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Hello everybody im writing about an issue that is concerning me very much its not about Me its about my Father. Its a long story but i have faith that maybe someone has gone through this situation. My father is 52 years old he has diabetes tybe 2 for almost 17 years now, also high blood pressure but he has been able to manage it somehow until they put him in insulin, but during these last years since 2012 when he had his first attack, he got a cold than he couldnt breath his oxygen was very low and we were running from one hospital to another private public you name it and they just took money from us but couldnt help him, until after a week in the same situation i got a call from my mum and she told me that the dr told her that my father is not going to make it, i couldnt believe it i refused to, so i decided to call my aunt who lives in a different country and send our father there, eventually they saved him for ten days they helped him tremendously and the final result said that it was pneumonia, but they didnt give us any further information or where does the pneumonia come from, long story this happened again last year but not as severe as the first time because now we knew the symptoms, again we send him to the same country they treated him but there was no root cause given of why this problem is happening, this time during this year it happened again and we decided maybe its better if we put him in our hospital and maybe they can treat him better (since the first time they had no idea) and also the hospital we send him twice before for his treatment wasnt finding him the root cause ,fortunately they are helping him but they think what may causing all this is not pneumonia is something like blood clots in the lungs, lots of exams and blood test have been take now they are all coming fine even though the first time their rate was higher in the blood tests such as d dimere, troponin ct, and now they are coming back normal after several days of taking them and also the medications he is being prescribed, so my question is ? Has this anything to do with any other issue such as heart disease or genetics , what do you think is causing this he is very fit also he actually looks younger for his age he has no stress in his life but is a very nervous person most likely because pf diabetes . Has anyone had any related issue . Thank you!

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    I am going through something simular. Unfortunately my son found me unconscious 2 times. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance both times. I was told I had pneumonia this last time. I have been placed on (4 units) of Oxygen 24 hours a day. Also I have to use a bpap ventilator at night. I am 49. I have type.ll Diabetes ,neuropathy, anxiety and depression. I have had diabetes since 2008. When they said I had pneumonia i felt fine. I just don't want to visit the hospital via ambulance any more. I just wanted you to know I understand and I pray to GOD we both get through this time in our life.

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    Hello Any, 

    My mother is type 2 diabetes, controlled with diet. She is on a stick gluten free paleo style diet, limited fruit. It took about three months, but I was able yo get her off insulin and other meds. 

    About a a year later she started having high bp, atrial fibrulation and all that nonsense. Was hospitalized, etc. I noticed while in the cardiac ward that yes, they don't do anything, just monitor. Big whoop. Charge a fortune... I took her home, kept her on herbs to keep infections down... Because throughout the year, she's struggled with subacute and opportunistic infections, mainly UTI and kidney, I believe. Meanwhile she got infections from her hospital stays both times. I eventually got her an antibiotic shot bc she kept vomiting the oral antibiotics, and couldn't eat enough for me to give her herbs without upset stomach... 

    Next, I took her to acupuncture and the afib, high bp and all is gone. In the end, I suspect the infections are the source of much of the problems, She is very weak and is on hospice, but the herbs are able to keep the infection at bay without the side effects of constant antibiotics

    I don't know if the diabetes drugs are related to the heart problems. They could be. I did notice that in the cardiac ward, all the other patients were both diabetic and had heart afib. Coincidence? My guess is that if you do a search for side effects of diabetes meds, you'll find them to be related to heart problems. In addition, many drugs damage the liver, which can lead to heart problems.

    Well, that's it. I'm just saying what you're running into seems to be pretty typical.  I've found the herbs and acupuncture to be the only things to give her relief, as the meds don't seem to really do a whole lot, and they're super dangerous, as if you accidentally mess up in the heart meds, your heart rate can plummet. Yikes! 

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    Hello 09042,

    I have been type 2 diabetic now for about 18 years, and am on metformin tablets. My diabetes is pretty much controlled I'm glad to say. However, my daughter just sent me a very interesting book entitled "The MD Emperor Has No Clothes" written by Dr Peter Glidden, BS, ND. Dr. Glidden is a holistic doctor, and explains in this book how 'normal' medicines cannot help us, that all they do is control or help our symptoms, but don't cure us. But that holistic medicines can and do cure us. It's an absolutely fascinating read.  He himself has cured many people, very cheaply too. Also I have just discovered that a lack of vitamin D (which I suffer from) can possibly cause type 2 diabetes, and which I'm now seriously looking into, as I've also heard that type 2 diabetes can be reversed/got rid of completely - a wonderful thought!  I also have high blood pressure, plus high cholesterol for which I take tablets to control. Plus I had a heart attack some 28 years ago, and am on beta blockers for the rest of my life, and which also control the palpitations I used to have.  I was also put on digoxin after my heart attack, which obviously helped, but which my GP took me off a couple of years ago, saying I don't now need them. By the way I'm now 71 years of age and feel I'm pretty fit.  It's worth reading the book I mentioned, and even getting in touch with Dr. Glibben.  Best of luck.

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      Totally true. I keep thinking how appropriate the emperor has no clothes is, to the whole medical system. 

      Inworked in pharma, then at a public research institute. Then studied business.  The R&D required for drug approval is basically business "science". Not really science at all, since there's no way to legislate good science. It's the honor system. Business doesn't have science ethics.

      The medical system is basically a formalized business model pretending to offer customized products, run by insurance companies practicing medicine without a license, since they dictate treatment protocols.

      Thanks for posting, I'll check out the book.

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