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Hi everyone I'll try and cut this short...back in August I had a terrible water and kidney infection I was urinating what looked like fresh blood and I was in agonising pain to the point where I could hardly urinate and it felt like a contraction! Never experienced anything like it...anyway I was given wrong antibiotics and it came back with serious revenge where I was then given strong ones and it went away I was also sent for the internal bladder scan (forgot what thisn is called) and they said everything looked fine! Anyway ever since on and off I sort of feel like I've been left scarred! I sometimes get this strange sensation in my uretha???

It doesn't hurt to pass urine

I have no more frequency

I'm not getting up in the night to urine

But this sensation can drive me mad! I'm wondering if maybe the severity of the infection has given me IC?? Can this happen? Can a bad infection cause these further problems?

The sensation doesn't hurt it's more of a tingling feeling just where I urine from and jusy inside...I have found tho that this sensation is worse when I haven't drank (I'm bad for not drinking enpugh) if I drink a pint of water it goes of. Can anyone relate??? Thank you so much!!

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    Hi, I don't know much about what you have experienced but can it be possible that you may have been passing a kidney stone when you had the kidney infection? The bladder scan you mention...could it be called a cystoscope? A urologist can look at these scans and determine if you've got IC. I have read where these scopes can show irritation, redness, even lesions which indicate IC.  I am not familiar with the tingling sensation you describe but surely a good urologist can determine what has occurred. if it had been a kidney stone maybe you passed it going to the bathroom and that could account for the blood. All of the things you mention here..does your doctor have all of this info, as well? And is this doc a specialist? It's great that you  are not experiencing pain or urgency these days. It would be difficult to say if you do have IC. My IC comes and goes and seems to be predicated upon what I eat and drink. I try my best to keep well hydrated...please try your best to do it, too..and i keep to a non-acidic diet and strive for more alkeline foods. It does seem to help. The medication options thus far do not interest me. I have no idea how I got this and it's utterly thrilling to consider that there is no cure. i know I haven't  answered any real questions for you but  just wanted to give you a response. Sometimes just by talking we learn from each other. Best wishes and good luck in the new year.

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      Thank you for your reply all that was said at the scam and the urologist I seen was I had a severe cases of bacterial cystitis which spread to my kidneys due to me leaving it like a idiot! He didn't say anything about the scan other than the letter I got back was that it was all within normal range looked fine! So I don't no what these bouts are I keep having I have had a few beers over the Xmas period which has defiantly caused more of the sensation. No I've never been back to the doctors regarding this they all discharged me but I do remember mentioning to the urolist that that i still didn't feel right after passing urine as I had this then but worse it has eased now but still get it and he said it can take many women months to get over a infection!

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      Well, maybe it would be a good idea to have a follow up, just in case. I do know a kidney infection is nothing to play around with so don't know if leaving it late could have produced the weirdness you mention in the urethra. I don't think it's enough for a specialist to just tell somebody it can "take months" to get over an infection. If you have taken the correct medication what would that sensation be indicative of? If I were you and if it is possible, maybe you could opt for a second opinion? If you still get this tingling sensation but without pain perhaps a knowledgeable doc could help to fix it or at least let you know what it is. It is their speciality after all.

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      Hi Leanne

      My GP always gives me ciprofloxacin 500mg if I get a bad infection now as the ordinary antibiotics don't touch it. I also take an acidophilus tablet daily to rebuild my immune system after an attack and during it. This is because the antibiotics can destroy your immune system after taking so many of them. I was on a constant antibiotic one a night for months on end until my last cystoscopy and dilation which was last September. Another thing the consultant told me is that its the design of us women which cause the infections which start in the anus. If you suffer with constipation it can cause the infection and also to make sure you clean yourself after each motion and after using paper you should wife yourself with at least 3 wet wipes. Its not a nice subject really but its amazing how much still comes off on a wet wipe. Also make sure you always wipe from front to back each time.

      I hope some of this has helped in a little way but one more thing you can try which is supposed to be very good is D Mannose, its in health food stores and it could just work for you. I am unable to take it as I'm on blood thinners, so anything containing cranberries I am unable to take.

      Regards Gill 

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    Hi Leanne,

    I understand how your feeling as I have suffered the same as yourself and had a few cystoscopys for my continued infections. Like you if I don't drink plenty of fluids I tend to get the feeling that I have another infection lurking, but as soon as I get some fluids inside me it seems to pass. Its an awful problem to suffer with and I've had 4 years of it now. I hope you don't suffer this constantly as I and many others seem to do as its a very destressing condition to have.


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    Hi Leanne, sorry to read of your discomfort. Especially if you had to endure this over Christmas! Water infections tend to raise their ugly heads when us ladies get stressed. When you need a GP its usually at weekends or bank holidays.

    I can empathise with you regarding the antibiotics; doctors will give the weakest strength first although they know which work best. 'Nitr.... Worked for me. Having suffered for years and advised to take them everyday for the rest of my life I was not happy to do this so asked if I could have antibiotics on repeat prescription so I could have at hand at short notice. Stress being a factor in my case this helped me to cope.

    Like you I also had a camera inserted under anesthetic which found no abnormalities. I would not recommend this as I believe the urithia was stretched at the opening and I seemed to get more infections. All the consultant advised me to take was cranberry juice/tabs. Already tried but didn't work for me.

    A pint of water does work if I get that wiggly feeling so keep on drinking the water Leanne.

    I have one Revelation that has finally helped me. Probiotic (5 billion units) Acidophilus, capsules to take one daily. Sorting out my gut flora has stopped me getting water infections for the last 2 years. I believe the germs in our bowel can be transfered from the thin wall of vagina, uritha and back passage. Some of us are more sensitive to bacteria from the bowel. I hope you find something that works for you. Best of luck Terri

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    Hi - It sounds as if you've had a nasty UTI and its lingering.  I've learned through my own experiences that the most common urine infection is caused by ecoli bacteria - but there are others too.  Last year  I took 5 lots of antibiotics.  I didn't want to keep on taking the antibiotics so I researched a bit and am now managing my UTIs.  I have had four infections in the last 6 months but haven't had to take antibiotics because I've learnt how to manage the infections.  I got one on Boxing Day.

    First off - a regular dose of D-mannose will keep ecoli away.   I found OIl of Oregano to be helpful for both bacteria.  I take it when I get an infection.  I;m not sure if you're supposed to take it long term.   A friend recommended taking a spoonful of bicarbonate of soda three times a day which has also helped.  After Xmas there was a glut of cranberries in the supermarket at half price.  I juiced 4 boxes of them and  have been having a cup each day.  Its important to DRINK A LOT OF WATER too which you mention you're not very good at.  It has to part of your everday routine.  Boring I know, but essential to keep your bladder healthy.  Glad your cystoscopy was clear.  I had one too and was so relieved nothing sinister was there.  Good luck.

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