereafter, after scrubbing in your warm shower, while the body and arm and face is still wet when under towel dry, apply intensive moisturiser on your body, arm and face.

    If the rashes had gone and flaky flakes had gone from the face, you can stop the Elomet and Protopic. Dont waste it, you can keep them in a clena cold place or a fridge for future use, within the expiry date.


    Hope this help. Have patience. This kind of skin problem is due to virus eruption in the body. When the virus is erupted, the skin rashes will come up all over the body.

    I can fee and felt the rashes coming out my body in the middle of the night when I was still asleep.

    I woke up and got to toilet tall mirror to check my body. 

    I can feel like the rashes like "ant bites" sprouting out of my body skin.

    The appearance of red rashes started sprouting from the hip and moving upward to the back of the body. The rashes at the back sprouted like a christmas tree.         


    Then the next several days, the front of the chest and the arm and thigh also ahve them.

    I felt like "dying" from the horrible sight of it. I did not go to my GP until two weeks later as I thought it will go away. I thought it was sca bies

    But each rash seemed to open into a spherical patchy shape and merged together which when I went to see ther GP, she suspected it was Pitiriasis.

    She said this is not contagious but no treatment is given or needed.



     For body and arm shoud also

    Sun your body and arms.


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    hello! im from Philippines. Im also sufferring from Pityriasis rosea and it started on the last week of july. I consulted my doctor who diagnosed that it was a pityriasis rosea. She gave me cream and told me that I need a regular application of lotion since I'm not a person who apply lotion everyday. Now, I think my rash got worse. May I know what kind of head and shoulders did you use as a bath? I hope it helps me a lot. Thank you!

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