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Hi there - I need some advice please, I have really painful chronic confirmed case Of CS - the cracking & grinding noise in my neck is so painful & it drives me nuts everytime i have to move my neck !

I am prescribed 360 mg of slow-release DHC per day to help reduce the pain, which reduces my pain slighty (which also reduce my bowel movements, gives me a really dry mouth and makes me itch with a shocking dry skin condition)

Now 3 years later and physically dependent on the prescribed medication (although it is helping to reduce the pain slightly in a chronic degenerative condition). Sadly, I cant use NSAIDS as we tried and my gut & stomach ulcers started bleeding & cramping.

My Dr is shocked that I flatly refuse outright to use antidepressants (off-label for pain management) - I dont have any shooting pains - its all in the upper part of my neck only. (I have witnessed people that I know of who are using the antidepressants long term) the physical weight gain & lack of motivation personality changes are shocking.

I cant lose my motivation - as Im only in my early 40`s and have a couple of businesses to run and a family to help look after. I dont have any substance or abuse medication history. I dont even smoke or drink.

I have asked my NHS doctor about the possibility of operating on my neck to attempt to block the pain or trying a stronger slow-release pain reduction medication and was told that its a case of take the offered antidepressants or its nothing ...

I am not depressed but life is becoming really awful !

I would appreciate the sensible advice of any medical professionals, do I have a the right to refuse the antidepressants option ?

Thank you. :shock:

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    Update ...

    Returned from a visit to the local NHS doctor today, whom once again tried to persuad me to move onto tryliptic antidepressants ... I refused (again) I am worried about my liver ( I have had Hep A from the food abroad one time).

    So he tried to give me a prescription for another months supply of DHC, which I also refused (as I still have more than half my existing supply remaining). I informed him that I am not getting reasonable pain relief even with the prescribed high doses of 360 mg per day of DHC.

    So he who eventually told me that \" You have the right to refuse treatment with off-label medication \" Wow !

    Next visit is to see yet another local NHS GP & try to get an appointment at the pain clinic. I hope that the people at the pain clinic may have a better understanding of reducing pain (with less liver damaging side-effects)

    Wish you all less pain too


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    I can't find any posts on this site so far, but has anyone tried the TENS machines? :?:

    I would be interested to know, because if they do it would be worth the investment and should reduce or even eliminate the need for drugs.

    I agree that you should not take anti-depressants. Recent publicity has shown they are very little help, and you certainly don't want to go in to a zombie state.

    I too am reluctant to keep taking medication - you only have to read on the details sheets what damage they do to your body.

    I hope someone can come forward with some ideas for you.

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    Hi there

    I invested in a TENs Machine about 4 years ago and would never do without it now.

    I have heard the one they advertise on TV at Lloyds Chemist is excellent and only priced at £14.99.

    I bought mine online, it's a Cefar and I paid well over £70 for it back then.

    Definitely been a worthwile buy though.

    You can actually get them on the NHS, ask at your next hospital appointment to see if they have this service.

    Melbi x

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    Further information RE: Ten's Machines:

    Where Can a TENS Machine be Bought?

    Before buying a TENS machine, it is suggested that a machine is hired first to determine whether this therapy is beneficial to the sufferer. Your GP, Physiotherapist, Orthopaedic Specialist or pain team should be able to tell you where these machines can be hired from. Many NHS Trusts rent them out to users at a minimal cost, sometimes at no charge, depending on circumstances.

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    Thanks to all for their kind advice & expertise !

    Alas, I have tried the pain-relief pen thing but sadly to no avail.

    The NHS Dr that I saw recently was a very switched on - he freaked out at the thought of being prescribed antidepressants (off-label for pain management) for long term usage & associated side-effects.

    So now I am awaiting another NHS appiontment to try some physiotherapy which might help to reduce the amount pain and importantly reduce my intake of of opiate medication !

    Wish you all less pain too xx

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    Hi again

    I haven't actually tried the pen type machines but my aunt has and she says the one with the sticky pads (like mine) works better for her.

    My mum says none work for her!

    I find you need to find just the right position for the pads to get full effect and it can take a couple of days for it to start to really work - ie: the pain is eased while using the TENs machine but as soon as I remove it the pain is back. If I use it for longer periods several times a day within a couple of days the pain does ease even without using the machine.

    I have read that they don't work for everyone but I do think it depends on the postioning of the pads - it isn't always a case of placing them where the actual pain is as it could be secondary pain that you are experiencing so may need to postion the pads elsewhere.

    Here's hoping you get the right pain relief and one that works for you.

    Melbi x

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    Just thought that I would reply to the last post. I was diagnosed with Cervical Spondylosis over 6 years ago at the age of 36. I have tried TENS Machines, usually operated by a physio. (I had a lot of physio). They did absolutely nothing for me whatsoever. On seeing a Consultant at the Pain Clinic in Aberdeen - he said after I refused the offer of a TENS machine, \"Well they don't work for everyone\".

    While I agree that you can get secondary pain - muscle pain etc, in my experience it is not just the case of \"where you place the pads\". I am glad that this form of pain relief works for some people - but it does not work for everyone.

    It is worth trying a TENS machine to see if it works for you. If it doesn't work, then you should not listen to other people who try to give you well meaning advice - you need to find a form of pain relief that works for you. Whatever that maybe.

    It is a long, slow and frustrating process and I wish you luck.



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    [b:84256351fc]Thanks to all for their kind advice[/b:84256351fc]


    I never did get to the pain clinic and or did get any of the promised physio either ... I guess that there are people with far greater need than mine on the waiting list - I wish them all well too ![/i:84256351fc]

    Sadly still on the prescribed dose of 360 mg of DHC per day and I am still trying to find an alternative pain reduction method ... which if I find I will post it up !

    Wish you all much less pain too !



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    not sure what dhc is, and your doc was wrong to offer you anti-deppressants, they mess you up so much. due to all the meds i was on i put on a lot of weight which makes the pain worse(daft eh). the pain clinic if you have a good one locally should be a godsend mine have tried allsorts over the years. have you tried the injections they can be really helpful and for a good length of time. tens machines results do depend on the user, i found they make me so much worse, any contact with my spine makes matters worse.
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    i have suffered with c/s for 5 years now,and have never felt pain like it in my whole life. ive had 9 nerves severed in my neck,but to be honest it feels worse now than ever. im under proff aziz at oxford radcliffe . hes a true proffesional in his field.i recommend him to any c/s sufferers out there. i was an very active builder till this illness struck me.being stuck in a chair all day is so depressing.i dont know where to turn to next.have tried every medication going,but to no avail. you are not alone out there.try to keep your chin up, and just pray to wake up free of this terrible ilness. wish you all the best.!!![/b]
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    I have accepted amiltriptline for pain, and so far it controls the pain 20/24 hours , I did feel like a zombie for the first few days but now feel great and have not had observed any side effect, though my sex drive is down.

    Though when in severe pain this was the last thing on my mind

    good luck


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