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  • lauren92246 2

    Do i have interstitial cystitis?

    Doctors keep telling me that 21 is too young to have IC, although i display some symptoms. Urine samples with no bacteria, just blood; a constant feeling of discomfort in my urethra; pressurised feeling on my bladder; urination frequency. How do i stop doctors from dismissing me with another course of...

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  • Bluberripenguin 2

    Recent IC diagnosis - not sure

    I was recently diagnosed with OAB but still have pain when my bladder is full/ filling at times. It helps a bit when I drink more but sometimes it still occurs. I brought this up to my gyno and she suggested that I may have IC and I did my first bladder install. Could you all elaborate on your pain...

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  • kim90481 2

    UK cystitis sufferer

    OK it's 2.54 am Ive been sat in agony on the loo for 3 hours but after suffering from cystitis since I was 12 years old I am used to this. I have had several tests including ultrasounds, cytisccopys and also radiation testing, Mri scans but no answer have been found. The main concern was my kidneys...

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  • lyn65518 3

    Interstitial cystitis

    I have had an irritated bladder for 6 years, but they can't find anything wrong, I keep getting cystitis I feel better taking antibiotics but as soon as I stop it comes back again. Does anyone else have this?

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  • cherrymiller200 2

    Any home remedies for cystitis?

    I am 20 years old and I have suffered from reoccurring cystitis for 3 years now. When I first had it, it was due to me not urinated enough as I was scared to use the toilet at my boyfriends house - I'm silly I know! I went on antibiotics and drunk a lot of water. The second time was New Year's Day....

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  • kelly03883 1

    IC, urethral syndrome or just rotten luck?

    Sorry guys, this is a LONG story. Before 2011 I had had the occasional very mild case of cystitis. Maybe once every couple of years. Then on a family holiday in the US I developed extremely painful cystitis. You cannot imagine (or some of you probably can) the burning sensation and urgency. We had a...

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  • anna91726 2

    Can you get interstitial cystitis from getting really drunk??

    So I got really drunk a week ago and have been having symptoms of a UTI but no pain when I wee , and it showed up negative when I went and got my urine tested But ever since I just have a dull ache in my bladder and keep feeling like I need to wee loads when my bladder isn't completely full??

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  • m32499 1
  • louise01611 2

    Recurring UTIs

    I am currently in hospital with a uti and kidney infection. It is my first time being hospitalised with this. I am absolutely petrified of having to come back and keep being admitted to hospital. I am also scared of being immune to antibiotics as I am already allergic to penicillin, which rules a lot...

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  • candi52854 1

    IC or urethral pain, Could it be caused by vibrator?

    Just a thought. How many of you who suffer from IC or urethral pain use a vibrator during sex? TMI question, I know. However.. what if it is damaging the nerve endings? I've suffered from flare ups that docs can never explain so we assume it's IC. I do use toys when my husband and I have sex. It...

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  • stephen54687 3

    Any males suffering with IC?

    Hi all, Just wondering if there are any males who have been diagnosed with IC and if so what are your main symptoms. I have been suffering with BPH, and all of the associated trouble with that, for about 5 years now and was given Tamsulosin, initially, and then Finasteride in combination.  When I was...

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  • tansy cupcake 2

    the things that never get mentioned

    I'm new to this forum, and love it. Have had countless UTIs /cystitis, one kidney infection, urine specimens sent off, pelvic ultrasounds, etc.  I'm trying to manage and have been doing well, without a UTI for 8 months -  until last week. I've made a concerted effort to dothe following... drink a reasonable...

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  • TheCatWoman 1

    Cystitis and topical estrogen?

    Hi, Fellow-sufferers, I've recently read a magazine article that suggested topical, vaginal estrogen for the prevention of post-menopausal cystitis. Does anyone have any experience of using this?

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  • laura55079 2

    I don't know how much more of this I can take

    HI everyone I don't even know where to start. I'm 37 and on day 6 of cystitis and seriously considering just moving into my bathroom! I have had water infections on and off for the last 4 years. They tend to occur when my IBS flares or after sex. I have been to the doctors so many times some times...

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  • t6ixty 2

    New update

    Hi everyone here is the latest update... I went in to surgery for a third time to remove all the kidney stones, that they still can NOT tell me how or why they happened... This was the worst surgery of them all, they told me they removed them all and I would be fine... Two days later I passed 4 small...

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  • annabelle195 2


    I am 47 years old and I have been suffering on and off for almost two decades with bladder inflammation.   Yes, on occasion I have had Urinary Tract infections....I do know what those are, but througthout the years I have questioned my pain after many negative urine cultures time after time.    I have...

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  • samilia 2
  • Clair123 2

    My journey to being diagnosed with IC

    Thought I would tell my story and perhaps it may help for anyone who is suffering the same symptoms and not sure what to do. At the end of 2014 I was informed that my routine Cervical smear came back showing abnormal cells. Within a few days I was in hospital and getting treatment for stage 3 CIN (abnormal...

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  • sandy2323 1

    recurrent Cystitis? What is going on with me...

    Hi everyone I'm a 24 year old female and I honestly don't know what's going on with my UT, please help me! In 2013 december, I had my first bladder infection. I felt bladder pain during the end of urination process and I was given seven days of macrobid by the doctor without doing the culture test....

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  • kaydi 3

    Refused antibiotics for cystitis

    I have suffered cystitis and kidney infections since in my teens which eventually killed one of my kidneys. I was referred to a specialist when the infections became frequent again in my late 30s but he told me the infections were psychosomatic! He decided this because my urine samples rarely showed...

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  • rebecca99923 2

    Finding the cause of recurring cystitis

    Hello all, I am unfortunately a sufferer of recurring cystitis. I have had every kind of pain when i get this - extreme burning sensation during and after I go to the toilet, a sudden urge to go straight again after I've been, and really bad abdomen and back ache, so I know how bad it is! Every time...

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  • LuvMyBichon 1
  • Marylh 3

    New to IC Land

    i am new to this latest version of hell and have been researching for the last few weeks. I've had my symptoms with little let up for about six weeks now. I've seen two docs, most recently my gyn and have had an ultrasound which proved to be clean. Next will be a urologist. I've studied the nasty quasi...

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  • leanne22972 2

    Please can someone help? Not sure if I'm in the right place?

    Hi everyone I'll try and cut this short...back in August I had a terrible water and kidney infection I was urinating what looked like fresh blood and I was in agonising pain to the point where I could hardly urinate and it felt like a contraction! Never experienced anything like it...anyway I was given...

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  • johnwayney 2

    White bump on penis

    I have a white bump on my penis that just appeared a few weeks ago. its been getting bigger recently. it is hurting when touched. What could this be? What should i do?

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  • colbyadkins 2

    Ear Problem

    I had a pimple on the back of my ear. I popped it and i thought it was going away and it turned into a bigger bump that has a hard skin over it and it won't pop or anything I had this problem for 1 or 2 years. What should I do?

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  • mary30314 1

    Biopsy appears to show I C what questions should I ask

    Hi looks like I have IC. Had cystoscope 10 days ago after several bouts cystitis culminating in one in November which lasted over a fortnight on and off apparently a super bug called pseudomona possibly picked up in a Jacuzzi whilst on holiday. After trimethoprim nitrofuranton kefatin tried ciprofloxacin...

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  • paisleygirl 3

    too many UTI's at my wits end

    Hi all I am a 60 year old 9 year post menopausal woman and these last couple of years I have been battling uti's at least 3 in a year maybe more...this last one they found bacteria ecoli and put me on cipro for 5 days after finishing the meds two days later the symptoms of feeling like I need to pee...

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  • Lion Heart 2

    Not sure if this is the right place - please help

    Hi everyone. I recently had an issue where I cannot stop the feeling of wanting to go to the toilet. This also happened back in September where after many negative UTI results I ended up going into the emergency and they gave me an IV of antibiotics and bam it went away. Fast forward to a month previous...

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  • sarah84630 2

    Urine Frequency After Cystocopy

    Hello! On Monday I had a cystocopy done where they found that I had IC and preformed a procedure to expand my bladder so it could holf more and also got rid of ulcers and bleeding. Well, it's almost a week later and the frequency to pee is WAY worse then it was before the procedure!!! I have to get up...

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  • sarah84630 2

    New to IC!

    So just today I had a cystocopy due to pain and my bladder not emptying fully. The preforming doctor found ulcers that he got rid of and then expanded my bladder so I could hold 600 mL instead of 200 mL of urine. In doing so, he confirmed that I have IC. I have to wait until I have a follow up with him,...

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  • anne54405 2

    End of my tether

    I have had a cystoscopy and now awaiting a CT with contrast, but in the meantime am just left in pain with serious UTI/Cystitis symptoms. There are traces of blood in my urine and raised white blood cells and I have been told that my triangle area in my bladder is a little inflamed (but this happens...

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  • Emma2003 2

    Recurrent Cystitis (HELP!)

    Hello, i am a 20 year old female and have suffered with cystitis since i was 16. It was only when i started dating my current partner who i have been with for a year and 5 months, that i noticed my symptoms were more recurrent. I deal with recurrent cystitis on a day to day basis, even when i don't have...

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  • Marylh 3


    I was hoping to hear from someone who has/is taking the above antidepressant for the pain associated with IC. I've read where there are some dicey side effects associated with this drug...from heart arrhythmia and weight gain to thinning hair. Also, I know it can take awhile to feel any effects at all,...

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  • christine 56 2

    Ic and the menopause.

    Hi I've been struggling with ic and back pain for years, now I have the menopause to content with as well. I'm 57 I just wondered if there's anyone here in a similar position? I feel so lost and alone, I can't imagine things getting any better. Thanks for listening.

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