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Hi there, I have been suffering from a sinus infection for around two months now. I was given a course of antibiotics which did not clear it so am thinking I must have viral sinusitis not bacterial. Recently my right eyelid has been flickering on and off every day for two weeks and yesterday my left cheek by the side of my nose was flickering slightly (this area feels very tender and congested today). I have had a sinus infection before but never facial twitching. Does anyone know if this is common/normal? I had an eye test yesterday - everything fine no glasses. I have a scan booked to have a better look at my sinus cavities also in the coming weeks. thank you. (re-posted as did not get any responses when I first posted this).

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    Hi Sarah,

    I hope things improve for you. I also had Sinus infection at one time, and my eyes started twitching, just like yours. I also went for an eye test to check, and all was well with the eyes.

    Just like you I also went for a CT scan, and the sinuses were fine. All i can say to you is, explore every area you want to - that way your mind will be at rest. Im sure you have seen all the other advice about drinking lots of hot liquids etc, and facial massage - hot baths. etc. Green tea has very good anti viral properties, but it tastes a bit weird.

    If you think it may be viral in nature, ask them for viral medication. Im sorry i couldnt give any concrete advice - just go with your heart, you will find an answer. Keep asking questions to the doctors, and dont be afraid to be pushy with them. They are there to help you.

    All the best to you.

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    Hey Sarah...sorry you have to suffer....I have chronic sinusitis....I also tried many antibiotics, didn't help....Then One thing which helped me is medicated sinus wash...with antibiotics,antifungals,mucolytics and steroids.....It is locally applied so no systemic side effects....

    Well, doing Ct scan will help you to get proper diagnosis....Well with changing season it is easier to get viral sinusitis and also allergic causes can't be excluded...did you try anti allergic medications like antihistamine and montelukast? That might help....Focus on draining your sinus properly especially while sleeping, sleep on two pillows and keep your sinus passages open by doing nasal wash with neti pot....hope this might help you.

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      Hi Jello,

      You say you use a medicated sinus wash? Can you tell me which one it is please?

      And you mentions steroids. Is that part of the wash? Many thanks.


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      Hi ChimpLegs,

      Yes, Steroid was part of the wash.So I will give you name of the medications. But It was prescribed by my ENT , So you can only get it in pharmacies which do compounding of medications with prescription.

      Gentamycin 80mg, Mupirocin 20mg, Betamethasone 0.75mg, clotrimazole 10mg.

      It comes in powdered form in one capsule. You just have to put powder in distilled water and wash your nasal passage.Hope this helps.

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      Wow, some powerful ingredients in that. You see with my problem I am not sure if it is Sinus problems, or something else.

      I have strange head sensations (mainly top of the head), like a dull feeling, or sometimes burning etc. Myself and the doctor are trying to work out whats going on.

      My sinuses seem very clear (no mucus), so perhaps something is going on inside the skull which is re-fering sensations and pain to the upper head.

      I am a little bit afraid of trying all those chemicals in my sinus, but hey if it works it works.

      How often do you use it? I am based in the UK I wonder if the doctor would sort this out for me?

      Best Regards.


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      Hey ChimpLegs,

      I can understand your situation, As knowing the problem and treating it, is way better than not knowing the problem. I wish you get your diagnosis soon.

      Ideally, It is used two times in a day for as long as one year. I am sure you will also have these kind of arrangements there. You can always ask your doctor for that.

      And the good thing is that it is a local application , So won't have much systemic side effects, And after using that for a month if you can't get better than before, then you can at least exclude one cause from your list.

      Another thing is I had been there more or less where you are right now.

      I got headache on top of my head from front to back, usually it happens in sphenoid sinus sinusitis. I had 2 ct scans of my brain, And no one could find out the cause, And It was labelled as tension headache and after one year of pain everyday ,finally I could get rid of it.

      I am just sharing my experience, Sometimes imaging can not tell everything if that is not the organic cause. So All the best and I hope you get out of this soon.

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