pityriasis rosea. help.

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Ive had pityriasis rosea for about 3 weeks now. I have been to the doctors twice, and the out of hours place. Normal doctors said it's a sweat rash, a different one said its a fungal rash, and the out of hours doctor told me that its pityriasis rosea. Its spreading, its all under my arms, across my stomach, on my groin up my back and now starting on my bum. I don't know how I can stop this spreading! Im a chef so work in a hot environment 5/6 days a week so its very difficult to keep cool. Please help! 

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    Hannah, I am just finishing week 3 of this awful rash, myself. They say it doesn't happen more than once in a lifetime, but I am on my 3rd round with this in 15 years. Every single time it has shown up 10 days after strep throat. I am currently going to the tanning bed as much as I can. it's helping to fade my upper body, but very slow to fade my legs. The last 2 times I had this, it took about 8 weeks for it to go away, so I am trying to be patient and wait it out again this time. I have 3 kids who just finished school for the summer and I can't take them to the pool or beach because of this ugly rash. Luckily, I don't itch..I just look ugly. Like yours, mine started in my upper body and slowly spread downward to my toes. Good luck dealing with your rash..please keep in touch and let me know how it's going with yours fading.
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    COCONUT OIL AND MYRRH. I had PR beginning at the torso and spreading head to toe within two days. After Lord knows how much benadryl to rule out an alergic reaction I went to the ER and two sepreate docs confirmed PR. I stayed with my grandmother, aunt and uncle while I was recovering. I didn't even want to look in the mirror, it was terrible. This part of my family is huge into home remedies, vitamins, essential oils...etc. The third day into it I said "I don't want this, pray for me." And so they gathered around and prayed. That evening after praying about what we should do, my and Grandma and aunt had me put myrrh and coconut oil head to toe. The myrrh IMEDIATELY cooled my face, and any other area that burned/itched from PR. The next day I noticed a significant difference in the way my skin felt and LOOKED. Within three days I had almost fully recovered. The whole process from the first few spots, to diagnosis, to discovery and recovery took less than a week. PLEASE try coconut oil and myrrh. I believe it will help you.

    My grandmother also had me take panothenic acid and biotin, along with a b complex pill because of something she read about the skin disease in one of her health books.

    But, just a few days of this combination, I went from getting worse and worse, to getting better and better and fully recovering. DO IT. Nothing to loose. So much to gain.

    God bless you and cause you to recover quickly, I really hope this helps!

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      I started with the rash last Monday and the itching is so intense. I live in the U.S. and conventional measures are not helping. I would love to try your combination of myrrh oil and coconut oil. How much myrrh oil do you use and do you mix the two before applying? Thank you. Patti
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      First I would like to thank cara_rynae^^^   -LIFE SAVER! READ HER POST PLEASE! IT WORKS!

      Hello all! I NEVER write in forums or blogs but I really want to help anyone who is desperate for relief because I was! This is one of the worst things to live with even for a day!

      I had PR for 3 weeks, the patch started on my left inner thigh for a week- didn't think much of it, thought it would go away in due time. Then I woke up one morning to lesions all over my stomach and chest area.... i work with a group of nurses and they thought it was just some form of dermatitis and that it would go away. Then the second day the lesions  started to itch soooo bad and i realized more lesions on my stomach, chest arms,back,buttocks and neck- it really scared me when it got on my neck and on my chin/jaw line area! I RAN to my pcp and she ordered Triamcinalone cream. I would never recommend this cream help with PR- it burns and does not help- it might even make it worse. My primary care then referred me to a dermatologist  elocon cream and clarithromycin(which sucked and did nothing). The Elcon cream was the worst mistake ever--- it burned and made itch. I even had to shower to wash off the elocon and went to CVS for some OTC Ant-itch Topical. I went on a google spree(searching for any suggestions and ideas) and then on a shopping spree-- I purchased Aveeno anti-itch, eucerin eczema cream, Dermarest eczema cream with zinc(this cooled things down a little), aloe vera, oatmeal bath, epsom salt. ---I used all of these products over the course of one week and NONE of them work! DO not purchase- don't waste your time AND MONEY! i actually returned all the products i purchased. The following week, I went back to see a dermatologist and he saw that my PR was really bad and he gave me a kenlog Injection and told me to purchase Sarna anti- itch lotion. He promised that i should feel relief in 3 days. At this point my PR was so bad, i was going to work with a bag of ice/ cold compress (which helped) to prevent my from itching all day. I was so overwhelmed I went back to see a different dermatologist 3 days later and she finally did a skin biopsy and said it would take 2 weeks to get the results. I cried! like how does she expect me to deal with the itch and burn for 2 more weeks. She ordered Zovirax/ take 5 tabs daily- I was taking this medication every 5hrs, I could tell when it wore off because i would began to itch. Ok now we were getting somewhere with this- it helped with the itching enough where i could work, But i still felt like crap. I became depressed. The next morning when i realized i didn't wake up to take a dose- I itched so bad i cried. The itching was so bad - it felt like a drug. The more i scratched, the more it itch- i couldn't stop even when i tried.  I couldn't stop! My boyfriend felt so bad for me, he searched for cures on-line. He came across the post above and thought it would work. I went to the ER within 2hrs of his suggestion and the Doctor prescribed prednisone(take 5 tabs at once, once daily) - to help with the inflammation and hydroxyzine HCL 25mg tabs(take 2 as needed every 8hrs)- and he instructed me to continue to take the Zovirax. Remember the Kenlong injection is still working in body- it takes 3 weeks to ware off completely.


      I purchased COCONUT OIL AND MYRRH- i rubbed the coconut oil first then the myrrh 

      i purchased the panothenic acid and biotin, along with a b complex pill-took all 3 at the same time. The myrrh oil had a cooling sensation that eased the itch. 

      I took the following medications prescribed my doctor: Prednisone, Zovirax and hydroxyzine HCL 25mg- took all 3 at the same time.

      After i used all of this in one day! IT WORKED LIKE MAGIC. I believe the oils were the key! I went to sleep with little to NO itching! and woke up today with the inflammation dying down. Make sure to rub the oils all over your body head/face to toe! I will keep everyone updated! i plan to use this regimen for 5 days or more depending on my results. STOP GOOGLING AND USE THIS TO HELP YOU! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. 

      I hope this helps!

      God Bless! 

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      Wooooh!!! I'm thrilled smile praise God. I'm so glad it helped you too. I swear that stuff gave me new skin... Thank you afas123 for trying the remedy and posting your experience! I truly hope this information spreads quickly.
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      Is the coconut oil and myrrh safe to use on children?  My 2 yr old has had PR coming up a year now and nothing seems to help. Dermatologist just recommended emollients and antihistamines but the rash is spreading and causing alot of discomfort for him from itching. Any help or advice would be appreciated!
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    I started out with a rash the week of Halloween,  it was little,  I assumed it was a reaction to something I touched at work (thrift store) , but it got worse and spread like wildfire!  I have had this itch for almost 3 weeks.  I have took Benadryl, Claritin,  Vistaril, and Zyrtec like candy.  Not helping. I have used Premetherin (twice) , Cortisone 10, Aveeno,  and Calamine, Cortaid. I have scratched so hard and so much, I've drawn blood. I'm literally 2 scratches away from bathing in bleach! Where do I find Mhyrr and coconut oil? I need something really inexpensive! Help! 

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    So i just completed my journey through the horrific 12 weeks long, itchy  many a times hopeless cave of pityriasis rosea, A.K. A, the beast.

    Here is the list of what i tried during my 12 weeks of hell:

             Coconut oil, myrhh oil, peppermint oil, all antihistamines, topical (ointment and spray), oral and intramuscular steriod treatment, psoriasis cream, aveeno cream and soap, calimine lotion (pink and white), all the vitamins listed on this board, cocoa butter and 1 week of uvb light treatment. Gold bond lotion.

    Here is the list of what worked (be it to relieve the itch or control the craziness):

           Nothing.  I want to say gold bond sort of worked, but am not sure.  It could be just coincidence with the timing of my freedom from the beast.

    Here is my advice:

             I don't think there is a straight answer to what works for this disease.  The only thing that works is time: i.e. you waiting it out and letting it run out its time.  It itches alot, and you will hear people say 'try not to itch'  It is true; Try not to itch.  Because, all though it relieves you temporarily, the relief comes at a price and it is expensive.  However, the truth of the matter is, it itches so bad, that as some point, you will itch.  So when it gets to the point where you have to itch, itch gently and itch with a moisturizer applied to the location before itching.  If you have to go out/to work, dont wear more than one layer of clothing.  Loose clothing.  Even loose underwear, for those like me who had it also in the groin, waist line area. Luke warm water for bath, else you will annoy the beast.  Although coconut oil didnt help the itching, unlike the other stuff listed above, it also didnt have any effect one way or the other, therefore i used it as my moisturizer.  But i should say that the doctor mentioned that i had a severe case of it, so what i am saying here may not apply to all.   Anyways, in closing, the bottom line is this: it will end at some point.  That is what you can look forward to for sure.  It might take 2 weeks.  It might take 4weeks.  or 3months like mine.  But it will end, and you will never look at the sun again and any other life things that you've taken for granted (e.g. hot shower). 

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