Pityrisasis Rosea is driving me mad! My journey.

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Hello! I have been doing nothing but reading threads and medical sites on the internet for days now. I usually don't post on sites like this, but I know that reading these has helped me cope with whats going on, so hopefully I'll help someone esle! 

I don't know how long I had the harald patch for. I normally have a few dry patches on my skin, so I noticed it on the neck and didn't do anything about it until it started to spread. 

Once it started to spread I thought I was having a allergic reation and took benadryl and used some itch cream. When I realized it wasn't going away I finally went to the doctors.

They told me I had PR and there wasn't anything I could do about it. The doctor told me it would clear up on it's own. I went home and read up on home remidies. This is when I baught, clinical head and shoulders and started to use it as a body wash, I also baught avenoo skin relief body wash with oatmeal.I would also apply hydrocoridzone cream to the bumps. I heard sunlight helps so I sun-bathed as well.  A week later it spread ALL OVER ME. I spread to my face, my arms, my privates, my legs, my eyelids! You name it! The only place it's not on is my hands and feet. I went back to the doctors and they gave me an anti-viral (used for shingles) and an antihistamine. That was about 3 days ago! 

 I changed my diet, I cut out all sweets, I have been taking vit-c, multi vit, d-3, and drinking a crazy amount of orange juice.  I have also been laying out in the sun, using head and shoulders body wash , rubbing in coconut oil, and using hydrocortisone cream on the unbearably ichy parts.

My body feels like one big giant scab now. I'm more dry ichy and flaky than sore and painful. So I suppose that's a plus, does that mean I'm healing?? 

They seem to still be spreading up my arms though. Also, I have ALWAYS TOLD MYSELF THAT I WOULD NEVER EVER GO INTO A TANNING BED EVER! But, I plan on doing it today in a couple hours. Everyone has been saying that's working and I am about to try anything at this point. (I'll update and tell you all how that goes!) 

p.s. it's really taking a toll on my mental health for sure. I have always been one to express myself through my apperance. I am also a makeup-artist and model. So this put me out of work sad 

I have my ups, but my downs are terrible. Please, for any of you who are going through this. Please feel free to vent in the comment section. It helps to know that you are not alone in this. If you don't have it, it's hard to understand the emotional toll that it takes on you. It's like some weird horror movie, where you can't do anything but watch this disease take over your body and turn you into a monster! haha

I'll let you all know how it progresses! 

 I'm sending good vibes and healing love to anyone going through this! 

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    I really encourage you to try oil of oregano, three drops by mouth daily and applying it over the affected area. It will begin to itch but that is because it is fighting off the virus. It really helped me. I also cut out all meat from my diet and applied an all natural organic body cleanser called nutribiotic. My PR went away within 3 weeks once I started with the oil of oregano. Oil of oregano is good for you regardless so it's worth a try
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    I'm on my 5th round of what I was told was PR....all 5x mine occurred after strep throat. Trusting that my allergist knew what I had, I went back to him after the 5th occurance and said I didn't want my symptoms treated, I wanted to dig deeper into why this was happening and see if I could prevent it. He blew me off and sent me to an ENT. The ENT took one look at me and said I had been misdiagnosed with PR, that what I actually have is called guttake psoriasis. Same as PR, but is strep induced. I'm not sure how yours started, but if it was by strep you may want to look into guttake psoriasis. Long story short, I've just had a tonsillectomy to help prevent this nasty rash from happening again. It's wanted to tell you to check out the guttake psoriasis!! I'm in week 9 of the rash and I think I can see
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      The light at the end of the tunnel. Almost can wear shorts again! Ha! Hang in there...it gets better even if you have to have your tonsils out!!😀
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      That's interesting because mine began 3 weeks after I was given a TDAP combo vaccine (tuberculosis, diphtheria..etc..). After further reading...like sci papers from the past...this virus can be induced by diphtheria and many other viruses and illness.

      I'm perplexed by it..to the point where I may decide to study the causes..roots (which seem to be many). Most doctor's don't understand it..nor care to understand it. Seems like a whole new world of viruses to explore.

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    I'm so sorry to hear that you have this horrible virus. I insisted that my dermatologist prescribe erythromycin. This didn't cure it...but seemed to prevent new lesions from occuring.

    Then I cut out sweets, alcohol, and went mostly veggie with fish..no carbs (it converts to sugar anyway). Drank pau d'arco tea daily. My diet was for 3 weeks while on erythromycin. I also did tanning beds..only 3 per week for 2 weeks.

    As for shampoos, home remedies, etc..some work some dont..it depends on the individual.

    It will go away...but I'm still consumed with WHY? I will continue to research..

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      I think the cause is connected to an autoimmune reaction...your healthy cells confuse the healing cells as an enemy and it attacksitself. I've heard nothing can be done about it, so that's why I opted for the tonsil removal to decrease my chances of it happening again.
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    I've had this curse for about 5 months now. I got the herald patch on my stomach and it was just that for 3 months. I thought it was a fungal infection and treated it accordingly. It got worse. It started to spread all over. I was treating it with prescription steroid creams and talking a high potency Olive leaf extract. I also washed with dandruff shampoo and slathered on coconut oil. This was helping immensely and I thought it was done, so I stopped treating. It came back with a vengeance last week. The Herald patch came back and it has spread to more places. I started the Olive Leaf again and this time I will be adding Oregano oil and Pau d'arco tincture. I really want to know why this is happening to me after 33 years, I feel like a freak.
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