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So The First. Day. I. Took. Sertraline. I. Had. 3. Nose. Bleeds. 2nd day was. Relatively. Fine. 3rd Day. I. Had. A. Major. Panic. Attack. Like. Nothing. Before. I. Was. Restless. Wanting. To. Jump. Up. And. Down. But. Was. So. Tired. At. The Same. Time i. Was. So. Hot. I. Would. Come. Out. From. Under. My. Covers But. 2. Secs. Later. Was. Freezing. Cold. Repeatedly. Kept. Happening. Every Time. I. Would. Go. In. N. Out. From. Covers. I. Was. Having. A. Panic. Attack. Because. Of These. Symptoms So. I. Stopped Sertraline. After. Day. 3. Over Fear. Of. Another. Major panic. Attack. (it. Was. The Worst. One. Ive Ever. Had. By. Far). Im. On. Sertraline. For. Anxiety. And. Im. 16. Forget To. Mention. That. Anyway. I. Took. Sertraline. Again. Today. 25mg. Yet. Have. These Symptoms Again. And. A. Few. More. im. Very Heat. Intolerent. And. I. Cant. Stop. It. Even Hanging. Out. My. Window. Doesnt Help. I. Am Not. Cold. This. Time. Though. Im. Lightheaded. And Dizzy. I Feel. So. Restless. I. Have. Mild Pain. In Both. My. Temples. I Know. It takes. 6-8. Weeks. For. Benificial. Effects. And side Effects. Only. Last. A. Few Days. But. I Hate Feeling. Like. This It. Is. Triggering Panic. Attack. I. Also. Have. A. Dry. Mouth. And Notice. Myself. Mildly. Clenching. My Jaw. Please reply, ps. I. Dont. Know Why These Full. Stops are. There. Or How. To. Get rid. Of Them Haha. Thanks.

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    Btw. I. Am. Not. Sweating. While. Being. Very Hot. But. Hands Are. Literally. Soaking. I. Am. So. Warm. I. Cant. Deal

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      hi 😃 just stick with it. I know its hard 😦 it's super hard. but the benefits will come. it seems like it goes on forever I know I have been their. all this started because i had a major panic attack out of the blue. and i ever since i have been suffering from anxity and panic. i was i citalopram 20 weeks first. then i switched to 50 mg of sertraline. a few weeks back I felt almost normal. but I upped my dose to 75 just to try give me that little kick to get me fully better. and since I switched 2 weeks ago I have been feeling a little bad. nothing to major. but the thing that keeps me going is that I know from taking 50mg you do get better. it just takes time. I also have propranolol 3 times a day to keep me calm they work aswell. maby you need something for the side effects like propranolol or diazepam.. just try and stat strong 😃 you will beat this

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      Thanks. For. The. Reply, i. Feel. As. If. I. Cant. Go on. Anymore. Everyone. Blames. The Side. Effects. On My. Anxiety. And. Wont. Listen. Because. I. Havent. Been. On. Them. Long. Enough. And. Im. On. A. Low. Dose. Of. 25mg. When. I. Take. The. Sertraline. And. The. Side. Effects. Creep. In. Its. Making. Me. Very. Suicidal. I. Cant. Put. Myself. Threw. It. Even. For. 1. Day. I. Just. Feel Like. My. Body. Isnt. Agreeing. With. It, i Do. Know. I. Need to. Stick. With. It. Etc. But. I. Am. Only Young. And. Its Scaring. Me, your. Amazing Thanks. For The. Reply.

      These. Full. Stops Are. So. Annoying. Lol

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      And. My. Psychiatrist. Is. Very. Careful. About. What. She. Gives. Me. Because. Of. My. Age

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      haha dont worry about the full stops. well if the sertraline is doing that to you. try something else. I mean I had citalopram and that was kind of like that for me. but for you it might not be. they are the only 2 I have had. but my sister had mitezipine and swears buy them. the only thing with them is they knock you out so best off taking them at night lol. I'm sorry I cant be more help to you tho 😦 I can only give advise on my experience. I hope you figure it out 😃

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