Pityriasis Rosea, my experiences... Selsun blue stings

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hi from Canada

I'm on week 2 of this, i'm male 29 years old, i'm overweight and my diet sucks...i like chips and root beer, i don't drink alcohol or do any drugs if that matters and I stay inside on the computer most of the time after work

the rashes cover my stomach, chest, upper back, shoulders, upper arms, lower arms, neck, it circles near my face on my chin, its above my ears and the skin on my forehead seems to have small bumps forming, it also seems to be spreading to legs as the bumps now appear on my inner thighs and back of calves....my hands and feet are somewhat safe at the moment but the back of my hands now have small bumps forming

first thought it might be an allergic reaction (Which it still might be) because it started about the time someone in our house was cutting wood in the basement and sawdust was shot throughout our household ventilation system, we haven't changed our ventilation system yet sad

before the rash broke out i could tell something wasn't right with my body, i felt a bit down/sick but different and had a very mild cough

[b:31aa053c52]I've seen 3 different doctors[/b:31aa053c52]

the[b:31aa053c52] first doctor[/b:31aa053c52] from a walk in clinic was within first few days of Rash and it was mild compared to what i have now, the doctors facial reaction scared and worried me (just had a bewildering holy crap look to it)... I was given cephalexin (Anti-biotic) and some cream which did nothing and actually had side effects with breathing problems and discomfort near lower back on the last few days of this anti-biotic...breathing problems and lower back discomfort disappeared a day after i finished anti-biotic

[b:31aa053c52]second doctor [/b:31aa053c52]i saw my rash was worsening reaching my lower arms and I told him doctor i didn't feel comfortable removing my shirt to show him, so he thought it was impetigo...

[b:31aa053c52]third doctor[/b:31aa053c52] i did remove my shirt because I was getting really scared now and he said Pityriasis Rosea...went back to the [b:31aa053c52]second doctor [/b:31aa053c52]which is my family doctor, removed shirt and also said Pityriasis Rosea

hard to sleep because i'm scared, is it this, is it that...why me, that sort of thing

Itching I notice most when going to bed...I take benadryl to help me sleep and relieve some of the itching

read on the net about some peoples experience with selsun blue, what the hell lets try this....left it on body about 5-10 min before washing it off in shower and didn't use any skin cream lotion afterward and my skin got so dry and stung...tried Selsun blue next day and it stung again...don't know if i'm going to try this again because I don't see any improvement and maybe its even worse now

I've been trying to change my diet because online again has some cases of people saying its immune related and toxins in body can't be flushed out fast enough so body uses skin as last resort...All that seemed to make sense to me because my diet currently is terrible so starting few days ago I've been eating oatmeal, lots of vegetables and fruits and no more softdrinks, just water...not sure if its helped any yet because skin still seems to be worsening but that could also be selsun blues fault

i've been walking during the day to get sun exposure but its still freezing winter here in Canada so only my face gets any real exposure to the Sun...heard of people having success at tanning salons and I've never used one of those but I'll try anything right now to get rid of this

The Rash does seem to worsen for me under heat, i noticed i had my arms crossed while sleeping the other night and it got very red and rash seemed to spread around where my arms crossed and skin was sweaty/warm

this sucks...especially the luke warm cold showers, hate showers now

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    I just wanted to say that I've got pityriasis rosea too (according to the doc) and it sucks - makes me feel all 'diseased' - I have a big patch on my eye, and I feel so self consious. I can't really offer any help but wanted to offer a word of support because you sound so upset and frustrated. I honestly think worrying lots about it won't help and it's probably best not to try and put too many things on your skin or it may just aggravate it. Anyway, good luck, I really hope it goes away soon.
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    [quote:901f7e5d7d=\"beanie\"]I just wanted to say that I've got pityriasis rosea too (according to the doc) and it sucks - makes me feel all 'diseased' - I have a big patch on my eye, and I feel so self consious. I can't really offer any help but wanted to offer a word of support because you sound so upset and frustrated. I honestly think worrying lots about it won't help and it's probably best not to try and put too many things on your skin or it may just aggravate it. Anyway, good luck, I really hope it goes away soon.[/quote:901f7e5d7d]


    thanks for replying, yes i am very upset about this especially since it getting near my face and i can't cover up that area leaving me to make weird facial angles when talking to people hoping they won't notice the rashes....very self conscious as well

    i tried that tanning salon, i've never been to such a place before... 2 visits so far, i have 100 minutes for $45.00 canadian

    so, 2 visits and about 6-7 minutes each time

    I hope i'm not imagining things but it seems to be helping, the rashes seem to be decreasing in size and the bumpiness feeling they gave off before has decreased, they are much more flat now

    going again tomorrow for another 7 minutes

    have you tried this? maybe it can help you? I hope it does...

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    last time I had PR it was summer. I often exposed my revolting spots to the sun in the privacy of my own back garden. The areas i did expose healed much faster.

    Since then my dad has had melanoma so I was to oscared to try sunbeds this time. It does seem to work for lots of people though

    good luck,

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    Hi from Ireland, I know it's been a long time since you posted this message. I have been told that I have pr. I have it for 2 and a half weeks now but it feels like a year. I can think of nothing else. I have tried everything except the sunbeds. I was wondering if you got rid of pr and how long it took. Maybe you could let me know. Thanks
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    Just thought I would add a message to the board. I have now had this for 4 weeks and it seems to be getting worse! It covers all of my front, neck and back. I can see no hope and it's making me depressed....

    However, I am going to start using sunbeds from today.....this disease is such a nightmare, no known cause and no known cure! What's that all about!!!

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    Hi Mari, I feel the very same as you. I am going back to the dermo today for a biopsy. I would love to hear how the sunbeds go. I got results back for allergy tests and they say I have egg white intollerence which is interesting because I ate lemon merangue pie before I got this. Also I had a sore throat for about 2 weeks before. Who knows ?. It's taking over my whole life at the moment, I can't ever see myself without it. Love to hear how you get on.
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    It gets so much better believe me. I went to the tanning bed for 10 minutes every other day for 2 weeks. This made a huge difference. My rash finally started to go away after 5 weeks. I have dark skin so the spots left dark marks, but they are fading everyday. I understand exactly how you feel, but believe me it does go away. smile
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    I'm now going into my second week of this rash, and it is quietly driving me insane, it is so itchy. It seemed to start with a bad headache for a few days before the rash appeared, then sore throat and a feeling of extreme tiredness. I'm covered from soles of my feet upwards and now today have some appearing on my face. Doctor gave me Piritin (sp?) but I seem to have a bad side effect from that in as it knocks me out, so now on something similar.

    I have found that running cold water over my feet helped to cool down my body and ease the itching somewhat and an ice pack held on some areas when they got very itchy. Tried Lanacane cream today and that has also helped. I tried the sunbed today as well, which again appears to have helped. Apart from the rash and the itching I have felt generally unwell, and every morning I get up and find more rash, oh joy and they tell me this could go on for weeks???!! Its quite depressing but at least I know I'm not the only one!

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    my 6 month daughter has been diagnosied with Pityriasis Rosea. It is to dreadful to think about as she can''t even tell me she is itchy or sore.

    There is no way I can put a tiny baby in the sun , nor even entertain the idea of a Sunbed.

    Anyone have any other advice?

    Desperate mom

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    [b:c666899c0c]......upon reading all of these dreadful stories, i have decided to try and use the Head & Shoulders, as this is the 4th time for me, and this time it's the worst it has ever been.

    I don't know if you could try this on your baby, as I am unsure as to how sensitive babies skin is?

    But, looking at all the posts so far it seems to work, & maybe some kind of very plain moisturiser after bathing, like Johnson's??

    Maybe you could give it is try????

    Wishing you the best of luck!!

    Keep me posted & good luck, trust me I know how your baby is feeling and it's not the best x sad [/b:c666899c0c]

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