Please anyone help me..

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Hi Am 29

From the past one year have been facing all kind of problems with my entire digestive system.

Diagnosed with internal hemorrhoids two months ago.. Suffering from gastristis with pylori..

Please suggest a good diet plan for me.. Heard that fasting(juices) initially for a week for gastristis is good and start with light diet. Any one can suggest this?

My doc is out of town.. Two days ago a portion of stool appeared a kind of black in color. There is moderate to severe pain in lower stomach or abdomen

Please someone help me!

I don't like to live this life

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    Hi sandeep28287

    Have you been treated with antibiotics for the pylori. If so your tum will take a while to get back to normal. You should also check with your doctor if any pylori are left behind. The antibiotics don 't always eradicate all the pylori. It is a tiny bacteria that can burrow and hide in the stomach wall and duodenum thus evading the antibiotics.

    You need to have a very bland diet. No spices no citrus fruits or juices, no fizzy drinks just water, no fried foods. Have plain cooked chicken and poached fish with blandly cooked veg, wholemeal rice and pasta no milk there are other milks you can have such as soya milk.

    Also, plain greek probiotic yogurt with good cultures or probiotic tabs from health shop. You can add blueberries or red grapes to the probiotic yogurt.........overtime a good bland diet should help your digestive system.......hope this wishes....

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      Thanks for the reply.. Yeah I was on medication and I have finished my course couldn't pay my doctor a second visit as i was busy with work. Now the pain has just become severe am not sure whether to continue taking those medicones my doc has left town and is not returning until 23rd

      Please can u tell me the diet I need to strictly follow?

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      Oh sorry u have already mentioned what I should not take.. Are juices really bad for gastristis? What about fruits like apple banana etc
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      Hi sandeep28287

      Juice banana strawberries soya milk and a couple of dessert spoons of greek plain probiotic yogurt.....

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      Hi susie74530

      I have looked up mastic tabs online and they are highly recommended for hpylori. But a good bland healthy eating regime will help also.....along with the madtic tabs.....perhaps all hpylori sufferers and those suffering with adverse digestion problems should try them....

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      Hello Lillian:

      Interesting feedback.  Heard about these things only yesterday.  The "corporates" wouldn't want us to know about these, I suspect!

      I am aware of the dietary restrictions, and will need to make some adjustments, there.  Howeer, what I don not understand is need to cut out milk and substitute it with soya, oat, or whatver else, when they then go on to suggest that we eat probiotic yogurt which is a milk product!  Assume all cheese has to go?  My morning tiny glass of OJ, etc.  I think there has to be a limit to how much we cut out, otherwise life is going to be pretty miserable.  

      I do eat quite a lot of fish, and eat mainly salads in the Summer.  Use only sea salt.  Red meat no longer exists for me.

      I hae not been formally diagnosed with HP, however.

      Any and all recocomendations, would be much appreciated.

      All the best,



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      Hi susie74530

      Replacing cows milk for soy is healthier because some soy milks called fermented soy milk (have to read label) contain probiotics as do plain non fat greek probiotic yogurt. Probiotic yogs are not just skimmed or semi-skimmed milk which doesn't contain probiotics. It is milk that has been mixed with bacteria, good bacteria cultures (probiotics) which are healthy for the stomach...i can't imagine life being misersble if you are free of digestion and stomach problems. You have to do whatever it takes to have a sense of wishes.....

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    Hi I'm suffering with gastritis from h pylori just like you but my pain is in my upper abdomen. I also have to take care of my 1 and half old baby with this constant awful pain.

    I've been with this pain since November last year, my stomach started to hurt and I knew I had gastritis just didn't know the cause. I found out about the pylori after an EGD few weeks ago.I had the antibiotics treatment + a Proton inhibitor which I still take now.

    You don't need any special diet plan just avoid caffeine , alcohol , any fried foods, fizzy drinks, etc.  I eat small meals too. I gave up caffeine and alcohol since I had my gallbladder out anyway. Try to eat lots of veggies and fruit, lean meat, fish, rice , pasta.  I don't know if helps or not but I drink chamomile tea with manuka honey everday. It calms me and my stomach. I don't drink  milk anymore because I was feeling worse. If you hadn't seen your GP yet you should so he can prescribed you the antibiotics to try to eradicate the bacteria. It becomes a chronic inflammation if you don't treat it . I also heard about a natural supplement called mastic gum to help with the pylori. I don't take it but heard its good. 

    Hope I could help you.

    Take care x

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      Thanx for the reply..

      Sad to hear u need to take care of the baby with so much pain.

      Some food items like orange, lemon, tomato and spices are actually to be avoided from the diet..

      About the medicines I think I should continue taking them

      Good Day!

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